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Fight or Flight Recap

Frank drives through the night with Amy looking out the passenger-side window. When he dozes off briefly, she says that she should let him drive so they don't go off the road. Frank tells her to keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn't bleed out, and turns on the radio so he doesn't have to listen to her. He finally pulls into a town off the highway and the next morning, pulls up to a motel and tells Amy to go in and get them a room, and not do anything stupid. Frank reluctantly gives her some blood-covered money from his pocket to pay.

Amy finally gets the clerk Debbie's attention and asks if she can use the bathroom. Debbie tells her that she doesn't and all they do is rent rooms. Amy argues about the room rate and finally pays with the blood-covered bills. Debbie rings her up and goes back to the van, and tosses Frank the keys. They go into the room and Frank puts the Do Not Disturb sign on the bed. He takes out a bottle of alcohol and takes a swig, and then removes his boots and moans in pain as he bends over. Amy finally comes over and helps him, and they exchange their fake names. They go to the bathroom and Frank pulls down his pants to pour alcohol on a bullet wound in his hip to clean it, and then takes the slug out. When he can't get at it, he tells Amy to do it for him. Amy washes her hands and then goes to work, and asks if he normally gets shot. She pulls it out and Frank tells her to stitch the wound closed.

As she works, Amy thanks Frank for what he did at the roadhouse and claims that she has no idea what's going on. She suggests that Pilgrim's people mistook her for something else, and asks Frank to let her go. Frank asks if she's done stitching, and she says that she is. They go out to the room and Frank tells Amy to get on the bed. She runs for the door and Frank grabs her and throws her on the bed. He then zip-ties her hands together and ties the zip-tie to the headboard, and she curses him. Frank lies down on the other bed and says that he's going to try and get some sleep and advises her to do the same. When Amy starts yelling, Frank gags her with duct tape and goes back to bed.

In bed, Billy dreams of Frank disfiguring him at the carousel. He wakes up gasping and finds Dinah looking at him. He asks why she comes there, saying that he doesn't know her. Dinah says that he doesn't. Dr. Dumont comes in and introduces herself, and says that she's been working with Billy for months. Dinah says that Billy is faking amnesia, and Dumont says that he doesn't have the means to fake anything. She tells Dinah to leave since it's time for Billy's assigned therapy, and Dinah asks if Billy's file talks about what he did. Dumont doesn't care, and Billy says that they have to rebuild the "jigsaw". The doctor explains that they've been using the metaphor of a jigsaw for Billy's memories and identity, and Dinah figures that he's lying. Dinah says that Billy deserves life behind bars, and Dumont asks if Dinah has sought therapy for her head trauma. Dinah says that she's getting what she needs, tells Billy that she'll see him that night, and leaves.

Once Dinah leaves, Billy tells Dumont that he must have done something. He screams at her, furious that he can't remember, and then calms down. Dumont unfastens the straightjacket and says that she'll talk to the nurse about getting him some Tylenol. Billy asks what he did to them, and Dumont says that he shot Dinah in the head.

In the ER, Beth lies on a bed. She wakes up and sees Pilgrim looking at her get-well cards and flowers. She asks who he is, and Pilgrim says that she has a lot of people that care about her. Pilgrim finds a card from Rex and comments that Beth has a son and it's a blessing. He subtly threatens the people who sent her the cards, and then asks for Frank's name. Beth says that she already told the cops that she doesn't know, but Pilgrim doesn't believe her and threatens Rex again. She tells Pilgrim that they spent one night together, and Pilgrim asks for his name. She finally gives Frank's fake name of Pete, but Pilgrim figures that she's holding something back and warns that whatever he does when he leaves the room can't be taken back. After a moment, Beth gives Pilgrim's Frank's last name. Pilgrim says that he'll say a prayer for her healing and leaves.

At the motel, Frank wakes up and frees Amy, but leaves her hands tied. He says that she got a lot of people killed at the roadhouse, and asks who they are. Amy insists that she doesn't know and she's just a college student, but Frank points out that she isn't screaming or said anything to Debbie. When Amy stays silent, Frank finds canisters of film in her back pocket and takes them. Amy says that she wants to talk to them, and Frank says that they want her dead and he kills the enemy before they kill him. Amy offers to make some fake IDs so they can disappear, and Frank says that he was in a mellow place before things started happening. He admits that he's old-fashioned and got involved because Amy is a woman, and Amy tells him that it's what he made it. Amy says that he didn't hesitate and Frank was happy for the excuse, and Frank says that he's going out. She promises that he doesn't need to gag her again, and Frank leaves... with Amy gagged.

