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Our Little World Recap

A girl, Goldie Schmidtlapp, is on her porch talking to her friend and complaining about her mother. Goldie's friend gets called home for curfew, and Goldie turns to find Amara looking at her. Amara says that she doesn't have any parents and smiles, and then grasps Goldie's head and says that she wants to be like her. Goldie's soul flows out of her mouth and Amara absorbs it.

Later, an older Amara returns to her room and finds Crowley waiting for her. He's well aware of what she's been doing, and Amara says that she stopped feeding on his demons. Crowley warns that her going out is too risky, and says that actions have consequences. He grounds her and when Amara tries to walk out, Crowley magically pins her to the wall. When he says that he's stronger, Amara warns that he's only stronger for now.

Sam and Dean are in Fall River, Massachusetts, investigating the death of a family cat. Dean figures that finding Amara's victims are the best way to find her, and Sam suggests that they call Castiel in. His brother reluctantly agrees and Dean calls the angel at the bunker. Castiel is binge-watching Jenny Jones on TV and says that he hasn't heard anything about Metatron on the angel radio. Dean figures that Castiel is a bit too obsessed with TV and tells him to get out and get some air. Madsen calls Sam and tells him that Len Fletcher is dead, and the brothers head out to investigate.

As Castiel leaves the bunker, he remembers beating Dean when Rowena controlled him. He also remembers killing Efram and the other angels, and when Dean beat him. The angel hesitates and realizes that he can't go out.

Crowley receives word that one of his demons, Marco, killed Len. The aide admits that their ranks are low since Amara's feedings, and warns that soul projections are down. There's no guard at Amara's door, and Crowley demotes the aide to door guard.

Madsen shows Sam and Dean Len's corpse and says that it looks like he was assassinated. The brothers smell Sulphur and figure Len was killed by a demon. An officer hauls Goldie by, and Madsen comes back and tells the brothers that Goldie snapped and tried to kill her mother with a frying pan. The Winchesters say that they'll have to talk to her.

Castiel goes back to watching TV and the news run video of a bar fight. The videographer's reflection appears in a car mirror and Castiel realizes that it's Metatron.

Marco comes to see Goldie and lets her out. He draws a knife and says that Crowley sent him to clean up Amara's mess. He lunges at her... and realizes that there's a Devil's Trap on the ceiling. Sam and Dean approach the trapped Marco and congratulate Goldie on playing her part. The Winchesters take Marco back to their motel room and demand more details. Marco says that he doesn't know or care, and explains that Amara killed half of the demons in Hell. Crowley put Amara on a diet and she snuck out to feed on human souls. Dean puts a knife to Marco's throat and demands more info, and the demon says that he has nothing to gain by talking. Sam says that they can exorcise Marco and save the meat suit, and the demon agrees in return for promising not to tell Crowley about the brothers. The brothers spot a bullet hole on Marco's chest and realize that the host couldn't have survived the wound. Realizing that there's no way to save the host, Dean kills the demon.

Later, Dean ditches the body and returns. Sam hacked the demon's phone and confirmed that he was tailing Amara. He wonders why Crowley isn't keeping Amara in Hell, and Dean knows that Crowley doesn't want to stay there because he hates Hell. The map shows a Point of Interest, and Sam confirms that it's a local asylum closed since 1963.

At the abandoned asylum, Crowley finds Amara looking at Internet memes. She says that she doesn't care why Crowley does anything, and he insists that he's not a monster. His demons bring in a human and Crowley figures that Amara could use a snack. Amara says that she's not hungry, and Crowley has the demons take the man out. He starts to go but then closes the doors and admits that he has no idea what he's doing or how to handle Amara. Amara figures that he only wants her for her power, and soon she won't need him anymore.

Sam and Dean load up weapons and Sam asks if his brother is ready to kill Amara. He points out that they don't know how to take her down, but Dean insists that she's too big of a threat to wait for more intel.

Crowley tells Amara that he has wisdom and experience that she lacks. He isn't sure if she needs his tutelage, but is sure that he has something to offer her if she gives him the chance. Amara asks what he's asking for, and Crowley suggests that she slow down a little longer. In return for her patience, he'll give her his protection until she decides she doesn't need it. After a moment, Amara agrees.

Metatron is out taking freelance video of a corpse in an alley and takes the man's corpse. The man is still alive and begs for help, and Metatron admits that he no longer has the power to heal the man even if he wanted to. Castiel steps out and says that he can save the man. He heals him and Metatron gets it on film. The angel finishes and knocks it away, and they leave as the police pull up.

