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Pena Dura Recap

A man sits watching a movie. Jim and Harvey come in and Jim says that they know the man, Gerry Grekov, sold the RPG that took out Haven. Grekov asks if Jim is going to arrest him. When Jim says that he isn't interested in arresting him and demands the name of the buyer, Grekov orders his men in and they draw guns on the two police officers. Grekov asks who told Jim that he sold the RPG. Soldiers drop in through the skylight and take out Grekov's armed men. When Grekov tries to run, Jim tackles him and they fight over a knife until the leader, Eduardo Dorrance, shoots Grekov dead.. Jim recognizes him and asks why he's doing there, and Eduardo says that he's there to pay Jim back for saving his life in the service.

As they leave, Jim tells Harvey about how he and Eduardo go back to boot camp. Eduardo says that they're the help that Secretary Walker promised, and there they're to eliminate all criminal threats and they'll take the next steps. Eduardo's second Angel Vallelunga comes up with Grekov's ledger. It shows that Grekov sold the RPG to Edward./ Jim goes to get Edward while Harvey sets up a command post at the GCPD. When Harvey objects, Jim tells him that he needs him clear in case things go sideways with Edward.

Bruce arrives at the station and Alfred tells him that there's been a break in the Haven bombing. The boy says that he can't find Selina, and warns that she's not herself. Alfred tells Bruce that Jeremiah deserved to die, and Bruce insists that Jeremiah made Selina a murderer just like Ra's made him a murderer. He says that Selina attacked Jeremiah knowing what she was doing, but Bruce doesn't believe him and goes to find her.

In his apartment, Edward listens to the voice journals that he made of his memory blackouts, trying to work out where he was. He doesn't believe that his other self could have killed women and children, and insists that he's not the one who killed them. Jim, Eduardo, and his men come in and hold Edward at gunpoint. Edward says that he needs a little more time to prove that he didn't do it. He admits that he's only killed people that hurt him first. Eduardo tells Jim that it's his call, pointing out that Edward confessed. Jim says that they'll bring Edward in and he'll stand trial.

Edward pulls a book on his bookshelf triggers a pressure plate that Eduardo is standing on, and warns that if Eduardo moves then it'll explode. He also has a device hooked up that will monitor his heartbeat. If his heart speeds up or stops then the bomb will explode anyway. Jim warns that Edward will have a target on him for the bombing, but Edward figures that he'll take his chances. Once he walks out, Jim says that all he has to do is save Eduardo's life. He figures that there's a puzzle involved and gets up on a chair to avoid setting off any other pressure plates. Jim crosses tables and chairs, getting to the bookshelf, and works out the book Edward set up as a trigger. Once he pulls on it, Jim steps down on the floor and confirms that it's safe, then calls to have Harvey put out an APB on Edward.

Bruce goes to Sirens and finds Selina there celebrating killing Jeremiah's death along with the clubgoers.

Harvey announces on the radio that they have identified Edward as the Haven bomber. Street people are chanting to kill Edward and going to look for him.

In his office Oswald receives a case and pays the deliverer and his men in bullets. He receives word that Edward is responsible for the Haven bombing, and wonders what his former friend has done.

The citizens search for Edward. He hides but someone knocks him out from behind.

Angel and his men search block by block for Edward, and call to Eduardo and Jim in Jim's office. They coordinate the search and discuss how to deal with Scarecrow next.

Edward wakes up taped to a lawn chair. The woman who captured him, Gretchen, says that she's going to carry out his execution. Her two sons are nearby and start up their wrecked car. Edward realizes that he's hooked up to car batteries just as he receives a jolt of electricity. Gretchen tells him that he's going to die slow and painful to pay for JoJo, her dog who was in Haven when Edward blew it up. Edward laughs and says that three hundred people died, and they continue electrocuting him. As they do, Edward remembers Oswald saying that he's going to "fix him". The engine stalls when the fuel line clogs, and Edward notices that the power line is frayed. He loudly says that the fuel line is cleared. When the boys clear it and gas squirts on the street,, Edward begs them to do anything but electrocute him. Jolt tells her sons to hit it, and the sparks ignite the gas and the wreck explodes. While they try to put out the fire, Edward gets to his feet and runs off.

Oswald receives a report that the Army are coming that way. Oswald figures that they're scouts and tells his people to bring him Edward. Once the reporting henchman leaves, Oswald goes back to his desk and realizes that his revolver is missing and someone entered through the air vent. Edward aims the gun at him and says that they have a lot to talk about.

Harvey tells Jim that they saw Edward going into City Hall. Eduardo agrees that they need shock and awe to break in, and Jim tells Eduard to take Harvey with him while he stays there.

Selina goes to the bar, and Bruce says that it isn't her. She tells him that the night Bruce's parents were murdered, she was in the alley and watched the killer shoot them while doing nothing. Bruce tells her that she was just a scared kid, and Selina tells him that he was the scared kid. She explains that she didn't do anything because she doesn't care, and that's who she is and was.

