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Ruin Recap

In the aftermath of the Haven explosion, the survivors stumble through the wreckage. Oswald stares at the devastation in horror, and Barbara aims a gun at his back. However, she looks around and sees the chaos, and lowers the gun. With Jim calls for help, Barbara walks off into the smoke. Jim organizes rescue and treatment efforts, and tells one officer to focus. He then goes over to Oswald and accuses him of bringing the gangs there, and Oswald insists that none of the gangs had explosives that he knew of. Harvey reports that they have no water for the firehoses, and Jim tells him to use the drinking water.

The next morning, Jim looks at the burned wreckage. Harvey shows him his badge that an officer found among the debris.

Later at the station, Jim reports on the radio that 311 people died. Walker says that she is trying to get him help, but Jim shuts off the radio. People burst into the station asking about their families and demanding answers, and Jim tells them that he shares their hope and anger. He insists that whoever destroyed Haven can't destroy their hopes, and vows to find who was responsible. One man asks how Jim will prevent it from happening again, and Jim doesn't have an answer for him.

Back in the office Jim tells Harvey and Lucius that someone has to pay for it. He asks Lucius to comb through the evidence and find out whoever did it, and he leaves. Harvey points out that Barbara disappeared just after the building blew up, but points out that it doesn't make sense for her. Jim tells Harvey that he's in charge now and leaves.

Bruce yanks at the cage door, and two men enter the room wielding pipes and attack him. He takes them both out and another man comes at him. Alfred arrives and knocks the man out, and confirms that he got his signal from Bruce. Bruce admits that he let his guard down and finally admits that Selina locked him up, and figures that she needs him to rescue him. As Alfred frees him, he says that Bruce can't save Selina from herself but they should find her until he realizes that.

Jim goes to Sirens and Barbara figures he thinks she has something to do with the explosion. She admits that she could have killed Oswald but didn't because the bomber has to be stopped. Jim figures that she thinks Sirens is next, and has learned that there was a shady guy hanging around the building. She Barbara learned from a contact where the guy is holed up, and tells Jim to do his job and get him. As Jim goes, Barbara asks if he thinks she could have killed all of those people, and Jim admits that he doesn't know. Harvey radios Jim and says that they have a problem.

At the station, Oswald and his armed men confront Harvey and the other officers. Jim arrives and Oswald says that it's clear that Jim is outmanned and outgunned, so he's there to help. Oswald offers Jim his gun and has his men bring in boxes full of more guns. The officers get the weapons and ammo, and Oswald tells Jim that he lost people too. He wants to put aside their difference and get the people some justice, and offers his hand. After a moment, Jim shakes it.

Riddler wakes up in his apartment and realizes that he's blacked out again. There's a suitcase on his bed, and he opens it. There's nothing inside, and Riddler realizes that he wrote himself a message on his hand saying that Inmate #1215 knows. Riddler has no idea what it refers to, and goes to find some prison records.

Jim and Oswald lead their men down the streets and Harvey tells Jim that the explosion wasn't his fault. Jim doesn't believe it, and tells everyone to fan out and find the bomber. Oswald calls over the bullhorn that the bomber has nowhere to run, and promises that they will root him out. The bomber shoots the bullhorn and everyone takes cover. Jim calls to the shooter to come out, but he refuses. Oswald realizes that it's Victor, and Victor shoots at them again.

Riddler sneaks into the station and goes to the file room with the prison records. He finds the case file, but Lucius yanks it out of his hand and demands to know what he's looking for. Riddler says that he's looking for a name, and Lucius says that he wants Riddler's expertise in figuring out who Haven was blown up to prevent it from happening again. After a moment, Riddler agrees.

Victor continues shooting, and then yells that he didn't blow up the building. He insists that he wouldn't take credit for someone else's work, and Jim tells Oswald to have his men concentrate all their fire on the window and then cease fire. Once they open fire, Jim sneaks into the building. He gets to the room where Victor is holed up, and Oswald orders everyone to cease fire. Once Victor prepares to shoot back, Jim punches him unconscious and handcuffs him, and then leads him out. The officers applaud, and Oswald asks Jim to let him handle Victor. He's glad to torture Victor for information, but Jim says that Victor is his. Jim drives off with Victor in the back of his car.

Ecco takes the initiates to Jeremiah, and Selina follows them into an abandoned building. Sykes is there and complains that there is no way to make the schedule. Jeremiah calls him and tells the workers to dig a little deeper if they want to survive. Ecco approaches Jeremiah and he chokes her, disappointed that she brought him so few initiates. He then dances with her, and Ecco says that Bruce and Selina tried to infiltrate their operation, Selina can walk, and she wants to kill Jeremiah. She promises to kill Selina if she sees her, and Jeremiah lets her walk away. Ecco leads the initiates out and Selina follows them.

