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hoMe Recap

Gainesville, FL -14 Years Ago

Clarice and Lilly are reading in bed when a car pulls up, and their father Miles yells at them to get outside. Clarice slams the door shut and concentrates, summoning a warp portal, as Miles pounds on the door. Lilly refuses to go with Clarice, warning that Miles will go after the others. After a moment, Lilly and Clarice go through the portal.


Clarice wakes up and realizes that John is at the computer working. he says that Evangeline is coming and he has a lot of work to do, and Clarice closes off his computer, kisses him, and tells him to come to bed.

Marcos and Lorna discuss what they saw, and Marcos says that it's too dangerous for Lorna to go back to the Inner Circle. Lorna wonders who will stop the terror attack that Reeva is planning, and Marcos says that Evangeline will handle it. Despite that, Lorna says that she has to stop it and Marcos tells her to be careful.

The next day at the apartment, Evangeline meets with the group. She says that they have to make sure not to expose Lorna to keep her alive. Lauren asks how they'll stop them, and Evangeline says that they'll meet with the Underground leaders. When she tells Clarice to bring the Morlocks in, Clarice says that Erg isn't interested but Evangeline explains that she saved his life in Dallas years ago and he'll come.

At the Inner Circle HQ, Lorna goes to the training room and finds the three trainees practicing their abilities. She demonstrates her own magnetism and Heather reminds Max that they're not supposed to talk about their secret mission. Max considers telling Lorna anyway, but Heather calls him away and the three recruits leave.

After Caitlin exercises, she says that they have to do more and approach her brother Daniel Reynolds. His firm keeps group on all of the extremist groups. Reed reminds her that the government believes that they're dead and will monitor Daniel's calls. and Caitlin figures that they can go in person. Lauren comes in and says that she's going with her, and Caitlin figures that Daniel will help them despite their previous differences.

Back in her room, Lauren checks Andreas' letter in the music box. She translates it from German, and discovers that it says that Andrea and Andrea hope that the reader will succeed in freeing their people from bondage. He explains that Fenris has two sides constantly in conflict, and they must embrace their opposing forces to become whole.

Lauren dozes off and dreams of meeting with Andy. She tells him that he's going down a dark path and needs to stop, and says that she knows a lot about Fenris. Andy asks if she's going to try and stop him, and Lauren says that she's stronger now. She launches an attack at him and Andy destroys her first two disks. The third one hits him, and Andy wakes up screaming and bleeding from the nose. The Frost triplets come in and Andy tells them that it was Lauren. He explains that he and his sister have shared dreams and it's been going on for a few months. Andy explains that Lauren is stronger, and Esme warns that it's not safe to have Lauren loose. The Frosts offer to help him bring Lauren to them by telepathically reaching her through him. Andy isn't sure, and Esme tells him to think about it.

Outside, Phoebe and Sophie complain that Esme is being too delicate. Esme warns that it has to be handled carefully to make sure that they don't push Andy away. She insists that Lauren has to join them, and her sisters warn her that she either joins them or die.

John, Clarice, and Marcos go to meet Erg outside of a sewer pipe. Erg comes out and John explains that they're there to take him to the summit. The Morlock leader abruptly says that they should take him to the meeting, and Marcos calls Reed and confirms that only a few cell leaders will be there. Once Reed hangs up, he glances over at the music box in Lauren's room, goes over, and opens it. He remembers finding it as a child in the family house, playing the same song. His hand glows with h is mutant power, and Reed knocks the music box to the floor. The glow fades, and Reed discovers that the secret compartment has opened. He takes out Andreas' letter and stares at it.

Lauren and Caitlin drive to the church Daniel frequents, and he finally comes out. Caitlin approaches him on her own and he's shocked to see her alive after the government reported her dead. She tells him to calm down and asks for his help.

As John and the others drive Erg to the summit, Clarice thanks Erg for helping them. Erg says that Evangeline didn't give her a choice, and says that Evangeline left out some of the story. He explains that the two of them founded the Underground together, working together to protect their people. A human ally betrayed them and slaughtered a group of mutants that they were moving across the border. They disagreed about what to do next, and Erg says that Evangeline made it clear that if the Morlocks didn't join them, she would expose them. John says that it's all mutants fight, but Erg says that it's suicide and he just wants to protect the Morlocks.


Lilly tells Clarice that she has to go back and stop Miles from beating up the other foster children. She begs Clarice to teleport her back in, and Clarice reluctantly agrees.


Daniel shows Caitlin and Lauren Caitlin's suppose tombstone. Caitlin says that she wanted to stay away to protect Daniel,. Lauren asks her uncle to contact Homeland Security for them, but Daniel says that they shouldn't get involved. They tell Daniel that Andy is one of the terrorists.

The Frosts talk to the three newcomers, telling them that Reeva needs to know the second that it's done. Lorna listens as Max says that they killed the guy who put them in prison. As they go, Lorna asks them if they need any backup. Max says that they're going to "slay the dragon" and leaves with his teammates. Lorna goes to her room and uses a hidden phone to contact Marcos and says that the newcomers are going to kill Evangeline. Once Marcos hangs up, he tells the others and John speeds up so they get there first.