Sam and Dean break into the asylum grounds and discover that there are no guards. Warding sigils and a cheap padlock are on the door, and Dean easily picks the lock.

Crowley is meeting with his court and pays more attention to an article on how to deal with rebellious teens.

Castiel takes Metatron to a nearby abandoned warehouse and admits that he's disappointed in Metatron. Metatron insists that he's trying to build a business for himself and come out on top, He insists that religion is dead and there's no shame in writing his own story. Castiel says that he's there on business and Metatron realizes that he wants the demon tablet. He refuses to hand it over but Castiel has already found it under his mattress. Castiel asks Metatron what he knows about the Darkness, and Metatron nervously admits that God may have let slip a few words about the Darkness. He refuses to say anything, and Castiel points out that he could crush him like a bug. Metatron figures that he won't because he knows that Castiel is broken, paralyzed by trauma and fear. When he says that Castiel can't hit him, Castiel hits him and says that isn't fear.

Dean lures Crowley's aide over with a recording of Crowley's voice. Sam tackles him, knocks him out, and handcuffs him. More demons approach and Sam tells Dean to deal with Amara while he handles the demons. Dean breaks into Amara's room and she says that she knew he'd come. He apologies for what he has to do and prepares to stab her, just as Crowley comes in and casts him across the room. Dean tries to stab him and Crowley pins him to the wall. When Dean warns that he can't control Amara, Crowley says that he's helping her realize her fullest potential. He picks up Dean's knife and admits that he couldn't kill him, and has embraced his softer side. However, he feels ready to kill Dean. Amara hits Crowley from behind and then telekinetically forces Crowley to drop the knife. She breaks his hand and throws him against the wall,

Castiel continues beating Metatron and then demands to know about the Darkness. Metatron figures that Castiel is mad, not afraid, and Castiel kicks him again.

Two demons come at Sam, and he sheathes his knife and charges at them.

Metatron warns Castiel that recovering his grace doesn't fix him, but Castiel wants him to talk about the Darkness.

Amara tells Crowley that he failed to protect her, and she doesn't need Crowley's protection or captivity.

Sam takes out the demons in hand-to-hand and tries to handcuff one. He fights back and knocks the demon out, but the other one recovers and asks if Sam is going no-kill.

Castiel continues beating Metatron.

The demon pins Sam to the wall and tells him that pacifism doesn't pay. Sam stabs him in the chest with his demon-killing knife.

Castiel beats Metatron.

The other demon recovers and Sam beats him down. He prepares to kill him.

A bloody Metatron tells Castiel to end him.

Sam hesitates and then drops the knife and handcuffs the demon.

Castiel stars at the blood on his hands and says no.

Sam goes to find Dean and pounds on the door to Amara's room. Amara pins Dean in place, and Sam has a vision of a massive cage covered in sigils. Meanwhile, Amara tells Crowley that she'll spare his life in return for safe passage for Dean out of the asylum. Crowley agrees and Amara orders him out of her room.

Metatron begs Castiel to help him and admits that he was faking succeeding as a human.

Dean picks up his knife and Amara tells him that he can't.

Metatron says that he can't take another human day because the indignities just don't stop. Castiel says that he's had enough of being manipulated, and won't let Metatron manipulate him into killing him. He then asks about the Darkness.

Amara points out that they keep saving each other, and figures that Dean represents the triumph of what God has wrought because he was the first thing she saw when she was released. She admits that she's fascinated by him.

Metatron says that Creation took work and sacrifice, and God gave up his only kin--his sister--to create the world.

Amara tells Dean that it's time for her to go explore the world. Then she'll be strong enough to do what she came to do: settle the oldest score.Dean looks at the knife in his hand and then puts it to his chest, but can't bring himself to strike. Sam breaks in and Amara casts him back. When Dean comes at her, Amara casts him back as well and then walks out.

Back at the bunker, Castiel tells the Winchesters what happened. Dean is furious that the angel let Metatron go, and Castiel assures him that the angels will wipe Metatron out if he draws any attention. Castiel wonders how Amara got away, and Dean claims that she overpowered him. Castiel and Sam clearly aren't convinced, and Dean quickly changes the subject and asks if God has told Sam anything. Sam says that he's going to look into the lore and leaves, and realizes that the vision he had was of the cage containing Michael and Lucifer hanging in the void.

Amara walks down a city street, smiling.

In the asylum, Crowley sits on his throne, depressed.

Dean pours himself a drink.

Amara continues on her way.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2015

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