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Private Security Recap

At his house in Star City, Will Harper gets up and greets Artemis, who is most interested in getting her coffee. Down in the kitchen, Artemis gets Lian her breakfast and tells Wil that she still has the thing later that today. She figures that it will be helpful for Halo, who is sleeping in the living room and levitating. Will asks where Dick is since it was his mission.

In Happy Harbor, Brion is watching a video of the coronation of Gregor. Megan and Conner watch, and Megan says that Brion reminds her of Conner back in the day. She wonders how long Brion is staying, and Conner admits that he doesn't know. Megan then asks where Dick is.

In Metropolis, Jeff puts Jace up at the Luthor Grand Hotel and calls Dick, and gets his voice mail. He wonders where Dick is as Jace comes out to join Jeff for brunch.

Later at Bowhunter Security, Dick, Jim Harper, and Roy Harper arrive. Dick says that he needs to move on and says that he has intel about a meta-trafficking ring in Star City. He figures that they should bring Roy and Jim on-board and want to get Will involved. Will agrees to make the time but says that he needs their help first. He has them put on uniforms and get into a company security SUV, and Will says that most of his employees have food poisoning. If they help him then he'll help them.

Artemis and Halo are walking through the park, and a teenager chasing diamonds using his Goode Goggles trip in front of them. Once he runs off, Halo thanks Artemis for letting her stay in her home.

Earlier in Markovia, Dick figures that they're done. Artemis asks him what they should do with Brion, Jace, and Halo. Halo levitates into the air and Artemis sighs in exasperation.

Halo levitates into the air and Artemis pulls her down, telling her to only do it on purpose. The girl still doesn't remember anything about her life, and Artemis wonders why she's wearing the hijab. Halo says that it feels right, and Artemis assures her that Dick is running a background check and then they'll get Halo back to her family. She explains that she has a previous appointment that she needs to keep and steps into a weeping willow. Dr. Fate appears and asks where "she" is, and Artemis says that she'll be there. She asks Fate to try and discover Halo's memories. Fate says that he senses an old soul. Zatanna arrives and tells Fate that she understands the terms of their agreement: one hour, just like every year. Fate removes his helmet, revealing Zatanna's father Zatara.

Dick and the Harpers supervise the shipment of a truck full of Goode VR Goggles. Meanwhile, Will tells Dick that he has to deal with Halo and where to have her live long-term. Across the street, Brick and his gang prepare to steal the shipment.

Jace sits in the park and remembers the past.

In Markovia, Jace tells Brion that she had to activate his metagene because she needed his heredity geoforce to fight Bedlam. She wonders where she's going.

Jeff joins Jace and she thanks him for bringing her to the US. She admits that she thought she could help the children, and Jeff suggests that she makes a new start in Metropolis. Jace feels responsible for Brion and Halo, and Jeff says that as a father he understands.

Dick and the others let the drivers go, but Will realizes that they're imposters. He recognizes one of the drivers as Brick's thug and the team take off after the trucks in their SUV. Roy prepares to shoot out the tires on the trucks, but Will suggests a solution that doesn't dump the trucks off the cliff and into the nearby ocean. Brick pulls up in his car and tries to ram the SUV off the road. Will swerves to avoid an oncoming school bus, and tells Roy that he can shoot at Brick.

Brion watches as Conner works on his motorcycle, and Conner admits that Wolf has been sleeping recently. He tells Brion to unwind, and Brion melts a wrench with his powers, hides it, and insists that he has no need to unwind.

Jeff tells Jace that they'll figure something out. Brion goes berserk, unleashing a burst of lava, and Dick figures that Conner can handle him.

Conner explains that he needs the money to repair the motorcycle, and Brion doesn't understand. His host gives him a clutch spring and tells him to clean it, and then he'll understand.

Brick leaps onto the SUV as his car goes off the road, and he punches through the roof. Roy fires a line to the next truck and goes to it.

In the park, Zatanna sits with her father. Artemis tries to work out what Nabu said as Fate, and Halo remembers Vertigo's men burying her. Before that, she remembers fleeing an attacking metahuman in Qurac, and being hooked up to an IV at the children's hospital. Halo tells Artemis that she remembers nothing but darkness.

Jim jumps onto the truck behind them, while Brick rips off the steering wheel. Dick and Will leap to the truck ahead as their SUV goes into the ocean, and they're unaware that Dick is holding onto the bottom of the truck.

Artemis tells Halo that they're not there for Zatanna and her father. They hug and Zatanna says that it's not enough time. Zatara agrees but warns that if they don't honor the agreement, Nabu will never give them another opportunity. He puts on the Helm of Fate and Nabu takes over and teleports away. Zatanna falls to her knees crying, and Artemis comes over and hugs her. Halo realizes that they're there for that part.

Roy shocks the driver with his wrist taser and tells him to pull over. On the other truck, Jim kicks the driver aside, handcuffs him, and takes the wheel. Meanwhile, Dick calls Will "Wall", and Will figures that Dick wanted someone who knew him. Brick climbs onto the top of the truck and complains that his suit is ripped, and attacks them. As they fight him, Will figures that Dick wanted someone who would tell him the truth. Dick blinds Brick with his flashlight and Will throws his clipboard into Brick's mouth. Jim joins them to fight Brick, and Will tells Dick that he knows that he's dropping the ball with the Markovians. Dick denies it, but Will tells him that the kids and the team need Dick as the two of them pick Brick up. Will says that Dick does teams now whether he likes it or not, and the two of them toss Brick off the truck. The last driver surrenders when Will and Dick confront him.

The police take Brick and his men away, and Brick wonders who Will and his people are. They declare that they're security guards, and Dick admits that Will was right. He says that he'll make it right. Roy confirms that the shipment is intact, and Will figures that it's the beginning of a Harper family business.

That night, the quartet of heroes take down the meta trafficking ring and free the kids.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2019

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