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Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241 Recap

A group of terrorists take Mac and Wilt to their compound and question them about the location of a map. When Mac doesn't talk, the leader questions Wilt. Wilt points out that there are only two of the three grenades on the leader's vest. He holds up the grenade that he took and pulls the pin. The leader runs out and after a moment, the leaders go after him. Wilt drops the pin and fumbles on the floor for it, and realizes that it fell down a drain. Mac finds a discarded toothpick and uses it as a makeshift pin to buy them a few seconds. Wilt tosses the grenade in a nearby toilet and they run, and the toothpick snaps and the grenade explodes.

Later back in LA, smoke fills Mac and Wilt's house. Wilt runs to check on Mac, and finds him extinguishing a fire. The food has burned on the stove, and Mac explains that he cooked Wilt a meal because Leanna is having second thoughts about moving in with him. Matty calls them to the war room, and Matty shows the two of them Riley footage of four masked men breaking into a secure private vault. The men are caught, and one of them is Charlotte Cole, the leader. Charlotte has been leaving a double life as a mother of two during the day and a thief in the evening. Matty needs the trio to impersonate the team. The Fence has hired them the thieves for a job, and has remained completely anonymous. He hires high-line thieves for one-off jobs and funnels the profits toe terrorist groups. Riley will impersonate Charlotte since no one knows who Charlotte is. They'll accept and pull off the job, deliver the stolen goods, and then arrest the Fence. Once they have him, they'll apply leverage to get him to reveal the groups that he deals with.

The group questions Charlotte and says that if she gives her the location of her meeting with the Fence and in return they'll release the team after 48 hours. If Charlotte refuses, she and her team will visit. Charlotte quickly agrees.

The team go to the location, an oil refinery outside of LA. The Fence points out that there was four of them, and Riley says that they to rid of the fourth because he threatened to talk. She assures the Fence that they got rid of the man, and the Fence says that he wants the team to get a briefcase that is being smuggled into a Russian tech plant, Silver Wall Technologies. The sale goes down the next day at 4:00 in a secure basement R&D lab, and Mac points out that he omitted some key details. Wilt asks what's in the briefcase, and the Fence says that there's a dirty bomb. Riley points out that they steal valuables, not bombs, and the Fence offers them one million dollars to "expand their horizons". She demands two million and the Fence immediately agrees.

Once they get outside, Mac calls Matty and tells her that they have to shut down the operation immediately. Matty tells them that they have to proceed as plan because they can't get the police in the timeframe required. Riley confirms that there's a gala to celebrate a tech kickoff starting at Silver Wall at 4 pm. Silver Wall created a defense division a year ago, and Mac figures that one of their employees is the sealer. Riley can't get past the company firewall, and Matty offers to get them someone who has already been inside.

Matty brings Charlotte to the team and take her to her home. When Matty explains that they need Charlotte to help them break into Silver Wall or she'll reveal to her family that she's a thief. Charlotte agrees and they take Charlotte to a secure location and show her the incomplete schematic that they have from the interior based on marketing photos. The team is going in as cleaning crew. Charlotte warns that getting to the sub-basement will have to bypass the multiple levels of security. She wonders who they are, and Riley tells her to focus on the job. Charlotte shows them the security and points out that their security badges won't get them through the door.

Mac suggests that he'll create an electromagnet to open the door, and Charlotte says that there's a security checkpoint on the other side of the door. They'll take a side hall to a service elevator, which goes down to the service level. There's a maintenance closet there with another security door with a card reader, and only the top brass have the access. Once the team gets there, Riley will loop the video feed on an empty hallway and Mac will break through the next door. They'll then bypass the secure door, get into a lab that leads to the sub-basement, and get down to the sub level. However, there's a pressure plate system and the only way to disable it is via the retina scan. The computer controlling it is air-gapped so they can't hack it from outside. Charlotte explains that she used a rigging system to cross the hallway via the walls in seven minutes. Mac figures that he can create a similar system out of parts from the cleaning cart and use that to get across the hallway with the pressure plate.

The team flies to Russia and count the guests going in. Riley has tapped into the local cell tower to collect all texts transmitted in the area, so they can identify the seller and the buyer. Mac, Charlotte, and Riley go in as cleaning crew and Wilt asks Charlotte why she's a cat burglar when she has a family. She says that it's been her hobby, and Riley asks if she ever tried to go straight. Charlotte says that she tried but couldn't give it up. Riley finds a text from inside Silver Wall saying that it will take 10 minutes to clear and a minimum safe distance of two miles. They realize that someone triggered the bomb, and Mac figures that they'll have to improvise to get inside and get the bomb in 10 minutes when it will take 30.

