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Secrets are revealed as Hobbes reveals the depths of his perfidy, Tick fights Lobstercules, Dot fights Overkill, Rathbone isn't quite as dead as he appeared, Walter tells all to Joan, Kevin reveals his own secret, and someone comes looking for Superian.

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By Gadfly on Apr 14, 2019

At Flag-5 HQ, the team is summoned. Miranda comes in and tells them that Rathbone was killed an hour ago by an assassin. The drones captured an image of the killer: Overkill. Miranda tells them that Overkill is now AEGIS's most wanted. On the moon, Superian takes a walk and considers Arthur's advice. He figures that he needs to center himself and concludes that he should try "the thing". The Flag-5 take in the news, and Miranda tells Arthur that Hobbes wants to talk him. Before he goes, Ar…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted 3 years ago

Oh, come on! It was canceled too soon. And on a cliffhanger so to speak. It's an out of date attitude.

mike1616 posted 3 years ago

NNNnnnooooooooo, the show has been CANCELED just as Superian's real past was about to be reviled and he gets his comeuppance.

Maybe they will make a TV Movie to wrap up the little threads left and wrap it all in a nice little bow for us fans, but I doubt it.

This is a decent end to the series except for the final few seconds. So stop watching just a few seconds early and it wont seem like they are teasing you for a 3rd season that will never come.

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