Riddler and Lucius go to Haven and Riddler works out that it was an inside job. The bomb was the building: the bomber detonated the heating oil . Lucius points out that the nearby window blew in, and figured that the intruder smashed in through the window.

At the station, Jim and Harvey question Victor. Victor says that he decided to help himself to some supplies, and he opened fire on the cops because they're cops and he was firing warning shots. He points out that he didn't scar himself with all of the victims. Lucius calls and says that an RPG destroyed Haven like the one that took down the chopper. It was fired through the basement window from a rooftop and hit the heating oil. Victor was on the ground, meaning someone else was the bomber.

Oswald comes in and says that he's there for Victor. Jim tells him that Victor didn't do it, and Oswald says that he didn't come alone and whistles in his armed men. They train their guns on the officers, and Oswald sends a man to get Victor. Jim points out that torturing Victor into confessing won't give the people justice, and Oswald says that there will be a trial and they'll let the people decide. Oswald's men take Victor out and he sarcastically says that it's glad to see who is in charge.

Riddler and Lucius check to see which rooftop the bomber used. They find the location and the discarded RPG case, and Riddler hopes that Lucius finds who did it and makes them pay. Lucius gives Riddler the file as promised and thanks him for his help, and then leaves. Riddler discovers that Inmate #1215 is Frank McCann and deceased, and then spots an old woman in a window across the street. He hopes that she isn't blind and goes to talk to her.

Oswald sets up a "courtroom" at City Hall, and Jim and Harvey are there. Jim figures that there's nothing they can do to stop it and maybe it's what the people need. Oswald calls the court to order and has Victor gagged. He then questions the man who saw Victor leave the building, and plenty of people offer to confirm the witness' testimony. Oswald makes sure to point out that Jim believe that they're mistaken and says that Victor isn't responsible for the bombing. He invites Jim to say something if he wants, and Jim says that it was a RPG fired into the heating oil. Jim tells the people that he wants justice and so does he, and admits that they may be on their own. He insists that if that's true, what they do is more important than ever and what they're doing isn't justice and not who they are. Oswald puts it to the crowd to decide if Victor is guilty. They declare that Victor is guilty, and Oswald's men lead Victor away.

Oswald prepares to have Victor guillotined, sentencing him to die. Jim and Harvey come in, guns drawn, and free Victor just as Oswald shoots the guillotine line. Oswald says that Jim cares more about protecting a murderer than them, and says that the people are his now. Jim shoves him to the ground and leaves with Harvey and Oswald.

Outside, Harvey and Jim drive Victor away and Harvey admits that Victor isn't safe at the station. Jim releases Victor, saying that he either lets Victor go or he dies. Victor tells him that the city will always belong to the bad guys like him, and Jim tells Harvey to give Victor his gun and draws his own. The killer says that he'll kill both of them, but Jim doesn't care and Harvey offers Victor his gun. Victor starts to take the gun, then says that they should do it another day. Jim tells him that people like him will never own the city and he should get out of his face. Victor leaves and Harvey tells Jim to never ask him to do anything like that again.

Selina takes out Jeremiah's guards one by one . Bruce and Alfred arrive and find the unconscious men.

Jeremiah tells the workers to continue digging a little deeper. Selina comes up to Jeremiah, disguised as Ecco, and stabs him in the chest. He tries to say something, and Selina tells him not to say anything and stabs him repeatedly. Bruce comes in and drags her away, and Jeremiah collapses to the ground. Jeremiah's guards charge at them, and Alfred holds them off and tosses down a smoke grenade to cover their escape.

Riddler goes to the woman's apartment, 1215, when she sees him she tells him to go away. Riddler ignores her and wheels her in her wheelchair into her apartment and asks what she saw. The woman says that he was on the roof with some kind of a rocket. Riddler insists that it's not possible, but the woman says that he shot at Haven. She clubs him over the head with a bust, and Riddler has a memory of aiming the RPG at Haven and destroying it. The woman hits him in the head again, and Riddler remembers seeing the woman and writing down her address. When the woman says that she won't tell anyone, Riddler shoves her out the window and she falls to her death.

That night, Jim stands in his office looking out over the city. Barbara comes in and says that she wants to protect her people. She has a lead on a man selling RPGs and gives his address to Jim. Barbara has heard that some of Jim's people went over to Penguin, and says that Jim is all alone again. Jim tells her to leave, but Barbara comes over and says that no one else knows what it's like for him to carry the weight... and kisses him. As she walks out, Jim grabs her arm, pulls her back, and kisses her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2019

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