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oMens Recap

Atlanta, GA: Five Years Ago – July 15

Caitlin watches a newscast about the disaster with her children. Reed comes home and hugs his family, and says that they've closed down some of the government buildings just in case. As the newscaster says that more attacks could be on the way, Reed looks at his family and holds Caitlin's hand.

That night, Reed is still watching the news as Caitlin puts the children to bed. She wonders how they can keep their children safe, and Reed tells Caitlin that he wants to transfer to the Mutant Crimes Division to help keep their children safe. Caitlin says that she understands.


At the apartment, the group discusses Reeva's plan to take out the government. Lorna wants to attack the Inner Circle high-rise, and Marcos figures that they have enough power now that Andy and Lauren are together. John agrees with Marcos despite Caitlin's objections, and Andy and Lauren say that they can do it.

In the high-rise, the Frost sisters report that Lorna and Andy went back to the Underground. Reeva says that they move forward with the plan and they'll block communications using explosives rather than Lorna's power. They'll have someone take out Sentinel Services, and Reeva leaves to make arrangements. Out in the hallway, Reeva calls Benedict and tells him that she has a job for the Purifiers.

The next day, Reed is in the kitchen rubbing his temples. Andy comes in and asks if he's okay, and Reed assures him that he's fine. His son asks him if he's taking his medicine, and Reed explains that he stopped taking his medicine because he wants to face his mutant power head-on. Andy says that he wants to do the same, and explains that he wants to feel like he's part of the family again. Reed hugs him and says that it felt like a part of Andy had been torn away, and assures Andy that nothing can change the fact that he's his son.

Marcos and John burn the files on the stations and confirm that many of them are gone. Lorna blames herself for believing Reeva's lie. She asks about Clarice, and John says that Jace shot her and she was making a portal when she fell through. Lorna apologizes and John makes her promise that she's going to fight. Marcos finishes burning the files and says that they should head out. John hears trucks approaching and they look out to see Jace and the Purifiers arrive.

Jace calls Benedict and says that they have the building with John and the others inside. He assures Benedict that his men will capture the mutants and promises Benedict that he won't let him down.

Marcos confirms that the Purifiers have the building surrounded, and John figures that Reeva took their attack personally and says that he does as well as he looks at Jace.

Jace and the Purifiers get who they can out of the building, and Jace figures that the mutants will have to make their move soon and then they'll cut them down.

Reed figures that the Purifiers are going to wait them out, and Caitlin goes to have some guns that she stored away. As they get the guns, Caitlin says that she got plenty of guns because she doesn't have the X-Gene. Reed winces in pain and says that it's frustrating because he can't do anything with his ability. Caitlin assures him that they're going to get through it.

Three Years Ago

Caitlin finds Reed working on some briefs. She holds up a bottle of wine and says that they should take a break since the kids aren't there. Reed agrees and they kiss, and the phone rings. It's Lauren, who says that she needs him to come get her from the party. She explains that something happened to her and there was a mutant attack. Reed says that he's coming to get her.


Andy wants to use Fenris to kill the Purifiers, and tells Lauren that everything he's done is because he wants to help people. Lauren notices that the door is open, and Fade and the Frost Sisters appear. The Sisters telepathically forces Andy and Lauren down on their knees.

Reed and Caitlin return back and find the apartment torn up and no sign of their children.

As the Frost sisters take Andy and Lauren into the tunnels, Esme calls Reeva and says that they have what they came for. She worries about making them use Fenris, but Reeva doesn't care as long as the job is done. On the TV, Benedict is calling for the politicians to do something and warns against a mutant attack.

John checks the apartment for a trail but keeps seeing Clarice everywhere. He manages to confirm that the Frost sisters were there and Fade brought them in. Lorna figures that Reeva is going to use Andy and Lauren to destroy Sentinel Services. John says that he can make a way through and Jace will throw everything he has at him. He tells the others that they have to stop Reeva, and figures Jace can't do anything worse to him than what he's already done by taking Clarice.

Once the others leave, John puts on his war paint and arms himself with his weapons. He then comes out and gestures to Jace, who tells his men to open fire. Jace charges through the bullets and throws his tomahawk, hitting the SUV next to Jace. The other Purifiers maintain fire and one Purifier gets to close. John knocks him away, grabs a mail box, and throws it at the others, and then fights them hand-to-hand. While he sends them flying, the others drive away in a SUV. The Purifiers open fire on it, and John runs off while they're distracted.

As Caitlin drives through the street, Reed looks at his hand and says that he can't stop his power. Lorna directs them to a sewer gate

The Past

After bringing her home, Reed tells Lauren that she doesn't have to be afraid of mutants. He explains that they have to figure out what it means and how it can make them better. Lauren says that she has to tell him something, and Reed promises that he'll always protect her.


