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Choose Love! Recap

At Flag-5 HQ, the team is summoned. Miranda comes in and tells them that Rathbone was killed an hour ago by an assassin. The drones captured an image of the killer: Overkill. Miranda tells them that Overkill is now AEGIS's most wanted.

On the moon, Superian takes a walk and considers Arthur's advice. He figures that he needs to center himself and concludes that he should try "the thing".

The Flag-5 take in the news, and Miranda tells Arthur that Hobbes wants to talk him. Before he goes, Arthur tells Tick that they can't talk about it there. Arthur goes to Rathbone's office and Hobbes is seated at Rathbone's desk as the acting commander. He has a file with a photo of Dot and points out that she was working with Overkill on illegal activities. Arthur says that he told her to stop but she wouldn't listen, and Hobbes says that Dot didn't know what she was getting into. Hobbes says that AEGIS will need Arthur to bring in Dot and he agrees.

Bronze Star goes to the lounge to get some food, and Arthur comes in and asks Sage for a favor. Sage teleports them to the docks and Arthur explains that Hobbes wasn't afraid of being shot by Overkill because he's using his mind control technology to control Overkill. He asks Sage to go back and make sure that Flexon takes care of Lobstercules, while he and Tick warn Dot and Dangerboat.

Miranda tells Hobbes that Arthur and Tick have somehow slipped out of the building. He tells Miranda to call in Lint and assemble a strike team.

On Dangerboat, Tick and Arthur tell Dot what happened. She blames herself for not being there, and Dangerboat says that Dot has a superpower. Dot admits that she's a Category and Tick figures that she's on the Hero's Journey. She didn't tell Arthur because she didn't know how he would take it, and Arthur just wants everyone to be okay. Arthur figures that Hobbes knows about the lobster babies and they have to call Joan and Walter.

At Arthur's apartment, Walter tells Joan the truth about his secret AEGIS background. He assures Joan that he's always loved her. An AEGIS troop carrier arrives outside and Walter recognizes it. He tells Joan to grab the babies and run as the phone rings. AEGIS agents come in through the windows, and Walter fights them off. Joan and Kevin go to get the babies, and Kevin says that he has a secret, removes his tinfoil hat, and makes them both disappear.

Walter defeats the first wave of agents, and he hears Kevin say that he has to touch him before turning invisible as well.

Flexon is in the lounge and hears a news report about Superian walking the lunar surface. Sage comes in and starts to pass on Arthur's message. The lights flicker and the two heroes wonder what's going on.

IN the morgue, the lights flicker around Rathbone's body.

Hobbes tells the costumed Lint that he needs her help with an off-the-books op. He says that certain people should simply not be and Lint realizes that Hobbes had Rathbone killed. Hobbes knows who Lint really is and offers her leadership of the Flag-5. He gives her the security tablet providing her full access, and Lint says that being a hero feels a lot like being a villain.

Dangerboat is unable to contact Joan and Walter, but gets a text message from Joan to Arthur saying that they had to leave the apartment but they're safe, and to not try to reach them. Overkill calls and says that AEGIS is compromised and Hobbes is the Duke. He tells them not to come get him and he's going to make sure Hobbes can't use him again. Before Overkill signs off, he says that they're the people in his life and then destroys his phone. Overkill takes control of him again.

Dangerboat tracks Overkill to the City's water treatment facility. Arthur figures that Hobbes let Overkill them to set a trap for them so that he can have Overkill dispose of them. Tick figures that the choice is between love and fear, and Tick chooses love. The others agree and they go to rescue Overkill.

Superian considers making Earth spin backward and go back in time, when people loved him. However, if he stops Earth, seven billion people go spinning off into space.

Kevin, Walter, and Joan take the babies to a work shed outside of the couple's house. Water opens up his secret compartment and promises Joan that's all of it.

