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The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha Recap

The police order a man in a costume to drop to the ground. He insists that he's on their side and as metal floats around him due to his magnetism, they end up shooting him when he doesn't surrender.

Jeff, Lynn, and Jennifer have dinner and Anissa comes in late. She sits down with them and asks what the family meeting is about, and Jeff says that a lot of happened. He wants to keep Jennifer and Anissa bot out of it, but Lynn has convinced him to see things in another way. Jeff says that he's c up with three rules that they follow. 1) They don't tell people who they are, 2) they always have backup, and 3) they don't kill. Jennifer insists that Tobias needs to go, and Jeff says that if they don't agree then he'll have Peter lock up the suits. He asks if they agree to the rules, and the daughters agree.

Anissa spills wine on her blouse and goes up to get a clean one. She changes in Jennifer's room and Odell watches her on the hidden monitor.

Jace tells Tobias that they're ready, and he has her wake up the remaining three Masters of Disaster. They tumble out of their pods and Cutter uses the implants to bring them to their knees when they charge forward. Once they recover, Tobias greets each of them: Darryl aka Coldsnap, Joe aka Heatstroke, and Rebecca aka New Wave. He introduces himself as their new boss and tells them to sit down while he explains.

The news reports about "Cape Guy" and how his magnetic powers scared him more than the police. He was a soldier suffering from PTSD. Lynn is at the ASA Lab and Odell says that it's a shame. He admits that the trail on the kidnapped vaccine kids has gone cold, and Lynn warns that they might all be dead.

Jace tells Tobias that the MODs have all recovered, and he says that he plans to cram his victory down the throats of everyone who has stood in his way.

At the sanctum, Peter tells Jeff that Todd was involved in the theft of the vaccine kids from the clinic. According to his cell phone, Todd was near Club 100 on the day he was fired. They figure Tobias has the vaccine kids and at least one meta, and Peter explains that he can detect the radiation from the pods using Geiger counters that he has placed around the city. Jennifer puts on her new foundation costume, and when she leaves Jeff tells Peter that his parenting is more stressful than ever. Peter assures him that he and Lynn are doing a hell of a job.

Lazarus is working on a pot when Lala asks what he's working on. The Man says that it's roadkill possum and explains that sometimes he brings back particularly pungent things. He does it to push himself and get better at what he does. Lala says that there's nothing but pain in his life and he blames Tobias for that. Lazarus notes that Tobias killed Lady Eve as well, and she's the one who brought him to Blackbird and taught him how to use his gifts and love her. Now there's a hole in his heart that cannot be filled, and where Tobias goes heartache is sure to follow. Lala figures maybe Tobias is better off dead, and Lazarus agrees.

Once Jennifer gets in the energy chamber, Peter explains to her about how the costume will keep anyone else from overloading her. Jennifer's hand glows with energy and Peter gives Jeff gloves that he designed to absorb energy. The material works and Peter lets Jennifer out. he takes her to show her how the entire costume fights together. Jeff remembers when Jennifer was a child and raising her. Jennifer runs back in and asks if he wants to see the suit. he declines, and she figures that he's thinking sappy thoughts. Jeff says that he's thinking of lunch and Jennifer goes to get changed.

Later at an outside café, Jennifer talks about the static messing up her hair and Jeff's laugh. She then says that Tobias is a different category and all of their problems come from him. Jeff says that it's not about whether Tobias deserves to die, and says that most of the time he doesn't know why God saw fit to put a burden on him. He figures that those with the greatest power shouldn’t determine who lives and dies, and warns that it can only lead to darkness. Jennifer goes back to her meal.

Anissa goes to the sanctum and finds him working on Jennifer's costume. She describes what happened at the apartment and Peter suggests that the Asian old man might be a meta. Anissa assures him that she didn't tell Grace about her powers, and Peter says that if Grace loves her then she'll find a way back to Anissa.

