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Brothers & Sisters Recap

Felicity runs through the jungle yelling that she's coming. Someone cries, and Felicity comes to Diaz and says that he'll always find both of them. He says that she can't protect her baby and shoots... and Felicity wakes up from his nightmare.

The next day at the station, Oliver tries to call William, gets his voice mail, and complains that he's not calling him back. Rene comes over and says that Zoe froze him out when he first lost custody. Oliver complains that Rene is letting Emiko run around when she's a vigilante, and Rene points out that he can't stop her. He shows Oliver the bullet that killed Emiko's mother, and Oliver is shocked to learn that his sister's mother was murdered. Rene explains that Emiko has been trying to find the killer ever since, and Emiko doesn't trust Oliver. Oliver figures that he'll have to prove himself to her.

In prison, Joseph and Diaz spar and China joins in. Carrie fires an arrow, and Diggle comes in and reminds them that they're supposed to be training. Lyla comes in and tells Diggle that Dante's emissary Virgil avoided them in Cairo. They have the reference number from Virgil's phone, and Lyla warns that ARGUS brass will soon find out why they've brought back the Ghost Initiative. Diggle figures that they have to tell Oliver and Felicity.

The Future

William stares at Mia in shock and insists that she can't be his sister. She tells him to take the gun off of him, and Dinah points that they never knew Felicity and Oliver had a second child. Connor tells them that Diggle was his adoptive father, much to Mia's surprise, and he knew about Mia. Mia says that Felicity is hiding somewhere out of paranoia, frees Zoe, and points out that they never found Felicity's body after she died in an explosion. William tells Mia that they're helping each other whether she wants to or not.


Diggle tells Felicity and Oliver about the Ghost Initiative, and explains that they're going after Dante without ARGUs oversight. He admits that Diaz is in it, and Felicity is shocked that he's working with the man who tried to kill her family. Diggle insists that it's a small price to pay to take down a bigger thought, and assures Felicity that Diaz has a bomb in his head. Oliver trusts Diggle and figures that he had no other choice, and Felicity points out that it's the second time Diggle has prioritized ARGUS over keeping his friends safe. Diggle insists that ARGUS is keeping the world safe, and Felicity leaves the room and texts Laurel to say that Diaz is out and they should proceed with their plan.

Lyla shows the team a photo of Virgil, and Diggle says that they're to meet with Virgil and convince him to set up a meeting with Dante. Joseph warns that Virgil wouldn't take their calls, but Diggle says that Virgil will take their call and asks Diaz if he's ready to go.

Felicity meets with Laurel and explains that she's hacked the signal for Diaz's bomb. Laurel is busy texting and says that she's working, and Felicity explains that Laurel has to get within 100' of Diaz to trigger the detonator. When Laurel points out that it could cost her the DA job, Felicity insists that she wants to protect her family. Laurel notes that Felicity is pregnant and Felicity admits that she hasn't told Oliver and makes Laurel promise not to tell hm.

Oliver enters Emiko's workshop and dodges the knife she instinctively throws at him. He has Felicity's composition analysis on the bullet, showing it was shot with a customized rifle. Oliver offers to help find the killer, and Emiko insists that it's her mission. She doesn't want Oliver's sympathy but justice, and Oliver points out that he's the one authorized to get it. He explains that his parents taught him the value of freedom and anyone who hurts her has hurt him as well. Relenting, Emiko pulls up a stool and Oliver sits down with her.

The Future

The team activate Felicity's old computer in the bunker. Mia has him search for Paul Loiseau, the only eyewitness to Felicity's murder. Loiseau supposedly committed suicide a week ago, and they figure that someone killed him and the coroner who gave the report. Mia says that Felicity told her that Star City wasn't safe and should leave town, and says that she doesn't want their help to find her mother.


The GI team go to a party at an old Triad hangout and look for Virgil. Virgil greets Diaz and Diggle, monitoring them, tells Diaz to convince him to take them to Dante. When Virgil says that he wants Diaz to pay for hiring the Longbow Hunters, Diaz says that he has a proposition. Everyone in the room draws a gun, and Virgil tells them to kill with everyone except Diaz because Dante will deal with him. The GI attacks the killers, and Virgil heads for the door in the confusion. Virgil gets the drop on Diaz, but Diaz disarms him as his teammates finish off the others. Diaz tells Virgil that there's no escape, but he tells Diaz that Dante will give him what he deserves and dives out a window.

Back at ARGUS, Lyla cuffs the team and demands to know which one of them tipped off Virgil. They figure that Diaz did it, and Diaz says he wasn't the one. Lyla figures that he'd rather have a bomb explode in his head then face Dante, and Diaz says that they'll soon feel the same.

Laurel returns to the loft with food for Felicity. She points out that Oliver's targets will go after Oliver and his family but Felicity is kind of a badass and can handle it. Laurel warns that there will be another Diaz and Felicity has to have faith that she can handle him and the people after him. She tells Felicity to not kill Diaz out of fear because she has nothing to be afraid of.

Lyla tells Diggle that there was no indications that Diaz sent a coded message to Dante. She figures that they need to catch Dante before their superiors shut them down. Diggle analyzes a fake Italian coin that Virgil was carrying and discovers that it had a chip in it. They have to decrypt it using software that Curtis left, and figure that Dante is in town for something big.

