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They Did What? Recap

The next day after the government attack, Gotham citizens go to the station for shelter. Jim tells Lucius and Harvey that they need to warn Barbara that Nyssa is coming for her, warning that she wants to destroy Gotham and conquer everyone she finds. He tells the others to gather the team and get the refugees in the bunker beneath the station.

Bruce and Selina check on the injured Alfred, and Bruce blames himself for sending him on the mission. Selina assures him that what he did was stop Ra's twice, and they'll stop Nyssa together.

At the city hall, Barbara threatens Nyssa if she harmer her body. Unimpressed, Nyssa says that soon Barbara and Bruce will see the Green Zone destroyed and then she'll kill Barbara. Barbara tells Nyssa about the submarine and offers her the gold stored aboard it. Nyssa refuses, saying that she'll raise the baby as her own. Wade comes in and says that the army has landed and is awaiting her orders.

Soldiers unload off of a destroyer at the docks. Wade calls and tells them to destroy the Green Zone. When the CO refuses, Bane and his men come in, and Bane kills the CO. The other soldiers salute him and Bane says that it's time to get started.

At the submarine, Oswald wonders if they can dismiss the destruction of Gotham. He starts to go back, saying that he can't let the army destroy his city. Edward tries to stop him, and Oswald reminds him that they forced him to destroy Haven and murder hundreds of civilians. When Edward is unimpressed, Oswald says that he's going to follow his heart and walks off. Edward reminds him that it's never worked out before, and Oswald tells him to listen to his heart instead of his brain. He says that he's going to miss Edward, talking to his dog rather than the man. Oswald gives the dog's leash to Edward and then leaves.

Jim tells Harvey and the others that they'll have to slow down the army long enough to free Wade from Nyssa's control. They can't reach the Sirens, and Jim says that he'll go to get them. Harvey tells Jim that the GCPD needs a leader, and Selina offers to go.

Bruce equips himself with the equipment that Lucius has brought, and Bruce figures that he should be with Jim when they make their stand. Lucius shows him how the equipment works, including a vehicle cloaker that also serves as a beacon.

Oswald visits Jim in his office, and Jim offers him a drink. Jim admits that the storm Oswald has warned him about is finally there, and Oswald admits that he's been the lost he's ever been when Jim banished him from the city. He explains that Gotham is part of him and Jim understands because he feels the way. Oswald refuses to watch the army burn Gotham down and rebuild it, and he's staying to fight for his legacy. Harvey comes in and says that Bane is leading 600 soldiers through the barricades toward the wall. Edward comes in and says that he'll join the defenders and says that time is of the essence. Before they go, Oswald says that they'll talk later about his full pardon.

Jim and others walk through the station and the officers join them. They go to the barricades and split up to defend the flanks. The soldiers are there, and Bane says that he's found his true purpose. Jim tells his people to open fire on Nyssa and Bane's commandos.

Selina finds Lee at Sirens, and Lee says that Nyssa took Barbara and the baby. They hear gunfire and Selina says that the defenders never stood a chance. Lee figures that's where she's needed and leaves.

Bane and his men take cover and return fire. A grenade is launched over the barricade, exploding and injuring Oswald's eye. Bane breaches the wall with a grenade launcher, and tells his men to find Jim and Bruce. Bruce figures that he has way to slow the soldiers down, and Jim orders the others to retreat. They go back to the GCPD and Oswald says that there's nowhere to go. Lucius calls and says that Wade's signal is coming from City Hall. He reports that Selina radioed that Nyssa kidnapped Barbara and the baby, and that one electrical zap should destroy the general's chip. Jim figures that his best chance of getting close is to go in alone. Edward apologizes to Oswald, saying that he saw the grenade and froze. Oswald asks if it looks bad and asks if it looks bad, and Edward avoids throwing up as they go after the others.

In the station, Lee tends to the wounded. Bruce comes in and says that they need to get Jeremiah's battery from the basement. He explains to Lee, Lucius, and Selina, that it's been powering the GCPD and they need to make it a bomb again to blow down buildings and create a maze to slow down the army. However, they need to put a bomb in the building at ground zero: Wayne Enterprises. Bruce says that there's no other way, and Lucius explains that they just need the core and the activator. He removes the core, shutting down the power. Selina says that she's going with Bruce while Lucius and Lee stay there.

Jim sneaks into City Hall, signals to Barbara, and she distracts the guards long enough for Jim to take them out. As Barbara tells Jim that Nyssa is upstairs, Nyssa and Wade come out. More guards surround Jim, who tells Nyssa to hand the baby over. She tells him to put his gun down unless he wants the baby hurt in the crossfire. Once he does, Nyssa says that Bane is hunting down Bruce and wonders what to do with Jim.

Bruce and Selina go to Wayne Enterprises and Bruce says that there's no other way. He looks at a painting of his parents and says that the building is the heart of the company. He explains that some of his earliest memories are of growing up there, and his parents would and did sacrifice everything for the city. Bruce puts the bomb on the central column and activates it, and tells Selina to run. They get outside and the bomb goes off, bringing down the building. The soldiers run away in terror, and the building sets off a domino effect bringing down other buildings and creating a giant maze of streets.