In NYC, Dumont gives Billy some Tylenol. He turns away to take it without revealing his face, and then turns back. He talks about how he's exercising in his room but it's not helping him sleep, and admits that he's still having the dreams. Billy talks about seeing a skull and hearing breaking glass, and says that he doesn't remember anything. He admits that he feels anxiety when he's awake and his face hurts, and Dumont tells him that there's no physical reason for the pain. Billy says that he doesn't remember how his face got hurt or who did it, and says that the last thing he remembers is barracks and his unit, and his friend and brother Frank. He doesn't know where Frank is now, and tells Dumont that he doesn't know what's real and what isn't. Billy asks for more Tylenol and clutches his head.

Pilgrim goes to Frank's old motel room his tech goes with him in. The tech checks Frank's fake DMV record and says that he's clean, but Pilgrim doesn't believe that Frank was just an innocent bystander and looks at Frank's ring. Pilgrim tells the tech not to use any more profanity.

Frank goes to the desk and argues with Debbie about getting a twin bed room next door to the one he has. He goes to his van, takes out a crowbar, and goes into the room. Frank gives Amy a soda and a sandwich and unties her, and then goes into the closet and breaks a hole in the wall with the crowbar. Amy asks what he's doing, and Frank ignores her and keeps working.

Dinah meets with Rafi at a restaurant and he says that they received another complain about her visits to Billy. He tells her that Billy is no longer her concern, and Dinah insists that Billy will always be her concern. Dinah figures that he can't understand how she feels about Billy fooling her, and Rafi warns that she's compromising any case against Billy. She says that it's all an act, and Rafi wishes that Frank had finished off Billy for Dinah's stake. Rafi insists that her job no longer involves Billy, and says that they should talk about the future instead of the past. Dinah figures that he's delivered his message and leaves.

Frank looks out the window and sees a man in a van watching the motel. He offers Amy a gun but she refuses to use it, but finally takes it when he says that there are bad guys coming in.

In the van, Marlena and her operators watch the place. Marlena says that she's not going to call it into Pilgrim because he gives her the creeps, and she doesn't plan on talking to him until she can tell him the job is done.

Amy wants to go, and Frank wonders why she isn't concerned about the people trying to kill her. She aims the gun at him and tells him to let her leave. Frank just chuckles and tells her to shoot him. After a moment Amy lowers the gun and Frank says that it's not so easy.

Marlena and all but one of her operators go in, and the last one draws a bead on the motel window through a sniper scope and tells Marlena over the radio that Frank and Amy are inside. They go in and shoot the bed and then the closet. One operator moves into the bathroom and shoots the shower curtain. When he opens the closet, Frank shoots him and the others dead, then goes to the door and shoots at the sniper. They exchange shots and Frank jumps outside and gets to his van.

Amy is hiding in the adjoining room and hears the shots taper off. Marlena bursts in with her gun drawn, but Frank knocks her out from behind and tells Amy that she has to go. She goes out through the first motel room and stares at the corpses of the men that Frank killed, and he tosses the unconscious Marlena over his shoulder and gets her to the van. She wakes up, grabs Frank's pistol, and shoots at him. He ducks aside and takes cover until she runs out of bullets. Frank goes after her and kneecaps her as she tries to get to a discard semi-auto.

Amy gets into the van and starts the engine, preparing to drive off. Meanwhile, Frank asks Marlena if she's ready to talk. She refuses, and Amy pulls out giving Frank the finger. The arriving police officers cut her off, and then pull into the lot and tell Frank to drop the gun. Frank does so and gets to his knees on their orders.

Later at the station, Doctor Evans removes the bullet from Marlena's leg. Sheriff Hardin comes in and Evans tells him that Marlena will be fine. Ogden tells Marlena that she looks like a victim and asks her what happened.

Amy tells Hardin that Frank tied her to the bed and the other people showed up, and everyone started shooting. She was driving away when the officers showed up, and says that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Amy claims that she's 16 and suggests that he call in Child Services.

Evans checks Frank and says that his hand is broken, and Frank refuses medical treatment. Evans suggests that Hardin send Frank and Marlena to the hospital and late the State patrol handle them, but he figures that it's his town. Once Evans leaves, Hardin asks Frank for an explanation.

The deputies take DNA and fingerprints from Marlena and Amy to get identification. They run Frank's info and enter them into the system.

Pilgrim lies on a bed in a motel room, and Davy says that the Ohio police have entered Frank and Amy into the system.

Dinah dreams of Billy standing over her, and wakes up in her bed as the phone rings. It's Frank, who says that he has a problem and needs her help. He explains what happened and figures that her and her friends wouldn't like it if he resurfaces. Dinah says that he's no longer part of her life and hangs up, and Frank tells Hardin that nobody answered. The sheriff warns him that he killed four people and asks for an explanation. Frank tells him to let them go if he cares about his people, but Hardin refuses and Frank figures that he'd say it.

Evans drives off, and Pilgrim sits in her car and watches her go.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2019

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