Edward demands to know what Oswald did to him, insisting that he's the reason that he bombed Haven. He figures that whatever Oswald did caused his blackouts, and it's the cruelest of everything Oswald has done to him. Oswald has no idea what he's talking about, and explains that he paid Strange to save Edward's life. He figures that Strange did something to Edward, and insists that Edward is his closest friend. Oswald assures Edward that if he wanted him to suffer, he wouldn't do it in some backhanded way. He insists that if they're ever at odds Edward will know that Oswald is his enemy, promising him that... as a friend. Edward grunts in irritation, realizing that Oswald is telling the truth, and swears that when he kills him he will stare him in the eyes as he stabs him through the heart. Oswald says that if Strange did something to Edward, then Edward isn't responsible for the bombing.

An explosion shakes the building as Eduardo and his men break in, and Oswald whispers to his henchman to grab Edward. Edward slips out, and Oswald grabs a gun. He and his men grab Eduardo and the others as they break in. Harvey tells Oswald to hand over Edward, and Oswald says that they're not by the count of three, he'll mow them all down. Eduardo and his men lower their weapons and Harvey tells Oswald to start counting. When Oswald starts counting, Eduardo's snipers take down all of Harvey's men.

Edward goes to Sirens and tells Barbara that he needs information from her. When she threatens to cut his face apart, Edward insists that he never killed the people in Haven and there's more going on. Barbara sends her henchwomen out and demands an explanation, and Edward tells her that Strange did something to his brain and now someone can control him. When Barbara wonders why she should help Edward, Edward says that if she finds out who was responsible then he'll give her the best intel she's ever had. After a moment, Barbara tells Edward that she doesn't know where Strange is but she does know the location of his assistants.

At the station, Eduardo beats Oswald and Jim demands to know where Edward is. Oswald agrees to tell Jim once Eduardo leaves. Once Eduardo leaves, Oswald says that Edward isn't a mass murderer and Jim knows it. Jim asks who set Edward up, and Oswald suggests that they make a deal: the information for his freedom. Jim warns that the Army will come for Oswald eventually, and Oswald says that he'll take his chances and repeats his offer.

A few minutes later, Jim tells Eduardo that he knows where Edward is coming. Eduardo realizes that Oswald is gone, and Jim says that they do what they have to do.

In his hidden lab, Strange is disposing of bodies. Edward is hiding in a body bag and comes out, training a gun on Edward. Edward demands to know how Strange took control of his alter ego, and Strange says that he had no idea Edward was the bomber. He explains that he put a chip in Edward's brain allowing him to be controlled remotely. However, he gave control to others. Strange offers to write it down so he can honestly say that he never said the name. Edward lets him reach for a pen, and Strange gasses him with a paralysis gas. he tells Edward that he doesn't know who is controlling Edward, and he's just going to have to cut open his skull and find out.

Bruce goes back to Jim's office and finds Harvey there. Harvey explains that the Army is helping and Jim is out with them. When Harvey wonders if Bruce is okay, he says that he's seen people losing hope. Harvey admits that the paperwork is the only thing keeping him going because the little thing matter. The little things that they do matter, even if no one notices or cares. Bruce thanks him for the advice, and slips out when Harvey isn't looking.

Strange cuts open Edward's skull and prepares to reboot the chip.

Back at City Hall, Oswald tends to his dog and then enters a basement hideout. He looks at the crates full of ammunition and figures that it's time for a chance of scenery.

Strange reattaches Edward's skull plate and says that his chip was overloaded, and he's going to notify the handler. Jim and the others come in and don't believe Strange's claim that he was administering medical assistant. When Strange restores Edward to consciousness, Edward insists that he was right. Strange explains that he put the chip in response to a contract. When Jim demands to know who was responsible, Eduardo immobilizes Edward with a remote, has his men take Strange out, and says that Walker has been controlling Edward.

Jim wonders why, and Eduardo says that Walker wants Jim to kill Edward as proof of loyalty before she can move forward with final relief plans. Jim asks if Edward knew that Walker destroyed Haven, and Eduardo aims a gun at him and says that he'll kill Jim if Jim doesn't kill Edward. he insists that the mission comes first, and Jim puts his gun down. he approaches Eduardo, who lows his gun, and punches the man. By the time Eduardo recovers, Jim has gone down the disposal chute. Eduardo reactivates Edward via the chip, gives him the gun, and tells him to find Jim and kill him.

Jeremiah is lying unconscious as Ecco and her henchman finally dig through the wall. Ecco hears him wake up and says that the armor she prepared saved his life. Jeremiah says that he had to let Selina and Bruce think that he was dead. Ecco says that everything is proceeding as planned and leads him into the tunnel they opened up. They emerge into a manor house and a doctor says that he's had good results. He removes the bandages from two people, and Jeremiah laughs in pleasure, saying that they look beautiful and he loves family reunions.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2019

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