At City Hall, Nyssa tells Jim that it's over and Gotham will burn. She'll achieve what Ra's didn't, including Jim. Nyssa gives the baby to Wade to hold, and tells Barbara that she'll deal with her once Gotham is destroyed. She attacks Jim, who fights back but is easily knocked down. Angel calls and tells Nyssa what happened, and Jim secretly grabs a pair of handcuffs. Nyssa tells Angel to have the army blast through, and prepares to stab Jim. He handcuffs her and then kicks his gun to Barbara, who kills the guards. Nyssa kicks Barbara back and knocks Jim out, and Jim throws her onto her own knife that Barbara is holding.

Dying, Nyssa tells Wade to execute the failsafe. He shoots himself in the head and when Jim goes to him, Nyssa slips out the door, barricades it, and says that her legacy will be complete when Gotham is destroyed.

Bruce and Selena head for the GCPD, and Bane throws Bruce to the ground. Selina refuses to leave, telling Bruce that they're taking down Bane together. The two of them attack him and he knocks them both back. Bruce says that Bane shouldn't have hurt Alfred, and Selina leaps on Bane's back. He grabs Selina and prepares to break her neck, and Selina grabs a knife and stabs him. Bruce runs forward, puts the cloaking device on Bane, and tells Selina that it acts like a cloaking device. Bats fly down, surrounding Bane and choking him.

Jim finally breaks through the door and confirms that Nyssa has escaped. With Wade dead, there's no way to reverse the invasion order. Barbara assures Jim that the baby is okay and gives her to Jim to hold.

The soldiers advance slowly through the streets and find Bane. Despite his injuries, he recovers.

At the station, Lee confirms that the baby is okay. Jim explains that Wade is dead, and Lucius explains that Bruce and Selina brought down Wayne Enterprises. Barbara says that she has to get the baby out, and Jim tells her to take the refugees into the subways and out behind enemy lines. He and the officers will hold off the army to buy the refugees time.

Alfred wakes up and finds Bruce at his side. he says that Bruce is a soldier for good, and Bruce tells him that it's time for him to protect Gotham even if there's nothing left to defend. Alfred takes his hand and squeezes it.

Barbara and Lee help the refugees through the subway tunnel, and Lee says that she belongs with the others. She tells the refugees to survive and make sure that it's all worth it. Barbara hugs Lee and thanks her for everything Lee has done for her and the baby. Lee tells her to get the refugees to safety and goes back into the station.

Jim and his people go out to confront Bane and his soldiers. Bane tells Jim that it's over, and Lee joins Jim. The soldiers prepare to fire, but the refugees--hundreds of them,--come back and join Jim and the others. Bane gives the order to fire, but the soldiers refuse. Jim tells the soldiers that they can stand with the government or stand with them. When Bane and Angel draw their guns, the soldiers train their guns on the two men. Bane and Angel surrender, and the refugees cheer while saying that they're Gotham.

Nyssa makes her way to the docks and finds the submarine.

At the station, Lucius tells Jim that they reached the mainland and the army has been retasked to provide humanitarian aid. Lee tells Jim to go to Barbara, and he walks over to her and the baby. Jim asks to hold the baby and Barbara hands her over, and Barbara says that they should name her Barbara Lee Gordon so she knows who she can rely on.

Selina approaches Bruce sitting by himself, and he says that it all happened because of him. He thought that Bane was going to kill Selina and there was nothing he could do about it. Selina assures Bruce that she'll be there whenever he needs her, and Bruce says that his parents used to say the same thing.

Oswald and Edward learn that Nyssa stole their submarine and Edward complains that they have nothing despite the fact that they helped save Gotham. Edward says that he doesn't want their thanks or their respect, and he felt nothing standing with the refugees. He points out that he was like them once: a pathetic minimum-wage earner. Edward looks at himself in the mirror that he's shown Gotham who he truly is and will again, and they will bow to the Riddler. Oswald tells his friend that he's right and if they had let him run Gotham the way that he wanted, it wouldn't be in ruins. Edward says that together no one could stop them, and Oswald secretly draws a knife and says that they should make a pact to take what they want and will suffer no fools. Edward secretly draws a knife and offers his hand, and Oswald suggests that they hug. His friend agrees and the two men embrace and put their knives to the others' back. However, after a moment they put the knives away and go to work.

The next day, everyone comes to see Mayor Chang's ceremony. Chang gives Jim the title of commissioner and everyone applauds. Afterward, Jim tells Harvey that he's still going to try and make Gotham a better place. Harvey assures Jim that he'll be there if he needs anything, tells Jim that he deserves it, and goes to get a drink.

Later, Bruce tells Jim that he's leaving because he's too public. Jim embraces him and says that Gotham will always be his home. Once Bruce leaves, Lee joins Jim and says that he has another little one to look after.

At the station, Harper gives Selina an envelope that Bruce left her. Inside is a letter and Selina reads it... and then runs off.

At an airport hangar, Alfred assures Bruce that he knows how to reach him and will be busy with the reconstruction of Wayne Enterprises and the manor. Bruce assures him that he'll remember what he taught him, and Alfred says that Bruce is the only son he ever wanted and he couldn't be more proud. The two men embrace and then Bruce gets on a private jet. It lifts off as Alfred drives off.

Selina arrives at the airport just in time to see the plane fly away. Bruce sees her and watches, impassive.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2019

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