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Hot Beige! Recap

Rathbone gives a speech to the public apologizing for AEGIS's absence from the city, and how Superian failed the people and let Terror take over. He warns that new villains will plunder and new heroes will rise, and AEGIS has reopened the city's AEGIS office and he will reinstate the Flag Five.

Tick wonders where Lobstercules is, and Arthur dozes off. After Tick leaves, Arthur wakes up and discovers that he's in an ancient temple atop a pyramid in the middle of a jungle. Superian flies down with coffee and explains that he wanted to talk one-on-one with Arthur in Guatemala. He respects what Arthur told him the last time they talked, and wants to deal with the world crisis of people unLiking him on the Internet. Arthur suggests that Superian shouldn't pay attention to them, but Superian explains that he likes people on Earth and wants them to understand he doesn't want them to go extinct. He wonders how they can remind them, and Arthur suggests that Superian make a gesture indicating how he really feels. Superian figures that people need a gift, and says that it's great talking to Arthur. Before he goes, Arthur reminds him to take him back.

At home, Dot trains in martial arts, hitting a bag.

Arthur goes back to his apartment and Tick says that the pair of them were worried when Arthur disappeared. The apartment is messed up while Tick has been "in charge", and Tick says that Lobstercules is on a spree-acle. As Arthur cleans up, Pearl is on the TV saying that supervillains are just the beginning and the freak parade is coming.

At the motel, Edgelord and Frank return and show Lint her new costume. They're going to run the equipment through a tactical simulation that night, and Lint tells Frank that she's going to give the city a wave of new superheroes.

Overkill goes up on a roof and takes out a weapon.

At the AEGIS superhero lounge, Arthur accesses the police reports on Lobstercules' robbery. He always comes up out of the sewers, rips the vault door off of a bank, and sends his henchmen off with the money. The elongated Flexon grabs some coffee and Arthur tells Tick who it is. He explains that he used to fight crime along the Flag Five. Tick goes over and greets Flexon, who explains that he's retired and is only wearing the tights to get lounge access. Flexon recognizes them from the news and he says that the first step is to always go to the docks because there's always someone there who knows something. He says that the person will run with he sees their "look", and Tick and Flexon shake. A lot.

Later at the docks, Arthur and Tick look around for person, and Arthur doesn't think it's a good idea. Dangerboat calls and tries to set up a movie date with Arthur. Arthur says that he can't talk and hangs up, and Tick checks the people's looks. A shifty-looking man looks at them, and runs, and Tick captures him. He demands to know what the man knows about Lobstercules, and the Shifty Man says that he's just a bookie. He finally says that a man, Donny, came from Romeo's, an underground gambling den, and it takes at least $1,000 to set in on a game. Arthur figures that they're done and leaves with Tick.

That night at the apartment, Tick talks to Joan on the phone about shepherd's pie. Dot is there and wonders if Arthur is getting a roommate, and he notices that her hands are bruised because she's been practicing fighting. Once Tick hangs up, he says that Joan forgives them for missing their dinner date. Arthur picks out clothes to pass himself off as a high-rolling gambler, while Tick waits outside. Dot asks if they've done reconnaissance, and Arthur insists that they have a plan. Tick figures that she wants a mission of her own, and then assures Arthur that he has the perfect disguise: his accountant clothes.

At AEGIS, Bradbury is handling his paperwork. He gets a call from Overkill, who has him under surveillance. Overkill insists that he didn't go rogue and insists that he didn't kill his team, and accuses Bradbury of giving up on him like everyone else. Bradbury says that the Duke went into hiding instead and used mad science to keep himself alive even after Overkill decapitated him. He's telling Overkill because if he's guilty then he already knows it and otherwise Overkill might both be able to get them out of the mess.

Tick and Arthur stay in contact via earbuds, and Arthur goes in with $1,000. Arthur flashes his money to the doorman, who lets him in. Tick asks Arthur to describe what he sees, and the owner Romeo greets him. He's called away, and Arthur tells Tick to wait for his signal. Flexon is there in his civvies, and tells Arthur that he's too good at gambling so he's there. Once he leaves, Arthur spots Donny winning big at a table. He sits down at the poker table and says that he's not a big fan of losing.

Tick struggles with staying put. Edgelord arrives outside of the gambling house, and Lint contacts him via radio and says that she's in position and ready to strike.

Arthur says that people call him "The Accountant", and confirms that Donny is from Maine like Lobstercules.

Edgelord confirms that Lint's suit's energy levels are good. He suggests that she read the manual, and Lint says that he's her manual and they're doing it now. Tick hears Edgelord talking and figures that he's a street urchin, and goes over to advise him to leave. Edgelord says that it's an ongoing superhero operation.

Donny talks about how he has a fishing boat and Arthur raises his bet on a busted hand. He bluffs Donny into folding, and Lint comes in and blasts down the bouncers. Her capacitators overheat, and the gamblers take cover. Arthur signals Tick to come in, and Donny runs with the money. As he heads for the exit, Arthur tackles him. Lint confronts Lint, who recognizes her, and she blasts him.

Arthur and Donny struggle, and Donny drops the money and runs.

A man prepares to shoot Lint, and Tick arrives and tosses him across the room. He congratulates Lint as Arthur runs over. He recognizes Lint, who smirks at him and says that she's a city defender and leaves. Arthur and Tick go after him and Lint insists that she's a superhero now. When Arthur says that they both know who she is, Lint says that due to the 28th Amendment, as long as she's wearing a mask she's a hero. Tick asks what her hero's name is, and Lint says that they can call her Joan of Arc before flying off.

At AEGIS, Bradbury sits at his desk. The lights flicker and he opens a file drawer to reveal a white mouse inside. He then opens the plate on his chest and sucks it into his body, damning his black hole heart.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2019

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