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Birth Recap


David drives to Arthur's tent, draws his gun, and tells Robin and Hook to stand guard. Inside, Arthur is sitting with Guinevere when David comes in. He asks why Arthur tried to burn the crimson crown, and says that Merlin gave them the message that Nimue can destroy the Dark One. Arthur overturns the table on David, uses his sword to cut out the back of the tent, and runs. Hook and Robin go after him but he trips. When Hook approaches him, Arthur trips him and appears to run him through. Emma arrives and parries Arthur's blow, wielding the restored Excalibur.

Arthur stares at the blade in shock, and Emma says that it doesn't control anyone now. She casts him away against a tree, and Emma tells Hook not to do it again. He apologizes for what he said about the Jolly Roger, and insists that Emma is still alive somewhere inside of the Dark One. Hook asks who Nimue is, and Emma says that it doesn't matter because it will all be over the next day. The pirate asks why she needs Excalibur, and Emma says that she has her reasons. She says that she's doing everything for Hook and teleports away.

Camelot – Three Weeks earlier

Emma goes to the diner with the spark of Prometheus, and tells Henry that she found it. He admits that the others haven't come back with the sword, and Merlin isn't there yet. Granny is busy closing up the shop when they realize that it's a trap, and Merlin freezes Henry and Granny with a spell. He explains that he has to follow Arthur's orders now, and Arthur will order him to kill Emma's friends and family unless she gives him the Dagger and the Promethium flame. Arthur wants to make the trade in the Caledonian Forest in one hour. Merlin is sure that Emma turn the spark into a flame, and then Excalibur will be whole. He knows the Darkness lives in Emma, and begs her not to seek vengeance like Nimue did.


Once Arthur is locked up, Hook demands to know who Nimue is. Arthur admits that Emma destroyed his memories as well, and David pulls Hook away and says that Arthur isn't important anymore. Hook tells a watching Regina and Mary Margaret what Emma said, but Regina warns that the Dark One is manipulating him. The pirate doesn't believe it, but Regina warns that the Dark One will destroy all light magic. She figures that Emma hasn't done it yet because she needs an ingredient, but Hook says that they have to figure out what happened in Camelot before their memories were wiped.

Gold is in his pawnshop looking at a snowball when Hook comes in and says that they need to talk. Belle lowers her crossbow, and Gold confirms that Emma took his stash of squid ink. Hook wants to know what Emma is thinking, and Gold says that it's about what she did. He knows the look on her face--regret--because he committed numerous sins to save his son but he could never atone fast enough. Gold tells Hook to find out what Emma is atoning for, and that he has to give Emma a reason to find him. Hook leaves the pawnshop and calls to Emma, wondering what happened between them.

Three Weeks Ago

Rumplestiltskin appears to Emma as she considers lighting the spark. The hallucination warns that Arthur will use the restored Excalibur to kill her. Emma says that she has no chance, but can't light the spark. Rumplestiltskin reminds her that Merlin could only light it when she let go of the Darkness, and Emma argues with the hallucination. Henry comes out and Emma explains that she can't do it because she won't give up the darkness. Her son says that she might need some motivation and shows her a classified ad with a house circled. Henry explains that he and Hook were looking for a house to plan for Emma's future with Hook. Emma says that the voices in her head were right, and she needs to use her darkness one last time.

In the Caledonian Forest, David and the others are chained to trees. Emma arrives to meet Arthur and tells him that he won't get the Dagger and the flame until Arthur frees her family. Arthur refuses, and Zelena is ready to fight Emma.


Zelena is in her cell reading to her unborn child when a series of contractions wrack her body. She calls to the nurse, who calls Robin and Regina. When they find Zelena, they discover that she is nine months pregnant. Zelena says that it was dark magic, and Regina wonders who is responsible.

Hook goes to the top of the clock tower and calls to Emma. When she doesn't respond, he jumps... and Emma teleports him safely to the ground. He asks what happened in Camelot between them, and assures her that he forgives her. Hook says that he's done no worse than her, and shows her his rings. One represents a man in front of his wife, another represents a sailor named Edgar who Hook drowned for drinking his wine. Emma shows him his amulet and says that Hook gave it to her to keep safe. Hook says that it belonged to his brother Liam, and tells Emma to keep the amulet. He tells her that now he keeps the rings to remind him that all sins can be forgiven by someone who loves. Hook insists that he loves Emma no matter what she does, and Emma says that there's something she needs to show him.

Emma takes Hook to her house and invites him to look into a telescope. Hook peers through it and sees the full moon on the sands. Emma explains that Hook said in Camelot the ocean calmed him, and shows him the classified ad where he chose the house for their future. She says that she's almost ready to tell him the truth and kisses him. Emma warns that she can't tell him everything until it's all over, because he would try and stop her if he knew what she was after. Hook collapses and Emma stares down at him.

Robin and Regina take Zelena to the operating room. Zelena figures that Emma did something to her with the onion rings she gave her. Dr. Anders arrives and introduces himself, and goes to work. Mary Margaret and Belle arrive, and explain that Emma will try to take the baby because the final ingredient is the cries of a newborn child. Zelena begs Regina to remove the anti-magi cuff so she can protect the baby, but Regina refuses.

