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Brotherhood Recap

Ghosts intercept an armored truck and the driver calls in for assistance. He goes off the road and crawls out, and a Ghost prepares to kill him. However, Canary unleashes his sonic scream and Speedy and Green Arrow arrive. Canary fights the Ghosts and another one gets a gun on her... and Diggle runs him down. He joins in while Speedy knocks down a Ghost. She draws his sword prepares to kill him, and then think better of it.

Green Arrow rescues the driver, who says that there are guards in the back. A Ghost blasts the door open and Green Arrow shoots him. They realize that the Ghosts burned up the money, and Green Arrow tells the others that the federal government spent the money to prop up the Star City Bank.

Back at the lair, the team tries to figure out what HIV gains by destroying Star City. Oliver figures that HIVE wants a dead city to use as a base of operations. Felicity has examined the fake tooth they took from the Ghost and confirmed that it isn't human. She goes to have Ray check it, and Diggle shows Oliver the file he acquired on his brother Andy. They show that Andy's criminal operations came into conflict with HIVE and Oliver suggests that Andy was undercover. He tells Diggle that things aren't always what they seem.

Five Years Ago

Conklin and Oliver walk back to the camp, and Oliver suspects that Conklin put Vlad up to attacking him. The mercenary suggests that Vlad wanted revenge for Oliver killing Taiana, because Vlad was her brother.


The next day, Ray comes to the apartment to meet with Felicity. He admits that he's not sure what to do with his newfound freedom, and Felicity suggests that he get Palmer Tech back. Ray ignores her and asks what he can do, and Felicity shows him the fake tooth. He checks her readings and notes that the DNA is impossible. They check it in a chromatograph and while they wait for the results, Felicity tries to get him to talk about why he doesn't return to Palmer Tech. Ray ignores her question and figures that the DNA was degraded with a synthetic compound that Wolfman Biologics has a patent on.

At the campaign office, Alex reminds Oliver of the upcoming PBA meeting. He wants to make sure that Alex assures the police that he's on their side. Thea is there and admits that Alex makes it interesting. She gets a call but dismisses it as a wrong number, and Alex warns that Oliver's plan to clean up the harbor is too boring for voters. Oliver gets a call and steps outside to take it, and Alex warns Thea that Oliver is onto them. Thea doesn't care but Alex points out that Oliver is his boss. Oliver comes back and tells Thea that Felicity called and they have to go.

That night, the team breaks in to Wolfman Biologics. Felicity tells Diggle, Canary, and Speedy that they need a sample of the compound. She hacks their computers and gives them directions. Outside, Green Arrow spots four Ghosts at the north entrance, and Speedy goes to help her brother. She arrives and the two heroes take them on. Meanwhile, Diggle and Canary break into the lab and find the compound, just as a Ghost opens fire. Diggle takes him out and tells Canary to help their teammates. He then removes the mask from the Ghost and realizes that it's Andy. Andy wakes up, knocks Diggle down, and runs off.

Back at the lair, Diggle tells the others who he saw. Oliver warns Diggle that they need to hear from Andy, and have to get him out of the HIVE. Felicity points out that a ghost had a chance to kill Diggle a month ago and didn't, but Diggle insists that the HIVE Ghost was nothing like his brother and says that Andy is dead.

Five Years Ago

Back at the camp, Oliver tells Reiter that Conklin put Vlad up to attacking him. Conklin denies it and Reiter says that he has a means of divining the truth. Reiter holds up a wand and confirms that Conklin is lying, and a guard drags Conklin away. When Oliver wonders Reiter is going to do to Conklin, Reiter says nothing because he believes the wrong should make things right. After Reiter leaves, Oliver takes the map of the island from Reiter's table.


Dahrk summons Quentin and says that he encountered Green Arrow's team. His security personnel believe that Quentin arranged their meeting so that the heroes could follow him. Dahrk tells Lance to be careful and that there are worst things than Laurel's death he can threaten him with. As Dahrk walks off, Quentin sees a piece of paper on Dahrk's desk with Slip 52 printed on it.

Thea is getting ready to go out when Malcolm calls. She answers it and Malcolm steps out of the next room. He says that he wants to help Thea, figuring that the bloodlust is returning. Malcolm warns that Thea can't control it and gives her a folder on a pedophile, Lawrence Tanner. He figures that Thea can kill him to get a month's peace. Thea tells him to leave and not come back, and walks out.

At the PBA party, Oliver and Felicity meet Diggle. Oliver says that they have a security detail and Diggle can take a break, and Diggle goes to the bar. Thea and Alex arrive and tell Oliver that they're waiting for his speech. Oliver goes to the dais and praises the police, leading a round of applaud. Afterward, Quentin congratulates Oliver, who suggests that he endorse his run for mayor. Oliver asks for a favor: the location one of the Ghosts. Quentin warns him that Dahrk doesn't trust him and gives Oliver the slip number that he saw. He figures that the Ghost they're looking for will be there.

At the bar, Laurel gets Diggle a club soda and asks if he wants to talk about his situation with Andy. She advises him to appreciate that Andy is alive, but Diggle doesn't see a point in false hope. Laurel says that Diggle has to take the chance to heal, and Diggle talks about how he would have sacrificed his life to return Andy to his wife and son.

Damien introduces himself to Oliver and says that he has some ideals about how he can contribute. They talk privately and Oliver points out that he's running unopposed. Damien says that things have changed and Jessica Danforth didn't understand that. Oliver asks what Damien wants, and Damien tells him to leave the bay as it is. If Oliver refuses then he will no longer be unopposed.