Lynn tells Wendy that Perenna will help the girl come to peace with her powers. Wendy admits that she's nervous going back into Freeland since 30 years have passed, and Lynn tells Wendy that she can choose whether to use her powers or not. Lynn assures her that she's there for her, and Wendy appreciates that Lynn stays even though she doesn't like working for Odell.

Lazarus gives Lala a pearl-handled pistol and says that Lala is the real weapon because he can always be brought back to life. He assures Lala that it will be worth it because it will let him do great things, and that if he kills Tobias then he'll feel much better.

Marcus refuses to practice with the other MODs, and Tobias tells him to get together some discipline or he'll kill him. When Marcus comes at Tobias, Cutter nicks his throat and says that a little blood loss will teach him respect. Tobias kisses her and they leave.

Lynn calls Jennifer to make sure that she's okay. She then asks if she would talk to Wendy about how she feels about having powers because she's having a hard time adjusting. Odell listens in to the call. Lynn assures her that she wouldn't change a thing about having daughters. before she hangs up, Jennifer thanks her for saying that she's not a weirdo even if that's what she thinks.

Cutter talks to Tobias about which MOD they should send and they settle on Heatstroke.

Odell and his agents go to the infirmary and Odell says that the men are going to treat Wendy. Lynn says that she isn't letting Odell near Wendy until she figures out how to use her powers. She tells Odell that the girl is going to have therapy and learn things, and then become one of his soldiers. Odell considers for a moment and then says that he'll wait, and leaves with his agents.

That night at home, Anissa tells Jennifer what she found. She remembers what happened with Grace and tells Jennifer that if she tells Grace who she is, Grace won't run.

Heatstroke walks through the streets of Freeland, spreading fires everywhere he goes. Peter sends video of the attack to Black Lightning, figuring that Tobias has unleashed an army.

Tobias broadcasts on the darknet saying that he has an army of metas for sale.

Peter finds Councilman Parker giving a public speech at a new mall and Heatstroke is heading that way.

Heatstroke sends up and blasts Parker and his guards. peter monitors him and realizes that he's heating up gas pipes. Houses in West Freeland catch on fire, and Peter goes to the Pierce house to warn Jennifer who is there alone.

Black Lightning engages Heatstroke, who fights back. The two metas struggle, Black Lightning using his electrical forcefields to stop Joe's heat blasts. Thunder drives up and knocks Heatstroke over, and Black Lightning renews his attack. Tobias and Jace is watching, and Jace tells Tobias he should order Joe to retreat. After a moment, Tobias give sin and Cutter radios Heatstroke to leave.

Peter brings Jennifer to the sanctum and tells Black Lightning that the radiation algorithm has provided an address. Thunder cools down the gas pipes, and Peter goes to send the address. Once she's alone, Jennifer uses her powers to turn on Peter's computer and gets the address, figuring that Tobias is there.

At the address, Jace talks to Tobias privately and says that Cutter is too possessive. She points out that she lost everything because she didn't retreat when she should have, and admits that she lacks Tobias' genius for survival. Jace figures that they make a good team, and Tobias says that he possesses Cutter's possessiveness and walks off.

Black Lightning and Thunder try to cool down the pipes. and Peter returns to his computer.

Lala confronts Cutter and demands to know where Tobias is. She throws her knives into him, but Lala recovers and comes at her. She grabs a case and runs as Lala shoots at her, wounding her. Lala pulls out the knives, moaning in pain, and goes after her.

Tobias punches the pods, furious that Black Lightning has thwarted him. Cutter comes in and tells them about Lala, and radios Rebecca to get everyone to the rendezvous spot.

Lynn is watching newscasts about the fire. Odell comes in and says that her house is safe, and Freeland is lucky to have Black Lightning and Thunder. Lynn hesitantly agrees, and Odell wishes her a good night before leaving.

Peter spots Tobias and Cutter leaving the party. The costumed Jennifer confronts them, and Peter tells Black Lightning and warns that the suit isn't ready. Cutter and Tobias drive away, and Jennifer collapses screaming as her body glows with excess energy.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2019

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