Flexon goes to visit Lobstercules but no one is there. Edgelord comes by looking for the armory using the all-access tablet. Flexon asks him to open the security gate and Edgelord does so before leaving. In the containment chamber, Flexon discovers that Lobstercules is gone.

Arthur, Tick, and Dot arrive at the facility and spot Overkill. He walks off, still under Hobbes' control. Tick goes after him and Lobstercules slams him back and pins him against a wall. She's under Hobbes' control as well, and Hobbes steps out and says that they'll have to kill Lobstercules to stop her. When Dot goes for Hobbes, Lint blasts her back. Hobbes says that he just needs one of them to live long enough to give him some answers. He wants to find the rest of the Everests to eliminate his opponents. Hobbes says that AEGIS had one job--to keep control over the genetic chaos--and he killed Rathbone because he failed at that job.

Tick says that all Hobbes knows is fear, and Dot asks if Lint knows what Hobbes is doing. Lint says that he's being distracted, by her, and she contacts Edgelord. Edgelord, Frank, and the gang are stealing all the tech from AEGIS, and he confirms that they're done. Lint says that she's done, wishes the heroes luck, and flies off.

Hobbes tells Arthur that they're both human and it's us against them. Arthur says that it's us against Hobbes, and Hobbes orders Overkill to open fire. Dot gets Arthur to cover, and Hobbes orders Lobstercules to kill Tick. Tick refuses to fight back, and Arthur calls to Superian and reminds him that he could hear him anywhere in the world. He asks Superian to help them, but Superian is busy walking on the Moon. Hobbes points out that Superian caused the "Age of Superheroes" and he's responsible for everything.

Tick tries to get through to Lobstercules without success. Meanwhile, Dot tells Arthur to get the control remote while she distracts Overkill. She steps out and Overkill draws a bead on her. Dot walks toward him, dodging the bullets as he shoots at her. Arthur tackles Hobbes and knocks the control remote out of his hand, and then smashes it.

Lobstercules is freed from Tick's control and thanks Tick for freeing her. She grabs Hobbes and says that she could kill him, but says that they're not the monsters. Tick embraces Arthur and Lobstercules.

Overkill is freed from Hobbes' control. Dot reaches him and asks if he's back to himself. He complains that she came from him and Dot hugs him.

At AEGIS, the black hole hatch on Rathbone's chest opens and a mass of tentacles crawl out. They open an energy portal, then go back into the black hole. Rathbone comes back to life.

The next day, Rathbone gives a press statement saying that the reports of his death were exaggerated. He says that AEGIS has freed itself from a dark shadow, and the Flag-5 protocol has been halted since Lint took advantage of them. Rathbone is telling the press because he's learned that transparency is the wave of the future. Everyone applauds, and Sage tells Bronze Star that Rathbone has one last secret.

Lobstercules and Kevin are with the babies in their carriage. Kevin says that he's a full-time nanny now, and Flexon explains that Lobstercules is renting his houseboat until her trial. Lobstercules thanks Arthur and Tick for their help.

Overkill approaches Rathbone and thanks him for understanding his situation. The two men shake hands and Rathbone congratulates Overkill on his shooting.

Arthur tells Joan that he made the Flag-5 and everything turned out okay. Joan hugs her children and then asks Walter what they should call him. He says "Walter", and Joan invites them to join the family hug.

Over the radio, Dangerboat asks Overkill how it feels like to be back in AEGIS. Overkill admits that it feels good, and Dangerboat suggests that it's a dance party and transmits music. The vigilante breaks into dance.

Dot admits that she's been hiding to Joan, and sees Overkill dancing. She goes over and asks if he wants company, and Overkill admits that he might. Dot dances along with him. Arthur and Tick walk out, and Dot figures that they're going on afternoon patrol. The agents open the door for them and they heroically run out.

On the Moon, Superian figures that turning back time is the answer and it's worth the risk. If the unthinkable happens he'll find another planet. As Superian builds up velocity, a giant spaceship appears overhead and tells the "fugitive prisoner" to escape.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2019

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