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Gorilla Warfare Recap

With the aid of a cane and Joe's help, Barry tries to walk around the lab. Barry finally gives up, saying that he's so tired, and Cisco and the others note that anyone else would have been paralyzed for laugh. Caitlin says that the MRI shows that Barry is almost completely healed from his spinal injury. Joe assures Barry that they're going to get him back into his suit, and Barry wonders where Zoom is. Harrison comes in and says that he's going to do about Zoom and he's going back to Earth 2. Joe points out that he screwed everything up and is leaving, and Harrison says that he's going to do something before anyone else is killed. Caitlin says that they need his help to stop Zoom, but Harrison says that he's returning home with or without her help. Once he leaves, Caitlin insists that they need Harrison's help whether they like him or not. The others aren't convinced, but Caitlin says that they need to keep Harrison around until Barry recovers.

The alarm goes off and Cisco confirms that it's an alert for him. Iris wonders what, and Cisco explains that he has a date with Kendra in an hour. Patty calls Barry and he goes into the treadmill room to take it. He claims that he's sick and Patty offers to bring him some soup. Barry turns her down, saying he likes canned soup, and she tells him to stay off his feet. Patty wonders if something is up, and Barry says that he's not himself.

That night, Harrison is working out formulas for the breaches when Caitlin finds him. He figures that she's there on her own, and Caitlin says that they can help her rescue Jesse. Harrison admits that he doesn't have any other plan except to face Snow. She points out that Zoom will kill him and then Jesse will be defenseless, and says that working with them as a team is her best chance. Harrison refuses and tells her to leave him alone. She irritably says that he's lucky Cisco and Martin didn't figure out a way to close the breaches, and Harrison figures that if they close all of the breaches except for the S.T.A.R. Labs one, then Zoom will come through and they can set a trap.

Cisco takes Kendra to a date movie and she goes in. As Cisco takes his hand, he gets a vision of a man wearing a costume and pair of wings. He says that he has to go and can't explain, and promises to call Kendra.

At Vaughn Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Shore is working when suddenly his eyes go blank. He walks to a case and breaks open the door, and then removes a canister and clubs another scientist when he tries to interfere. Outside, shore puts down the canister and reverts to normal... and Grodd slams him against a wall, smashing in his skull.

The next day, the police are called to the laboratory and Patty shows Joe the weird hairs that she's found all over the streets. She informs her partner that Shore is the second dead lab tech to turn up in the last two weeks. Shore stole a serum, Cortexin, which is used to treat blood diseases in the brain. Joe tells her to run the evidence, and Patty asks how Barry is doing. The detective says that he's taking some homemade soup to Barry because he hates the canned stuff.

Joe and Iris monitor Barry on the treadmill, and Joe tells him to go faster. Barry starts running but then remembers Zoom crippling him and falls. Iris and Joe run in and Barry insists that he's good. He refuses to discuss what he's going through and Iris, offended, walks out. Joe sits down with Barry and demands the truth, and Joe admits that Zoom destroyed him. He failed to protect Central City and everyone knows he's not strong enough to protect them. In the observation room, Iris listens in.

In the breach room, Cisco asks Caitlin if she's read any reports about a birdman attacking anywhere. Caitlin suddenly goes blank as visions of being operated on goes through her mind. Cisco realizes that she isn't responding, and she punches him in the face and then walks away.

In the hallway, Joe and Iris discuss Barry's situation. She suggests that they get the person who can get through to Barry. Patty calls and says that the other tech stole raceton drug used to treat patients with vertigo. They are both used to enhance intelligence, and Patty has confirmed that the hairs come from a gorilla. Joe realizes who they're facing and says that he has to go.

Barry is sitting in the lab when Cisco comes in and explains that Caitlin hit him. Joe runs in and says that Grodd is back, and they figure that Grodd is mind-controlling Caitlin. Barry brings up the outside monitors and sees Caitlin... and Grodd behind her. The three men go outside but Caitlin is gone.

When Harrison returns, the others tell him what happened. They don’t know why Grodd would abduct Caitlin, and they confirm that he's left the sewers. Joe calls the police to have them access tip lines, and Harrison assures Cisco that they'll get Caitlin back. Once they leave, Joe assures Barry that it's not his fault. Barry wonders how he can stop Grodd without his speed, and Joe tells him to use his brain. Barry goes over the city maps and tries to work out where Grodd is.

That night, Caitlin wakes up in a bell tower filled with the canisters of drugs. Grodd drops out of the shadows and remembers that she was always kind to him. He explains that he needs her help and asks how he became Grodd. Caitlin explains about the particle matter explosion, and Grodd says that she needs to create more intelligent gorillas like her. When Caitlin says that she can't, Grodd tells her to learn.

On the treadmill, Barry tries to regain his superspeed but fails. Henry comes in and they hug, and Barry sees Iris watching them. She goes back to the lab and Joe congratulates her on her idea,

In the workshop, Cisco explains to Harrison how Grodd became sentient. Harrison creates an algorithm extrapolating Grodd's location from where he's already been, and comes up with a location.