Back at the lair, Felicity complains that Oliver is throwing away Damien. Oliver points out that he needs to get inside of HIVE now that Quentin has been compromised, and Felicity warns him that he can't be an effective candidate and an undercover operative. He figures that it's more important to take down Dahrk, and Felicity tells him not to lose sight of how he's running for mayor to give Star City hope.

Five Years Ago

The mercenaries take Conklin to the center of the camp, and Reiter says that he conspired against his brother mercenaries. Now Reiter will let Oliver punish him since Conklin tries to hurt him. He gives Oliver a whip and Conklin begs Oliver not to do it. Oliver ignores him and starts whipping him, and Reiter tells him to do it harder.


Alex and Thea go out, and Thea describes Diggle's reuniting with Andy. He steps away to take a call, and a man hits on Thea. She slams his head on the table and then pushes him through a case and starts beating him. Alex comes back and she snarls at him before she gets control.

At home, Diggle looks at his phone. Lyla comes in and Diggle admits that he doesn't know how to tell his sister-in-law that her husband is dead. His wife says it isn't his call to make, and Diggle talks about how he used to daydream that Andy was resurrected. Oliver arrives and tells Diggle that Felicity has checked out Slip 52. The area has been shut down for the night, and Diggle insists that just the two of them go so they don't endanger Thea and Laurel.

At Slip 52, Damien meets with his new recruits and says that HIVE is the cure to the pestilence of the world. One of his men hand out pills and Damien explains that they make their users cooperative. Diggle and Green Arrow watch from overhead as Damien orders the recruits to kneel. They immediately do so, and the guards spot the two heroes. Andy orders his men to kill Green Arrow, and Damien smiles as Diggle and Green Arrow leap down among the cargo containers. A Ghost tosses a concussive grenade, stunning Green Arrow. Diggle runs over and helps his friend away, and throws an explosive arrow into another man. It goes off just as more Ghosts run up.

Back at the lair, Felicity treats Oliver's injuries and then quickly leaves. Diggle says that Oliver almost got himself killed for Andy, and Oliver figures that Andy is subject to the mind control pins. Unimpressed, Diggle says that Andy let his wife and son believe that he was dead for eight years. Oliver asks him to hold out hope for Andy because he needs to believe that anyone can come back from the darkness. Diggle knows from Felicity that Oliver is considering an alliance with Damien, and says that he has to do things differently by taking Damien down in the light of day.

Five Years Ago

At the cave, Taiana is cooking when Oliver comes in. He says that it's been a hard day and then tells Taiana that her brother is dead.


Felicity returns to the apartment and finds Ray analyzing the fake tooth. She figures that he's stalling, and Ray figures that nobody cares that he "died." He figures that he has to figure out what he's living for, and explains that the DNA is unrecoverable. Ray checked the fake tooth's polymer and found traces of sodium fluoride, and points out that the Muller Psychiatric Center was closed down due to high fluoride levels. Felicity takes the information to the team and Oliver decides that they're going to get Andy out. Diggle refuses to let Thea and Laurel get themselves killed to rescue his brother, but they say that it's not their choice. He doesn't want to risk their lives for someone who doesn't deserve it, but Oliver says that he's made his call.

At the psych center, the team move in and Felicity confirms that there are at least 50 Ghosts onsite. They have new infrared cameras that will let them identify Andy through his mask. The heroes move in and Green Arrow finds military crates marked G6:5. Before Green Arrow can signal the others to engage, Ghosts spot Canary and Speedy. Canary takes out her opponents, and Speedy fights the two on her. She takes out one and Felicity confirms that the other is Andy. Speedy finally manages to take him out and shoots him with a sedative arrow, and Speedy calls the others for help.

The Atom falls in and helps Green Arrow with his opponents.

Damien confronts Speedy and realizes that she was trained by Ra's. He asks how Malcolm is doing and grabs Speedy by the throat, but is unable to drain her energy. Speedy breaks free and runs as Damien stares at his hands in surprise.

Atom and Green Arrow continue fighting and Felicity signals that Canary has Andy but needs help. Green Arrow tells Atom that he's got it, and Atom flies off. As the last Ghost prepares to shoot Green Arrow, Diggle shoots him from behind and says that he's there to help his brother: the green one.

Back at the lair, Diggle thanks everyone for their help. Ray tells Felicity that he's going to take some time and figure out how he can be useful. Diggle says that he's talking to Andy, and Oliver admits that Diggle was right. He tells Diggle that he'll see what he has in mind.

Five Years Ago

Taiana explains that Reiter's men hijacked the boat she and Vlad were working on. They killed their passengers and took Taiana and Vlad prisoner. Oliver says that Conklin is responsible for Vlad's death, and stops Taiana when she tries to go after him. He shows her the map he stole and figures that it leads to whatever Reiter is looking for. However, Oliver needs a survey map to find what Reiter is looking for, but he can't do it without a detailed geographical map. To get it, he needs Taiana's help.

Thea invites Malcolm to the apartment and she says that she's not going to take his advice. She tells him that Damien is in Star City, and Damien's power backfired on him and drained her bloodlust. Thea wants a way to make it permanent.

Diggle goes to Andy's cell and demands to know if the file is true. He throws the file at him, and Andy looks through it. He hands the file back and says that it's all true, and turns away.

The next day, Oliver prepares to give his speech at the harbor. Alex has called the media, and Thea arrives. She points out that she hasn't been arrested for battery yet, and says that she had a bad night. Thea asks Alex to be patient with him. Meanwhile, Oliver takes the podium and says that he's not blind to Star City's problems. Damien watches from the crowd as Oliver says that the cleanup program will help Star City out in the open for everyone to see. He says that the fight to save Star City will be fought in the light of day, and he will never stop fighting to save the city.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2015

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