Lauren and Andy try to resist as the Frost sisters take them through the sewers to Sentinel Services. Esme tells them to cooperate with them, and Lauren asks if forcing them is mutant freedom. Esme warns her sisters not to keep pushing them, and Sophie and Phoebe tell her that Reeva won't let them live afterward anyway. The sisters lead Andy and Lauren away.

The wounded John limps off with the Purifiers in pursuit. He ducks down an alleyway, bleeding from his wounds. Erg arrives and figures that he needs help, and hopes that John hates the Purifiers more than him. John says that he doesn't need Erg's help, and Erg reminds him that Jace is there and John owes it to Clarice to kill him. Erg tells John to hit him so that he can absorb the energy, and John does so. Jace and his men arrive and Jace tells John that he's done. Erg blasts down the others and John attacks Jace, knocks him and breaks his arm. He beats him and draws his knife, and Jace yells at him to kill him and let him see his little girl.

The Frosts lead Andy and Lauren out of the sewers and Esme hangs back as they approach the SS building. Lauren begs them to stop, but Sophie and Phoebe focus their powers on her, making her scream in pain. Phoebe tells Esme to come over, and she does so. The Frosts forces Andy and Lauren to hold hands, and Fenris surges out, destroying the building.

Caitlin, Reed, Marcos, and Lorna arrive as the Frosts leave with Andy and Lauren. The Frosts force them to kill the quartet, and Lorna reminds Esme that the humans forced her to use her powers and if it's any different. Esme hesitates, and Sophie and Phoebe say that Esme is not an individual. When Esme's powers flicker and Lorna says that Esme is her friend, Marcos knocks Sophie and Phoebe unconscious. She refuses to leave her sisters as the police approach, and the others take Lauren and Andy away.

In the sewers, Lorna explains that when the Frosts use their powers to make someone do something against their will, it causes damage. Lauren and Andy apologize for destroying the building, and Caitlin assures her that they didn't have control. Reed says that he's never been prouder of the two of them, and tells Caitlin that they have to drop Lauren and Andy at the scrapyard and then stop Reeva because they'll never get another chance.

Once the group detours to the scrapyard, Reed, Caitlin, Lorna, and Marcos go to the Inner Circle high-rise. Lorna says that she can get them up via a freight elevator. Marcos warns that if Reeva uses her powers, they won't be able to control them. Lorna assures the others that without Reeva, the whole plan falls apart.

In the underground parkingt garage, Bulk, Tico, and Heather load up the bombs as Fade looks on. Lorna and the others blast their way in. Heather teleports a bomb over and Tico detonates it, and Bulk throws gas cans at them and Tico detonates them. Reed and Caitlin head for the elevator. Fade grabs Reed and Caitlin shoots him dead. Reed tells Caitlin to cover him while he goes up via the elevator, and explains that they can use his lack of control against Reeva. The energy will eventually tear him apart, so if Reeva attacks him it will release his power. Reed tells Caitlin to take care of their kids, kisses her, says that he loves her, and runs for the elevator. Caitlin opens fire as Reed takes the elevator up.

The Past

Caitlin asks if Reed believed what he told Lauren earlier. She suggests that their challenges and tragedies happen for a reason, and Reed figures that sometimes he has a role to play in keeping them all safe. Reed wishes that he knew what it was.


The elevator arrives at the top floor and Reed steps out. He goes down the hallway and finds Reeva listening to Benedict's broadcast about striking back against the mutant attack on SS HQ. Reed tells Reeva that it's over, and she says that he's the least impressive of the Von Struckers. She says that he's confused, fighting mutants and his own powers, and Reed tells her to stop. Reeva says that their revolution is going forward, and she only helped the schism between humans and mutants. She unleashes her power, freezing Reed in his tracks. His power runs out of control and he starts dissolving the building.

The battle continues in the parking garage.

Reed continues touching spots on the floor as he collapses, disintegrating more and more of the building. Reeva moves in on him, and he tells her that she will have the power of the Von Struckers. He explodes in a burst of energy, destroying the top floors of the high-rise. In the parking garage, the shock waves knock everyone down. Lorna, Marcos, and Caitlin retreat as the building comes down on top of them.

Later, Caitlin tells Lauren and Andy that their father is dead.

Erg tends to John's injuries.

A doctor tends to Jace's injuries.

Lorna and Marcos tend to their baby and say that sometimes they'll be together for good.

Benedict ignores the press' questions about how he was involved with the attacks. Esme takes telepathic control of him, forcing him to confess that he's been leading the Purifiers for over five years.

Caitlin, Lauren, and Andy memorialize Reed and promise that they'll keep fighting.

Later, Erg meets with the Underground members--and Esme--and says that the Morlocks are gone but he's heard that the Mutant Uprising is continuing. The mutant groups are gathering but need help and leadership. Caitlin says that they'll make a new Underground. John senses something outside, and they go out. A portal slowly opens and Clarice appears. She says that something happened and they need to see, and opens a portal for them to follow her through.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2019

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