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My Name is Emiko Queen Recap

A man runs through the alleyways, and the new Green Arrow cuts him off. He turns and runs and the archer—Emiko—hauls him up with a rope line, jumps down, and punches him.

Later at her workshop, Emiko crosses off another name on the list. She continues attacking criminals and crossing off more names, going after the rich and powerful.

In a bar, Emiko watches a newscast about Oliver working with the SCPD as Arrow. Marco comes in and she gives him some money to reveal his information about William Glenmorgan. He explains that no one has seen Glenmorgan's face and everyone hires him online, and he's in town contracting for Talis Global. Marco gives Emiko a security key and says that it will get her into the Talis server room. he asks what Glenmorgan did to her, and Emiko refuses to answer and leaves.

Later at Talis, Green Arrow knocks out two guards with a gas arrow. She enters the server room and downloads the information. Out in the hallway, the guards wake up and go into the server room. They order Green Arrow to freeze, and shoot and wound her in the shoulder. She jumps out a window and makes her escape.

Rene is taking out the garbage when Emiko emerges from the shadows and says that she needs his help. He takes her inside, assuring her that he has her.

The next day, Dinah and Oliver go to Talis and check the crime scene. She notes that it's different as a B&E, and Oliver spots traces of blood. A CSI runs over and irritably tells Oliver not to touch it, and Dinah takes the sample. Oliver suggests that there's another option for examining the blood, and Dinah reluctantly gives him the sample.

Emiko wakes up and Rene warns her that the stitched up wound is going to be sore. She says that she works alone and Rene points out that she came to him, and asks her to help him. Rene warns her that she can't save the city alone, and Emiko leaves.


Zoe arrives at City Hall and an assistant warns her that the mayor is having a meeting and expects her there. She figures that her father won't notice, and goes in. Rene tells the audience that they came together to improve the Glades and their work is far from over. He promises that if reelected he will keep fighting to make sure the Glades remains the greatest place on Earth.


Lyla meets with Diaz in an interrogation room and tells him to tell her everything he knows about Dante. Diaz claims that he doesn't know anything, and Lyla points out that Dante paid Diaz's debt to the Longbow Hunters. Diggle is watching through a one-way mirror and Diaz knows it, and Lyla tells Diaz to cooperate or they'll send him back to Slabside. Diaz says "screw you" and demands his lawyer. Lyla tells him that he belongs to ARGUS and no one will know that he's there, and Diaz clams up.

Oliver uses a DNA scanner to enter the apartment, and he explains that the SCPD needs Felicity to analyze the DNA from the blood. She does so and determines that it belongs to a woman. Felicity says that the DNA match is on Robert's side, meaning the new Green Arrow is Oliver's sister.

In her workshop, Emiko downloads the information and brings up a man's face. She heads out, tracks down her target, and prepares to shoot him. A man prepares to shoot her in the back, but Wild Dog kicks him away and fights the man, knocking him out. Emiko comes over and says that she knew the sniper was there, and insists that she was going to take her target alive. She insists that it's her mission and it's personal, and she'll put an arrow through Rene the next time he gets in her way.

The next day, Felicity tells Oliver that according to government files, Oliver's sister doesn't exist. Oliver says that he's come to term with the fact that Robert kept things from them but this is new, and figures that Emiko would come to him if she wanted to talk. He doesn't want to barge into her life without knowing more, and Felicity says that she'll find Emiko. There are recurring payments from Robert to a storage unit company and the account is still active, but it's registered to Moira.

Emiko watches Glenmorgan and his men get some prisoners out of a van and take them into a compound.

Diggle goes into the interrogation room and tells Diaz that he will tell us what they need to know. Diaz isn't impressed, and Diggle offers him a deal. Lyla is watching and surprised at what her husband is doing. Bell comes in and says that the Pentagon sent him to help deal with the situation in Khandaq and he heard that Lyla had taken Diaz into ARGUS custody. Meanwhile, Diggle tells Diaz that if he gives them Dante then he goes free. Bell calls Diggle out and demands to know what is going on. Diggle says that they're restarting the Ghost Initiative, a defunct ARGUS program that uses convicted criminals for covert missions. When Bell hesitates, Lyla overrides him and he quickly leaves to tell the Pentagon. Lyla sarcastically congratulates Diggle and leaves.

Rene is taking Zoe out when Emiko shoots an arrow into a support beam nearby. There's a note with an address on it, and Zoe figures that Green Arrow needs Wild Dog. She tells him to go, and Rene kisses her and leaves.


After the conference, Zoe meets with her father and says that someone is planning an attack on Star City with multiple bombs. She wants Rene to give the SCPD access to the Archer surveillance system. Rene refuses to help Star City, and angrily says that when they needed help no one came to their rescue. Zoe wonders how he can turn his back on all of the people that will die, and Rene reminds her that they barely recovered when the Archer program fell into the wrong hands once before. Disgusted, Zoe says that he used to be a hero and wonders what happened to him, and then leaves.


