Gorilla Warfare

While Harrison tells the team that he's heading back to Earth 2 now that they've failed to stop Zoom, Grodd launches a new series of attacks in an attempt to gain the chemicals that he needs to augment his intelligence. Meanwhile, Barry deals with his loss of self-confidence after Zoom cripples him, and Iris calls in a familiar face to help.


By Gadfly on Nov 18, 2015

With the aid of a cane and Joe's help, Barry tries to walk around the lab. Barry finally gives up, saying that he's so tired, and Cisco and the others note that anyone else would have been paralyzed for laugh. Caitlin says that the MRI shows that Barry is almost completely healed from his spinal injury. Joe assures Barry that they're going to get him back into his suit, and Barry wonders where Zoom is. Harrison comes in and says that he's going to do about Zoom and he's going back to Earth 2. Jo…

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Episode Discussion

Thogek posted 3 years ago

Somehow, I'm pretty sure we'll see Grodd again, likely angry about what he probably sees as a betrayal, now backed by who-knows-how-many enhanced apes whom he's whipped up into a rage over their ostracism... That won't be good.

And I think we'll see much more of Kendra's hawkgirlness surprisingly soon... ;-)

gjuniorX posted 3 years ago

Yeah Barry said he really loved can soup lol,worse liar ever when it comes to him telling his girlfriend why he is not up to seeing her..Love the episodes with Grog,the alternate planet he went to looks wicked & dare we say a possible army of pissed off Apes living there with now a super smart King to figure out how to get back to earth..??? hmmm Interesting..

JAGUARDOG posted 3 years ago

Once again another GREAT episode! How do they continue to outdo themselves week after week? Will they ever run out of great story lines? I certainly hope not, I just love this show so much. I can't wait for that up-coming 2-part crossover episode it looks awesome.

Happy to see they did not kill off the Big Bad Ape hopefully see him again before next season?

Two comments here: It appears without any inside information that what Cisco saw was not a man but Hawk Woman. So his new girlfriend appears to be her which is awesome, I wonder if she reveals herself during Flash or during Arrow or in the crossover it appears?

Now for a huge coincidence that came up. They mentioned Barry liking or hating can soup. About 10 minutes later in my time zone there was a Campbell Soup commercial, very funny but a coincidence just the same!

I still have some great Flash Bad Guys I still want to see in the future like Mirror Master?

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