Oliver offers to check the algorithm Emiko is using to find the rifle maker. She refuses and tells him to stop hovering over her shoulder. Rene arrives and Felicity offers to show Emiko a trick or two about making her own arrows. She tells him to stop touching her things, just as a report comes up that Andrew Thornton made the rifle. The online chatter shows that he's making a deal at an industrial plant in Pennytown. Oliver tells Emiko that she doesn't have a badge and can't go out, and leaves with Renee.

That night at the plant, Thornton arrives to meet with his buyers. Oliver and Wild Dog attack them, and Green Arrow fires and says that Thornton is hers. She drops in and shoots down the buyers, and tells Wild Dog that she's taking back her mission. Green Arrow cuts off Thornton's escape, but Oliver arrives and arrests Thornton. Oliver tells Emiko that there's a right way and a wrong way to do it, and she zip-lines away.

Later at the station, Rene tells Oliver that Thornton is ready to be questioned. Oliver says that he has to make Emiko understand that they're on the same side, and Rene tells him that he can't make Emiko do anything. He points out that Oliver would have felt the same when he started his mission, and Rene tells him that Emiko doesn't need his protection. Rene tells her to just be Emiko's brother and trust her.

The Future

William approaches Mia and suggests that they commiserate about how their parents suck. He points out that he never heard from his parents after his grandparents got custody with him, and figures that they didn't want him. Mia points out that they didn't like the child she had, either, and William shows her the rock with Felicity's signal device. He tells Mia that parents aren't perfect and he was trying to do the same, and Mia says that all of Star City's problems are because of Oliver and the other vigilantes. She asks if Oliver was a hero, and William says that he was and the rock was supposed to lead him to Mia. Mia realizes that he came there to talk her into joining him and the others.


Lyla tells Diggle that the Pentagon called her in to ask for her resignation. She says that they'd better get Dante before she steps down, and Diggle reports that the chip in the coin had a forged diplomatic credential for the Quraci Embassy. Princess Noor Harjavti is at a party that night, and they figure she needs Dante's money to fund a coup. Diaz is the only one who knows what Dante looks like, and Diggle figures that he knows someone for backup since they can't trust ARGUS.

Soon Oliver tells Felicity that Diggle wants him for backup. He told Diggle that he'll back Felicity's decision afterward, and says that he knows she's planning to kill Diaz. Oliver says that there's a better way but it's his choice and he has no right to make her choice for her. He wants Felicity to get closure so they can move forward, and promises that he won't stand in her way because he has her back no matter what. Felicity agrees to Oliver going on the mission... with her.

At the embassy party, Lyla and Diggle go in undercover as guests. Diaz is also there and says that he can't wait for them to meet Dante. Lyla warns him that they're only keeping him alive to identify Dante. Overwatch reports that a feed is down. Director Bell is there and they realize that he leaked the information to Dante. Noor and her entourage come in and meet with Dante, and Diaz's signal goes offline.]

Dante says that Bell is one of several people that they have in ARGUS.

Diggle finds a dead guard with a defibrillator, and realize that he used it to short out the bomb.

Diaz approaches Dante and tells him that he's paying off his debt by informing the man that it's a setup. He draws a gun and fires at Lyla and Diggle. Dante kills bell and Noor and walks out. Oliver intercepts Diaz, who deflects his arrows with his knives and attacks Oliver.

Diaz shoots his way out, and Felicity arrives and tells him to freeze. He tells her that she doesn't have what it takes to kill him, and she takes out the detonator but says that she's not going to kill him. Diggle pistol-whips Diaz unconscious from behind and says that Dante is the objective but not the priority.

Lyla arrives and tells Dante to stand down. He throws knives at them and dives off a balcony, making his escape.

Later at ARGUS, Diggle tells Oliver and Felicity that Diaz will go back to Slabside for reneging on their deal. Felicity thanks Diggle for choosing her over Dante, and he admits that sometimes the best choice is to protect family and that's who Felicity and Oliver is. Lyla comes in and says that Bell will get a hero's funeral. The GI is being suspended, and Diggle tells Lyla that he'll take the blame for reactivating the GI. He figures that if Lyla resigns then they'll never find out who the conspiracy, and asks her to let him take the fall for the family.

Emiko calls Oliver in and she thanks him for having Rene bring her the SCPD interrogation record of Thornton's interrogation. Oliver says that it's her mission, and Emiko admits that it's hard not seeing Oliver as Robert. Oliver jokingly admits that he'll overstep given the chance, and says that there's no excuse for coming aboard on her mission. He apologizes and admits that it's a new thing for him.

The Future

William tells Mia that they have a map of tunnels into the Glades in the Rubik's Cube that Felicity left him. Mia solves it with a third cube within a cube, revealing a mini-cassette. William figures that if they can find an answering machine to play it back, and Mia says that it's the key to finding Felicity.


Oliver returns to the loft and says that it went well with Emiko. Felicity is eating ice cream, and says that she was ready to kill Diaz but realized that it wouldn't prove anything. Their family needs a fresh start in the light like Oliver is doing, and Felicity says that she wants their children to know they would do anything for them. Oliver picks up on the fact that she said "children" and hugs Felicity when she says that she's pregnant.

Dante approaches Emiko in her workshop. She says that he shouldn't be there, and that Oliver trusts her. Dante tells her that it's time for her to come home.

Diaz is in his a solitary cell at Slabside. Someone comes to the door and activates the sprinkler. Gasoline sprays down and the visitor tosses a lighter in. Diaz grabs it and bursts into flame.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 5, 2019

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