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Training Day Recap

At the station, Sgt. Bixley lectures the team and other new recruits on how becoming part of the police is a great responsibility. He says that they have rules and protocols, and the use of excessive force will not be tolerated. The team demonstrate their skills in hand-to-hand, gunmanship, and computers. Dinah asks if they have any questions, and Rene wonders if Bixley knows that they have all of their uniforms.

Afterward, Dinah asks how the training is going. She points out that they'll be working on the same side of the law and she got a clean bill of health. Pollard comes over and warns them that they work for the SCPD now and the arrangement is on a provisional basis.

Back at the apartment, Oliver insists that what they're doing is best for the city. Felicity wonders why he's so calm with what happened, and William says that he wants everything to work for the sake of their new child. Felicity agrees since they're a team and they kiss, and then suggests that they don't tell anyone that she's pregnant because she thinks that it's too early. Oliver agrees.

The Future

William and Mia go into a bazaar and she tells her stepbrother to let her handle it. Once Mia goes off, William spots a microcassette player and the vendor, Felix, offers it to him for $1,000. They haggle the price down to $1,000.


A rival gang captures three members of Los Halcones, and they shoot the leader in his arm. The wound bubbles green and he dies, his skin dissolving, and they shoot another gang member in the leg.

The next day at the station, Dinah tells the officers that the Los Halcones members were found dead. Autopsies revealed a chemical reaction with the blood that results in toxic epidermal necrolysis. There's no sign of bullet casings, and Felicity offers to hack into the government databases. Dinah says that they'll make the results, and they figure that the Blackout Gang is responsible. Los Halcones are their main rivals, and Dinah tells everyone to work their contacts and watch both gangs. Afterward, Dinah tells the team to run the leads the SCPD way.

The Future

Mia comes back and William realizes that a girl pickpocketed him. She goes over to Felix, who threatens to call the SCPD police. William quickly leads her away.


Laurel gets a call and says that she's not wasting her time, but the caller says something and Laurel goes to Slabside. She asks Ben Turner what she's doing there, and Ben says that Diaz is dead and Slabside is trying to cover it up. Ben knows who did it, and wants Oliver's promise to free him fulfilled. Laurel says that they're working on it as quickly as they can, and Ben tells her to come back. When she tells him that she can't, Ben asks to see his son with him and then they'll talk.

Dinah informs the team that the Blackout Gang will be convening with their buyer that night. She informs them that SCPD is coming with them. Rene objects and Dinah tells them that they need to wear uniforms in the field and standard weapons. Oliver says that they'll have to make it work and Rene glares at him.

That night at the meeting, the officers move in. Overwatch hacks into a private satellite and spots the supplier driving in. Mr. Midas, the CEO at Midas Medical, wasn’t able to make it. Oliver argues with Bixley about whether they split up or not. Dinah steps out and tells the gang members to freeze, and a firefight breaks out. She goes after the supplier and tells the others to get the case that he left behind. Bixley gets shot and Oliver realizes that they're using the poison bullets. Dinah tries to use her canary cry and chokes, and the supplier escapes. Felicity loses the car because the antique police system has crashed.

The next day at the station, Bixley tells Oliver that the problem is the team's refusal to participate in the system. Oliver tries to smooth it over, but Bixley says that they have no evidence. Irritated, Oliver finally yells that they're doing things the wrong way and says that sending two teams into the field was a mistake. Dinah tells him that it's their way now and they'll have to get used to it. As Bixley and the other officers walk off, Dinah says that they analyzed the bullet they took out of the armor and fond a toxic agent derived from mustard gas. James Midas is the CEO, and Dinah says that they need actionable intel to get a warrant. When Oliver objects, Dinah asks him if he wants to take the chance that the case will be thrown out.

Oliver walks off and Felicity goes after him. He worries that they won't be able to bring down Midas, and Felicity says that they need to deliver Midas and then everything will go smoothly.

That night, the team go through the files and Rene suggests that they bring Midas down the vigilante way. Dinah tells him that she stuck her neck out to make the partnership work, and if it fails then she loses her job. She gets a call and says that they'll be there. It's an officer, Monroe, who has found them probably report.

Midas is leaving Midas Medical when Oliver appears and tells him that he has failed the city. He wants to hear Midas admit that he's weaponizing the chemical. Felicity blocks Midas from calling the police, and Oliver threatens to shove Midas into a barrel of hydrofluoric acid. Midas admits that he's selling the chemical to the rival gangs, and Oliver arrests Midas once Felicity records the confession.