Andy comes to see Lorna, who hides the phone. He tells her that the Frosts want her to reach out to Lauren and get her to come there, and they offered to help using their powers. Andy asks Lorna if she would try something like that with Marcos and make him believe in the cause. Lauren doesn't believe someone can truly believe if they don't want to.

Reed translates the letter, and Andreas says that the power in their family line will rise again and they were meant to dominate. he tells the reader not to hide from the power within him and it's who he is.

In the past, Otto takes the music box away from a young Reed, saying that it's not for him.

Reed injects himself with the serum to control his powers.

Lorna approaches Sage and asks her if there's any news about the new recruit's mission. Sage tells her that she doesn't know and neither should Lorna. Esme comes in and Sage leaves, and Esme asks what Lorna discussed with Andy. Lorna says that she told him the truth, that it's hard even on the people in the Inner Circle. Esme warns that with Reeva you're either with her or against her, and says that she cares about Dawn and wants her to grow to become an adult. She tells Lorna to stay out of things that don't concern her and leaves.

John and others arrive at the summit house and find the building on fire and the rescue squads pulling bodies out. he wants to go in, but Clarice warns that no one survived and John uses his senses to confirm it. Erg says that they have to go and it's over, and warns that his people will have nothing to do with the struggle. He won't let the same thing happened to the Morlocks, and John snaps at him, asking if he'll let Evangeline died. Clarice says that they're all on the same side, and Erg tells her that they're not. John is furious at Erg, saying that he's hiding while they're fight in the real world, and Erg says that in the real world they're hated and feared. When John snaps and punches Erg, he absorbs the energy and blasts John back. Marcos prepares to blast Erg, but Clarice intervenes and says that one war is enough.

Lauren and Caitlin go to a football field to meet with Daniel. Caitlin admits that it's a make out spot and she spent a lot of time there, and admits that she wasn't always good. Lauren tells her mother about her dream and beating Andy, and Caitlin says that she has to decide what to do with her power. Daniel pulls up and says that the extremists are bigger than Caitlin can imagine. He says that he can't do it and removes a wire, and warns that the extremists will be there soon. Daniel tells Caitlin that they knew everything, and says that Ryan is secretly running the Purifiers. They have people in the government. Sentinel Services hummers pull up and Lauren throws her energy discs at them. She disables the cars and protects herself from the agents' fire with a force field, and then drives off leaving Daniel behind

The Frosts approach Andy and tells him that Lauren and Caitlin escaped Sentinel Services. However, they warn that Lauren is in danger and she should be there. Andy figures that Lauren should be there then she shouldn't be manipulated. Esme says that they only want to help their family, and they've found out that there's something wrong with Reed's powers. If Lauren joins them then their parents will as well. Esme tells Andy that he can save them all.

Clarice approaches John and asks how he's doing. She says that Erg is just trying to protect the ones that he cared about. John figures that Erg is a coward, and Clarice says that Lilly was the bravest person she knows. She explains about how Miles used to take in kids with the X-Gene to make extra money, and he beat them. Lilly went back for the other kids, but Miles knocked her down and she hit her head, dying. Clarice insists that running into a battle that they can't win is selfish, and that's what John is doing. John refuses to walk away and let everything they've built been destroyed, and Clarice refuses to stay and watch him kill himself. She kisses John and says goodbye, and leaves with Erg.

That night, Caitlin and Lauren drive home. Caitlin assures Lauren that she did what she had to do, and Lauren says that she wasn't herself any more. Her mother says that she saw a powerful woman with a special gift who was protecting her family, and says that she's proud of Lauren. However, Caitlin suggests that they not tell Reed because stress is bad for him.

Lorna meets with Marcos, who says that they're too late. Upset, Lorna says that Evangeline saved her life and Lorna is a member of the Inner Circle. She warns Marcos that Reeva and the Frosts want Lauren, and feels like the chances of being together with her family are going down. Marcos assures her that it will happen, and he tells her to be safe before she goes.

In the Morlock tunnels, Clarice eats gruel and Erg tells her that she'll get used to it. She thanks Erg for taking him in, and he says that she made a brave choice by giving up her life and the man she loves for what she believes. Clarice says that she didn't think bravery would feel so crappy, and Erg tells her that the Morlocks are safer because she's one of them. He welcomes her home and smiles.

When Caitlin and Lauren get back, Caitlin helps administer the medicine and she notices that more of the serum is gone than he would have needed. Reed asks how they managed to just drive away from the SS ambush, and Lauren says that they got lucky. Caitlin figures that Daniel has friends in high places and will be safe.

In his apartment, John sits alone.

Clarice sits alone in the Morlock community.

Lauren lies in her bed.

The Frosts tell Andy to relax and think of Lauren.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 16, 2019

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