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Blood and Cake Recap

Arthur and Tick watch a news report about Lint's debut as "Joan of Arc", and Arthur figures that she's pretending to be a superhero to go after her rivals without being caught. Tick suggests that she's seeking redemption. In another report, Superian has carved an effigy of himself into Devil's Tower, inspiring worldwide backlash. Arthur realizes that took his advice... sort of.

Tick and Arthur go to AEGIS, where Flexon is hanging out in the superhero lounge. They explain that Donny left a shoe behind at the gambling club so they brought it by to have the AEGIS lab analyze the gunk on it. Flexon tells them that the lab level is closed because the entire branch is in an interdepartmental meeting because of Superian. Another superhero, Bronze Star, comes in for coffee and Flexon greets him. Tick suggests that they have Dangerboat analyze the gunk, but Arthur notes that Dangerboat is trying to have a relationship with him and it's weird. When Tick wonders why Superian went on his newest rampage, Arthur feigns ignorance.

Dot is training in her apartment when Overkill interrupts her. He admits that he altered his contingencies after what she said and talked to Rathbone, and isn't sure if Rathbone believed him. Dangerboat has apparently caught the Duke's trail online where he's starting a new black market business, selling high-end luxury items to the ultra-elite. The Duke is running a human furniture ring, and Overkill asks Dot to help him on his mission to investigate. Dot immediately agrees, and Overkill explains that he can't kill anymore because he promised Tick. She points out that she saved Overkill's life and suggests that she use her wish to eliminate Tick's wish so Overkill can kill again. Overkill agrees as long as he gets to kill, and Dot unwishes Tick's wish. Touched, Overkill tries to hug her and Dot backs away.

On Dangerboat, Arthur and Tick have the AI analyze Donny's shoe. Tick apologies for not having time for movie night, and figures that Lobstercules and his henchmen are hanging out in the sewer so the gunk might lead them to Lobstercules' hideout. Dangerboat suggests that they watch a movie while it runs the analysis, and Tick says that they saw a film of a fleet of flying Dangerboats at AEGIS. The AI glitches, and Overkill and Dot come in. Arthur tells Overkill not to drag Dot into his missions, and Dot insists that it's her decision. While the two of them argue, Overkill notices that Dangerboat is glitching, and Tick senses that Overkill is crackling with violent potential.

Arthur tells Dot that she can't go on missions with Overkill, insisting that it's not her. She refuses to play a bit part in his adventure and says that she's going to do things about the messed-up universe. Meanwhile, Overkill tells Tick that he can kill people if he wants to. Dot says that she unwished his wish, and Arthur notices that Dangerboat is playing "MacArthur Park". The AI continues glitching and locks them in, and a three-hour countdown starts. Overkill explains that it's a self-sanitization.

At the motel, Lint says that she is on a roll taking out her rivals. Frank admits that her superhero cover is working, and Edgelord suggests that they talk about her social media presence. Frank tells her that the gang is ready to go, while Edgelord says that people love Lint on Twitter. Lint tells Frank to go pull the job the gang has planned, and Edgelord warns that Lint has already been outed on Twitter. She figures that it's time for her to stop playing favorites.

Dangerboat goes comatose, and Overkill explains that Dangerboat will self-sanitize his interior and them out because one of them triggered it. He says that Dangerboat has PTSD issues and wonders what Arthur said to it. Arthur remembers that Tick asked Dangerboat about the other troop carriers with AEGIS, and Overkill tells them to never ask Dangerboat why it doesn't fly. Overkill says that they had an argument about it once and he was out on the dock, and Dangerboat shut down and self-sanitized. Tick goes to rip the door off, but Overkill warns that Dangerboat will explode if his exterior is breeched. Dot has Overkill try to access Dangerboat via the Danger Table.

Lint as Joan attacks Frank and the gang after apologizing.

With 44 minutes late, Tick asks Dot about how she's no longer a healer. She tells him not to worry about it and Arthur complains that she's teaming up with Overkill. Dot says that Tick doesn't know anything about crimefighting, and Overkill accesses Dangerboat's main circuits and accesses the cannon. They can shoot themselves out of Dangerboat via the shower, and explains that Dangerboat is glitching because of what happened when the AI went rogue.

Dangerboat returns to base with his partner, Michael King. Michael nurtured Dangerboat when it became sentient and never told AEGIS, and they watch a movie together. The agent gives Dangerboat a cake to celebrate its one year of sentience but then it's hit and Michael goes through a steel mesh, killing him.

Overkill realizes that Dangerboat's circuits are electro-shielded and they can't cut into them. His cybernetic hands are fried, and he tells Dot to pull out the one unshielded power circuit. Overkill explains that it's Dangerboat's spinal cord and Dot will have to cut it. She hesitates and Overkill says it's them or it. Tick and Arthur object, but Overkill says that they don't understanding. He mutters an apology to Dangerboat, and Arthur tells Dot to stop while he tries something.

Arthur addresses the camera, apologizing to Dangerboat about what happened to Michael. He says that he understands what it means to lose someone close, and that the feeling of loss never goes away. Dangerboat comes back online and says that Michael was its everything and it shut itself down when Michael died... until it met Arthur. The AI tells Arthur that it loves him and stops the self-sanitization countdown.

Out on the dock, Dot tells Arthur that she has to let her figure out what she's doing on her own. Arthur agrees but says that he'll still worry about her. Dangerboat wants to talk to Arthur, and Arthur goes aboard. The AI says that it completed the analysis and it printed a map of the five likely locations. It apologizes for the craziness and hopes that they can still be friends. Arthur assures Dangerboat that they are friends, and leaves as Overkill comes in. Dangerboat says that it's ready for a mission.

Later, Dot kills a guard and breaks into the Duke's hideout. A man, Raphael, is on the phone to a buyer. Dot wakes up the human furniture and has them escape, and Raphael hears the noise. He puts the buyer on hold and sneaks up on Dot, and she has a future-vision and dodges the bullet. She knocks Raphael out as Overkill rappels down and looks on, and he points out that she dodged a bullet. Overkill demands to know where they can find the Duke, and Raphael takes a cyanide capsule to avoid talking. Dot and Overkill free the remaining prisoners while Overkill takes a floor lamp in the hopes of tracking down the Duke.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 10, 2019

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