With nine minutes left, the team goes inside and Riley throws the fire alarm. The guards run past Riley as she and Wilt go to the security room, and Wilt takes out the remaining guard. Riley takes over the security system and finds Mac and Charlotte in the elevator. She works on the vault door by remote, while Charlotte claims that she wouldn't reach safety in time. Wilt spots two guards heading there, and Mac ducks into a security closet and looks for chemicals to knock them out. Charlotte takes them out and Riley opens the secure doorway in the closet.

Charlotte and Mac get to the pressure plate hallway and Riley can't shut it off. Mac runs down the hallway, setting off the alarm, and Charlotte follows him. Security guards head their way, and Mac and Charlotte reach the lab and find the bomb and an unconscious security guard. Mac opens the case and describes the bomb to the others. The warhead is Americum-241 and if the bomb explodes, it can kill thousands.

Mac has Charlotte lift the explosive so he can reach the wiring underneath, and if she tilts it then it will set off the motion trigger. She does so and Mac cuts the writing with a second to spare. Matty tells them to get out, and Wilt and Riley head out. Charlotte takes a pair of handcuffs from the dead guard, handcuffs Mac to a table, and leaves with the bomb. The security guards come in and catch Mac.

After Matty convinces the Russian authorities to release Mac, she sends tac teams into a warehouse and Charlotte's house, but there's no one there. She tells her people to find the Fence and Charlotte's family, and locate the plane that she took from Russia to the U.S. Once they locate the plane, Matty sends the team to the airport that Charlotte used. Riley can't trace the calls because a burner was used, and Mac figures that they can track the bomb itself because the shielding on the case was poor.

Mac rigs an antenna from a nearby generator and a crowbar, and hooks it up to the phone. He uses the phone cameras to download a radiation app from the DoD. They don't have time so Riley hacks the DoD computer and Mac uses the phones to pick up the radiation trail.

The team drives through LA while helicopters scan for anomalies against the recorded baseline for the city. They pick up increasing gamma ray anomalies ahead of their current location, and the team drives up to a rail yard. Charlotte is there waiting in an empty lot, and the radiation levels dip. The Fence and his men arrive. Another car arrives and another car pulls up. Domestic terrorist Darren Farragut drives up and Matty identifies him, and realizes that the Fence is flipping the bomb directly to the buyer, Farragut. Riley gets the emergency roadside kit out of the back of their SUV.

Charlotte tells the Fence and Farragut that the Fence hired her to bring them the bomb. Riley steps out with the case and says that she's Charlotte and has the case the Fence hired her to steal. While Riley stalls, Mac tells Matty to hold off the tac teams so either side doesn't disappear with the bomb. Mac makes a bomb out of a corroded battery acid, an old tire, and aluminum foil.

Charlotte advises Riley to talk away and insists that she has the bomb, and says that she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. The Fence has one of his people bring out Charlotte's family, and when Charlotte reacts the Fence realizes that Riley is the imposter. Mac rolls out the tire and it explodes. He wheels out another tire, and then runs in. Wilt drives over in a SUV and rams the Fence as he threatens Charlotte. Farragut opens fire, and a tac team arrives and takes him into custody.

Mac realizes that Farragut hit the case, and Charlotte tells him that the bomb isn't there. She says that she stole the bomb because she didn't know who she was, but the Fence called and said that he had the family. Charlotte made a fake bomb, and admits that she improvised. She tells them that she already handed the real bomb to the government. Mac tells her to say goodbye to her family and promises Charlotte that she'll get them home safe. Charlotte runs over and hugs her husband and children while the team looks on.

That night, Mac successfully makes Wilt dinner. He thanks Mac for trying to make him feel better about Leanna, Mac says that Wilt would do the same for him, and points out that the pie is burning in the oven. They join Riley and Matty at the table, and she congratulates them on taking down the Fence and Farragut's organization. The Russian authorities tracked down the seller at Silver Wall. The U.S. government has put Charlotte on a team to test the government's facilities. Mac admits that Wilt did most of the cooking and they joke about Mac's cooking skills.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 12, 2019

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