Three Weeks Ago

Zelena asks Emma who she should execute first, and Emma hands over the flame. When Zelena opens it, she's bound to a tree by the spell within, and Zelena tells Arthur to hand over her family. Arthur summons Merlin, who warns that it's a fight she can't win. They unleash magic at each other, and Emma finally goes down. Arthur tells Merlin to kill Mary Margaret first, and the fines start to strangle her. Emma tells Merlin to fight it, reminding him that he is the greatest sorcerer who ever lived. Concentrating, Merlin releases Mary Margaret but is unable to move against Arthur's orders. Hook frees himself and knocks Arthur unconscious, although Arthur cuts his neck with Excalibur in the process, and then the pirate takes Excalibur. Arthur frees Zelena and she teleports the two of them away. Emma heals Hook's injuries and picks up Excalibur, and says that now all she has to do is light the spark and remove the Darkness.

Later everyone gathers at the diner, and David and Robin confirm that Arthur and Zelena have fled far away. Belle warns that Merlin is exhausted from resisting Excalibur, and Emma is working to flame the spark outside. Regina joins her and Emma tells her what Rumplestiltskin said to her. Her friend figures that Emma likes wielding great power, and Emma admits that she does. Regina warns that it's wrong... but human, and says that she knows Emma isn't as weak as she once was. She wonders why Emma is clinging to the darkness, and takes out the Dagger. Regina commands her to explain why she won't give up the Darkness, and Emma says that she won't be able to protect her family. Despite her response, Regina figures that there's more and tells her to choose to see the real reason. David, Mary Margaret, and Hook come over and tell Regina to stop her, Emma walks off and Regina insists that she was just trying to get at the truth.


Zelena gives birth to a baby girl. Outside, Regina regrets that she's helping her half-sister. Mary Margaret assures her that she's doing the right thing and they go in to find Robin holding his daughter. Emma teleports in and knocks Whale aside. Robin draws his sword and says that he won't let Emma take the baby without a fight. She says that she isn't after the baby and teleports away with Zelena.

Hook wakes up in Emma's cellar and finds himself chained to the floor. Zelena is there and explains that Zelena abducted her. Emma teleports in and says that she's giving Zelena her magic. She tells Hook that her plan is to destroy the dark magic inside of her, and that he would never have left her transfer the magic to another vessel. Once the magic is in Zelena, she will cut it out of her with Excalibur and vanquish the Darkness forever. Hook points out that she's considering cold-blooded murder, and Emma reminds him that Zelena killed Neal and Marian. The pirate warns that it's about Emma, not Zelena, and figures that Merlin has a solution to the problem. Emma says that Merlin can't help them.

Three Weeks Ago

Hook finds Emma contemplating the Dagger and the spark. Emma tells him that she's afraid of their future and shows him the classified ad. She explains that she could only admit her true feelings to Neal and Hook when she thought she was going to lose them. Emma is afraid because she does want a future with Hook, and the future begins when she takes away the Darkness. Hook says that she has to trust him and the future is nothing to be afraid of, and they kiss. The spark bursts into flame.


Regina, Mary Margaret, and David go to Emma's house. Mary Margaret wonders what Regina plans to do, and Regina says that she's going to show Emma what dark magic really looks like.

Once Emma leaves, Zelena explains that she can't cut the cuff off without magic. Hook reminds her that he imbued his hook with magic to rip Zelena's heart out, but wonders how he can trust her. Zelena points out that he doesn't have a choice, and Hook frees her. Zelena frees herself from the manacles and restores her clothing, and then frees a surprised Hook.

David and Mary Margaret refuses to hurt Emma, and Regina says Emma gave her the Dagger because she knew she would do what had to be done. Emma comes out and says that they need to trust her, and they'll thank her once she's done with Zelena. She knows that Regina will be happier when Zelena is done, and drives the sword into the ground to freeze the others in place.

Zelena and Hook emerge into the upstairs and Hook refuses to sneak away. He plans to find the squid ink and get Emma to tell her what he needs to know. Zelena sneaks out the back and the pirate starts searching. Emma comes in just as Hook finds the ink hidden behind a painting. He tosses it on her, freezing her in place, and Zelena returns. She admits that she couldn't leave without making the Dark One pay, and stabs Hook in the chest. Hook doesn't die, and Zelena holds up a dreamcatcher and says that Hook can restore the memories of what happened. Emma warns Hook not to trust Zelena, but he tells Zelena to do it.

Three Weeks Ago

Inside the diner, Emma tells Merlin that she's ready. He takes out the flame and Emma uses it to reforge Excalibur. As she does, Hook's neck wound reopens and he collapses. Emma stops the cell, and Merlin explains that a wound from Excalibur can't be healed. She refuses to lose Hook, and begs him to stay. He tells her that their future is now, and asks her to reunite the blades before he goes. Emma refuses and wants to use the Promethium flame to tether Hook's life to Excalibur. Merlin warns that it will multiply the Darkness and will be Emma's final step into the dark. The others beg her not to do it, but Emma promises that she won't let anyone stop her.

Emma teleports Hook to a field of middlemist flowers. He begs her not to save him, warning that he doesn't know if he can push the Darkness way again. Hook says that he'll be happy knowing that Emma has a future and passes out. Emma screams that it isn't enough for her, and casts the spell.

At the diner, the Darkness emerges from Merlin and he tells the others that it's too late.

The Darkness wraps itself around the Excalibur blade and Emma binds it to Hook. After a moment he disappears, and Hook's name appears on the blade. Emma transforms into Dark wan, and Hook emerges from the Dark One's well.


Hook stares at the memories, and Emma tells him that she didn't have a choice. Zelena gives him Excalibur and removes the glamour spell showing Hook's name. Hook realizes that Emma saved his life to keep him from the truth, and she could only destroy the Darkness in both of them by killing Zelena. The pirate is furious that Emma has destroyed their future, and Zelena asks if Hook is ready to learn else happened in Camelot. Hook agrees... once they take care of Emma.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2015

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