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Our Little World

Sam and Dean get a lead on Amara's location, and try to break in to Crowley's stronghold to kill the embodiment of the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel tracks down Metatron and finds him in sorry straits.

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By Gadfly on Nov 12, 2015

A girl, Goldie Schmidtlapp, is on her porch talking to her friend and complaining about her mother. Goldie's friend gets called home for curfew, and Goldie turns to find Amara looking at her. Amara says that she doesn't have any parents and smiles, and then grasps Goldie's head and says that she wants to be like her. Goldie's soul flows out of her mouth and Amara absorbs it. Later, an older Amara returns to her room and finds Crowley waiting for her. He's well aware of what she's been doing,…

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Episode Discussion

wildandwild posted 8 years ago

I could do without the weird/creepy undertones present in every interaction between Dean and a teenaged Amara.

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