The next day, Pollard releases Midas and assures him that people responsible will be punished. Once Midas leaves, Pollard tells Dinah to start acting like a captain. Dinah agrees and once Pollard leaves, tells the team that she had a warrant but now they have nothing.

Laurel brings in Ben's son Connor and the two hug. Ben thanks Laurel and tells Connor to wait while he chats with Laurel. He then tells her that the night Diaz died, The guard forgot to close the meal slot on his solitary door. The killer walked right by his cell wearing green leather, and Ben figures that it's the new Green Arrow.

Rene visits Dinah in her office and is surprised that she rolled over. He points out that she's been acting weird since the weapons buy and demands the truth. Dinah says that her canary cry hurts her to use, and being captain is the only thing she has left. She explains that she's no longer Black Canary, and Rene tells her that her crime doesn't make her Black Canary. Rene explains that Zoe and others look up to Dinah because she does what has to be done despite the personal consequences and she's the symbol of being on both sides.

Felicity takes Oliver to the bunker and shows him that she fixed it up. Diggle joins them and figures that they're going after Midas, and Oliver wants him to be onboard with it or stay out of their way. His friend says that he's giving up on the partnership like he's on a clock, and Felicity tells him that they're having a baby. Oliver says that they don't want a child to be born into Star City like it is, and they're going to do it the Team Arrow way. Diggle notes that it will only work for a while and then they'll be back to what it was before, and they need to make it work and be something better.

The Future

Mia complains that William didn't let her handle Felix. He points out that she sounds like their father, and he has an idea to get the cassette. William sends Mia in to get a transmitter, and then sends a Canary sighing at the bazaar. The police move away, and Mia and William confront Felix. He's unable to summon the police, and Mia knocks him unconscious and they take the recorder.


Rene and Dinah arrive at the bunker, and Oliver apologizes for what they did. Dinah apologizes for being too hard on them. Felicity says that she has Midas' DNA from the SCPD archive and she interfaced with the SCPD's surveillance system. She has learned that he went to a warehouse registered to a shell corporation, and they figure Midas is destroying the evidence. Dinah says that they're going to get him, and Oliver tells her that they're going to do things differently and has the team suit up.

Later, Midas orders his men to destroy the chemical. Overwatch confirms that he and is men are there, and Team Arrow moves in. Midas' men prepare to send the chemicals to the reservoir to dump, and Black Canary moves into attack them. The others go in while Midas tells his bodyguards to get him out. Overwatch tells the team that Midas is leaving, and Black Canary goes after them while the others eliminate the remaining goons and secure the evidence.

Black Canary takes out Midas' bodyguards and arrests Midas, flashing her badge. He takes out a gun and says that he'll have her badge and costume. Oliver shoots him in the arm and arrives with Bixley and the others, and they tell Midas that he's going away for a long time.

The team return to the bunker and Dinah reports that Midas is going away for a long time. Rene thanks her for joining them, and Dinah says that when her nerves were ruptured, it caused permanent damage. Diggle assures her that she's Black Canary with or without her Canary Cry, and Dinah explains that she leveraged her relationship with Pollard to create a special vigilante task force. She'll sign the repeal of the anti-vigilante law, and Dinah suggests that they go to a bar to celebrate. Diggle and Felicity stay at the bunker, and Diggle gives Felicity ginger candy chews from Lyla to help her with her morning sickness. He says that her tech was amazing and figures she's on to something big.

Laurel calls Emiko into her office and says that she knows she's Green Arrow and was at Slabside, and is no hero. She threatens to tell Oliver and the others what Emiko did, and Emiko asks her why they'd think "Black Siren" was telling the truth.

Oliver joins Felicity in the bedroom and they discuss baby names. He comes up with the name "Mia" if it's a girl: short for "Moira". Felicity loves it and Oliver wants to make sure their child grows up in a better Star City than he did, and figures that they'll have each other and their parents to rely on.

The Future

Back at Mia's workshop, the siblings hesitate to play back Felicity's voice. Mia says that they should get it over with, and on the tape Felicity says that she's avoided saying their names together. She apologizes for keeping them apart and says that she and Oliver did it to protect them. Felicity asks them to give the coordinates to the team and then get out of Star City, and don't come looking for her. Once the tape ends, William and Mia agree to ignore Felicity's final instructions and realize the coordinates are for a location in the Glades.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2019

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