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They Did What?

Jim and the others make their final stand against the invading army under the command of Bane. Nyssa holds Barbara and her baby captive, and Edward and Oswald consider whether to defend Gotham or leave it to its fate.

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By Gadfly on Apr 19, 2019

The next day after the government attack, Gotham citizens go to the station for shelter. Jim tells Lucius and Harvey that they need to warn Barbara that Nyssa is coming for her, warning that she wants to destroy Gotham and conquer everyone she finds. He tells the others to gather the team and get the refugees in the bunker beneath the station. Bruce and Selina check on the injured Alfred, and Bruce blames himself for sending him on the mission. Selina assures him that what he did was stop Ra'…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

8 instead of 9 stars only because they let that crazy broad escape.

mike1616 posted 2 years ago

The final 2 episode of the entire series and they have a gap of a month.

Who said that the studios have no respect for there audience.

Surly this proves that they love the audience and respect them too, right.

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