My Name is Emiko Queen

Emiko goes hunting for the man who killed her mother, and gets a new partner. Meanwhile, Oliver learns about the half-sister he never knew he had, and Diggle makes Diaz a deal in return for Dante's whereabouts.



By Gadfly on Jan 22, 2019

A man runs through the alleyways, and the new Green Arrow cuts him off. He turns and runs and the archer—Emiko—hauls him up with a rope line, jumps down, and punches him. Later at her workshop, Emiko crosses off another name on the list. She continues attacking criminals and crossing off more names, going after the rich and powerful. In a bar, Emiko watches a newscast about Oliver working with the SCPD as Arrow. Marco comes in and she gives him some money to reveal his information about Wi…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 3 months ago

Waste of time episode, boring and nonsensical storyline.

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