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A Better World (1) Recap

Lord Superman ignores the shots from the President's security guard and checks in with Lords Batman and Wonder Woman, who are fighting their way in at another hallway. When Lord Wonder Woman tells Lord Superman to wait, he tells her that they've waited too long as it is.

President Lex Luthor is in the Oval Office going through his papers and saying that they couldn't see the beauty of it. Lord Superman barges in and says that he let it go so far because of the law. Luthor says that the people will burn for it and puts his thumb on a red button. He points out that Superman can only stop him using deadly force, and says that Lord Superman needs him to be a villain to oppose his heroism. Luthor says that it's made Lord Superman his most reliable accomplice. He tells Lord Superman to put him on trial but eventually he'll escape and they'll start it over again. Lord Superman admits that he's right and his eyes glow with heat vision.

Lords Batman and Wonder Women defeat the security forces, and run into the Oval Office. They find what's left of Luthor's body and Lord Batman says that it had to be done. Lord Superman looks out the window, and then tells Lord Wonder Woman that he's great.

Two Years Later

On the League's Watchtower, the monitor personnel confirm that all sectors on Earth are clear while Lord Martian Manhunter watches over them. He hears of a delay in sector 32 due to a storm, but the monitor confirms that everyone has been evacuated.

Lord Superman tells the current President that they're not ready for elections yet. The President asks when it will be a good time to have an election, and Lord Superman advises patience. As Lords Superman and Wonder Woman fly off, Lord Hawkgirl joins Lord Green Lantern. Lord Green Lantern is still mourning Flash's loss, and Lord Hawkgirl says that she misses him as well. They hear a report of a civil disturbance and Lord Martian Manhunter says that there's a small protest at a college and the police are handling it. His comrades figure that they should go, and Lord Martian Manhunter gives in and says that they should try to get Lord Batman out of the Batcave if he can. Lord Superman says that he has a dinner date and won't be joining them.

On their way there, Lords Hawkgirl and Green Lantern call Batman but he isn't interested in joining them. At Small University, the police fire tear gas into the crowd. They continue demanding elections, and one policeman shoves the leader back. Lords Hawkgirl and Green Lantern arrive and the protestors run off in fear. Lord Green Lantern says that when he was a kid, no one thought there was a better way and now there is. Meanwhile, the police take the lead protestor away.

At an apartment in Metropolis, Lord Superman and Lois Lane eat. Superman asks what's wrong, and Lois points out that the world is in lockdown and free speech has been eliminated. As Superman insists that they're doing everything they can, he gets a call from Batman. Batman says that he needs to see them and the others immediately, and Superman walks off. Two policemen stop her from leaving, saying that she's not authorized to leave and insist that it's temporary.

In the Batcave, the team swatches footage of the "real" Justice League on their Earth fighting Luthor in another dimension. In that world, Flash and Luthor are still alive, and they call themselves the League rather than the Lords. Batman shows the others a dimensional portal that will let them travel to the other dimension. He wonders if the League would accept their kind of help.

The League battle Luthor and Flash is trapped under rubble. Luthor gets to his workshop and activates a weapon. Batman disarms him and Wonder Woman lassos him. The police take Luthor away, and Flash apologizes for messing up. The portal opens and Lord Martian Manhunter comes through. He claims that the dimensions are collapsing on each other and his dimension is at the center of it. Martian Manhunter refuses to read his counterpart's mind, and the League agrees to go through. When they arrive on the Lords' Earth, they find themselves in a featureless white cell. Lord Martian Manhunter phases out, and Lord Batman electrifies the interior. Hawkgirl manages to pound on the cell wall with her mace. Lord Green Lantern blasts her back, and she and the others pass out.

Doomsday crashes to Earth and walks into Metropolis, destroying everything in his path. The police are powerless against him, and Snapper Carr reports on the devastation. The Justice Lords arrive on Earth and Lord Superman figures that if they can stop Doomsday then the populace will be so grateful that they'll roll right over.

The Lords attack Doomsday and he knocks Lord Hawkgirl away. Lord Superman hits him with a car, but Doomsday frees himself and smashes them down. Lord Martian Manhunter knocks Doomsday back, but Doomsday creates a gas explosion. Lord Wonder Woman flies to stop an oncoming train before it goes off the tracks that Doomsday destroyed. Meanwhile, Doomsday knocks Lord Superman into the sewers.

Larry the guard takes Luthor to his cell and they pass inmates watching the battle in Metropolis.

Lois is on the scene and runs to Lord Superman. Doomsday advances on them and says that he wants power and control. Lord Superman fights him and the concussive energy shatters the buildings for blocks around. Doomsday stomps Lord Superman into the street, and Lord Superman uses his heat vision to bore into Doomsday's skull and lobotomizes him. The police take him away, and Lois stares at Lord Superman in shock. Another reporter says that it's about time, and Lord Superman says that it was time for a chance.

In prison, Luthor watches the broadcast and realizes that it's not the League.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2019

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