Henry reviews Barry's MRIs and says that he's healed. He explains that he's been camping and says that sometimes a person just has to slow down to be where they want to be. Cisco comes in and shows Barry and Henry the three possible locations. Harrison dons the Reverse Flash suit and Barry grabs him. Cisco gets his friend to let Harrison go and explains that they found another suit in the time Vault. They tell Henry that Harrison is from Earth 2, and figure that he can convince Grodd that he's the other Harrison--Grodd's "father"--and get him to let Caitlin go.

After making some anti-mind-control earbuds, Cisco and Harrison check out the first two bell towers, and Cisco has Harrison rehearse speaking like the Earth 1 Harrison. Once Harrison gets it, Cisco abruptly gives Harrison the file on Grodd and calls Barry to update him. Henry explains that Iris showed him what Barry went through, and asks if Barry has gotten over the shame of losing. Barry admits that everyone in the city knows that he can't stop Zoom. Henry says that his friends and family were in the courtroom and he knew when they stopped believing in his innocence. He tells his son that he knows what it's like being destroyed, and he got past it by embracing it. If he could survive that and believe in himself, then he could survive anything. It was Barry, who believed in him, that gave him that hope. Barry stands up and Henry says that he's giving him back the hope that he gave him years ago.

Caitlin goes over the research and suggests that they use the chemicals to duplicate the brain growth that gave Grodd his intelligence. Harrison comes in dressed as Reverse Flash and tries to convince Grodd that he's the other Harrison. He says that they don't need Caitlin anymore and asks Grodd to let him go. Grodd remembers that his Harrison never asked, and Caitlin runs for the door. The gorilla slaps Harrison across the room, and Cisco gets Caitlin out. Barry tells Harrison to hit Grodd with the drugs and shock his brain, Harrison yells at Grodd to look at him and says that he would never leave him alone. He reminds Grodd of his promise plans to give Central City to Grodd, and assures him he will honor that promise. He then jams the syringes into Grodd and runs.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin bandages Harrison's injuries and thanks him for his help. Joe says that they have to get rid of Grodd for good. Caitlin insists that it's not Grodd's fault, and he wants more apes like him. Harrison suggests that they send Grodd through one of the breaches. On his world, all of the breaches formed in one place and he knows where some of them lead. He knows where one breach will go, and Henry says that his son--the Flash--will act as bait.

Later, Caitlin goes to the street below the bell tower. He jumps down and Flash runs up. The speedster tells Grodd to catch him and runs off. Grodd gives chase and Flash heads for the breach where Cisco is ready with the speed cannon.

Cisco and Harrison set up the cannon and Harrison draws a targeting circle on the ground. Flash arrives and Grodd jumps down. He demands Caitlin, and uses his mind control to stun Flash with images of his defeat at Zoom's hands. The gorilla slams Flash to the ground, and Caitlin steps out and insists that they didn't understand what Grodd wanted. She says that she can give him a home but Grodd has to trust her. After a moment, Grodd releases Flash and heads toward Caitlin... who is standing in the circle. Harrison activates the Cannon and Flash gets Caitlin out. Grodd tries to pull free of the breach, and Henry tells Flash that he has to conquer his fears and believe in himself. After a moment, Flash speeds miles away and then speeds back and slams into Grodd, knocking him into the breach. Cisco comes over and welcomes Flash back.

Later at the lab, Cisco suggests that they destroy the Reverse Zoom suit once they figure out how to compress it back into the other Harrison's ring. Henry thanks Harrison for his help, and Barry walks out with him. Caitlin asks where he sent Grodd, and Harrison explains that it's a refuge in Africa where gorillas subjected to lab experiments roam freely. She worries that she betrayed Grodd, and Cisco assures her that she gave Grodd a better life. Harrison says that he doesn't know how to close the breaches but they have to, and Caitlin says that they can do it as a team. Touched, Harrison thanks her for her sentiment.

At home, Joe shows Henry photos of Barry's childhood as Barry and Iris look on. Henry thanks Iris for calling him in and Joe for raising Barry. Joe warns Barry that Patty isn't buying his sick story, and Barry tells Henry that they'll talk about it on the way to the bus station. Once they leave, Joe admits that he wonders what it would have been like if he had had his own son. Iris assures him that he would be amazing.

After dropping Henry off, Barry goes back to his lab at the station. Patty is there and brings up the difference in soup. Barry admits that he wasn't sick and explains that he needed to spend some time with his dad. He claims that his father's image was tarnished when he was arrested for murder, and Patty says that he should give himself more credit. She wants to know that she can trust him if they're going to be together, and they kiss.

Cisco goes to Jitters and plays music on a boom box for Kendra. He's brought flowers and chocolate for her, and apologizes for bailing the other night. Cisco claims that he's a liaison with the CCPD and an emergency came up, and Kendra says that it's all very sweet. There's a digital projector of Princess Bride and he figures they can pick up their date where they left off. Kendra takes his hand and kisses him, and Cisco has a vibe of Kendra in the hawk costume. He hesitates and then says that it was amazing kiss.

Grodd arrives on Earth 2 in the sanctuary and looks down at the city that the gorillas have created.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2015

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