That night, Rene goes to the address and Emiko asks him why he wants to help her. He says that they're the same and they both have personal missions. Emiko figures that there's more, and Rene says that since Oliver went to prison he's been alone and his teammates found other ways to be heroes. He insists that Emiko can trust him, and she tells him to follow her.

Oliver and Felicity go through the boxes from the storage unit and find a letter to Walter Steele from Robert. Robert wrote it figuring that he'd be dead, and asks Walter to help Kazumi Adachi. He loved her and they had a daughter, and Robert abandoned them. In the letter he wants Walter to take care of Emiko.

Emiko takes Rene into her workshop and shows him the board with photos of her mother.

Oliver figures that Emiko and Kazumi weren't taken care of, and Felicity figures that Moira made sure Walter didn't learn about Robert's letter. Her husband wonders why Robert abandoned his second family, and Felicity figures that Moira didn't give him a choice. Oliver is furious that Robert abandoned someone and says that it's unforgiveable, and Felicity asks him what he wants to do.

Emiko shows Rene a quilt that Robert gave her mother the last time he saw her. Mother and daughter struggled after Robert left them, but then there was a fire in their apartment in their Glades. By the time the fire department arrived, Kazumi was dead. Glenmorgan killed her with a shot from a specific bullet, and Emiko has been going after the people who provided the bullet and the rifle. Emiko says that she needs to finish it, and Rene agrees to help her.


Rene leaves City Hall and realizes that someone is following him. Dinah steps out and asks for his access codes to Archer. She shows him the hologram of the Star City explosions and explains that the person who killed Felicity is behind the plan. Rene insists that it's not his problem, and as mayor he's getting things done. Dinah insists that what they did matters and shows him the tattoo, and reminds him that they all made a promise to be together. She insists that they owe Felicity, and Rene tells Dinah that he will have her arrested the next time she comes there. Dinah refuses to leave without the codes, and reminds him that the last time they fought it didn't end well for him.


Lyla complains that Diggle had no right to restart the Ghost Initiative. He insists that it's the perfect cover for their operation, and he did it to get Diaz to cooperate. Lyla says that now she knows which of them is more like Waller.

Emiko and Rene go to Rene's apartment and analyze Glenmorgan's security system. Curtis arrives in response to Rene's invitation and says that he can get through the security system. Rene tells Emiko that they need someone to help them, and Emiko reluctantly gives in.

Later, the trio park outside of the compound and Curtis hacks into the security system. Wild Dog and Green Arrow go in and Curtis knocks out the entire system. The power goes out and the two vigilantes move in. They take out the first wave of attackers and Green Arrow goes in after Glenmorgan. He takes a weapon out of his collection and deflects Green Arrow's first arrow, and attacks her. She slashes his chin and Glenmorgan renews his attack. Green Arrow shoots him in the stomach and demands to know why he shot Kazumi. Glenmorgan says that he just got into the country last month and guns aren't his thing, and insists that someone set him up. Wild Dog comes in and Green Arrow knocks Glenmorgan out, and tells her new partner that she failed her mission and her mother.

Back at her workshop, Emiko is reading a journal when Rene comes in. He says that Zoe told him to come there, and apologizes for things not going the way she hoped. Emiko says that Glenmorgan's alibi checks out and now she' back to square on. She figures that someone sent her down the wrong path and she's going to find out why, and she's not looking for a team. Rene suggests that they become partners and doesn't care that he'll be breaking the law.


Dinah goes to Zoe and gives her the paper with the Archer access codes. She accesses the system and figures that Rene decided to help them. Dinah tells Zoe that she forced Rene to give her the codes, and says that deep down she still believes Rene is good. Once they're in the system, they start searching for the bombs.

Rene goes to his office and finds Kevin Dale waiting on his invitation. He tells Kevin that one of the Canaries has their plans, and suggests that there's another way to achieve their goals. Kevin says that Star City is a cancer and they have to get rid of it. Rene asks Kevin if he knows about Felicity's murder, and Kevin says that Felicity was a liability and had to be dealt with. Rene agrees with him and Kevin leaves, satisfied.


Felicity finds Oliver out on the balcony. He admits that he didn't expect Robert to have done anything like abandoning Emiko, and Felicity suggests that he right the wrong that was done to Emiko and Kazumi. She advises Oliver to reach out to his sister and make things right.

Lyla has a micro-bomb put in the back of Diaz's head as a failsafe. Once they're done, she tells Diaz that the second he steps out of line, they'll kill him. Diaz says that if she doesn't kill him then he'll come for her.

Emiko trains with a sparring dummy until she shatters it, and looks at the new question mark on her board. She then puts on her Green Arrow costume and joins Wild Dog on the streets. Later, she goes to Kazumi's grave and vows that she'll get revenge for her father. Oliver arrives and greets his sister.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 22, 2019

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