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Close to Home Recap

At Audrey's house, Nathan tells Audrey what little Charlotte said about the controller in the Void. She checks him out as he dresses, and says that she likes him there safe with her. She points out that one or the other of them is already leaving to save the world, and they kiss. Nathan says that they both know he'll have to go into the Void once Duke returns with a Colton, and is sure that Duke will join them.

A boy is tossing a ball into the shroud and catching it when it bounces back. It doesn't come back, and a few seconds later Duke and Hallie step into Haven. The boy runs off, and Hallie says that she remembers being born there. They head into town.

Nathan and Audrey are cleaning up and wondering how long their supplies will last. Audrey suggests that she go into the Void because Charlotte's note said that humans don't last long in the Void. Nathan insists that she isn't expendable, and Audrey proposes that they go in together. He refuses, saying that she'll need to watch over Haven, just as there's a knock at the door. Nathan answers he door and finds Duke and Hallie there. Much to Duke's surprise, Nathan hugs him.

At the station, Vince plays cards with a tied-up Dave. Dave finally asks if the Guard is going to kill him, and Vince badly lies, saying that they're not. He admits that he doesn't know what the Guard is going to do with Dave, and gets an idea. Vince tells Dave that he's going to save his life and leaves.

The group goes to the old Colton house and Audrey takes Hallie outside while Duke tells Nathan that no one remembers Haven since the shroud went up. He figures that Audrey isn't glad to have him there, and Nathan assures him that she'll get there. Nathan then explains that they need Hallie's phasing Trouble to open a thinny into the void. Duke realizes that Charlotte is dead and Nathan figures that it's their only shot. When Duke explains that he had a vision of an apocalypse because Nathan went into the Void, he mentions Croatoan winning and realizes that Nathan knows what he's talking about. Nathan says that they have no other options, and tells Duke to make sure that he comes back because that will break the vision... and he has to go.

A woman pulls up outside and sees Duke through the house window.

Dwight visits Vince at the Herald and says that they need to talk about Dave. Vince is updating Charlotte's Trouble census, and figures there must be one that can break Dave from Croatoan's influence. Dwight offers to help, and Vince tells him to start digging.

As Nathan joins them, Audrey gives Hallie the ring and explains that she can create a thinny with her Trouble. He says that they need something on the other side of the thinny, and Hallie is willing to help. She concentrates and goes a few feet away through the thinny. Nathan mentions Barbara, Hallie's mom, and she realizes that her mother had the same Trouble. Hallie creates another thinny and keeps it open, and tells Nathan and Audrey that Barbara said she would always come home as long as she stays connected. The thinny wavers and Audrey tells Hallie to open it every two hours. Nathan will go in, get the controller, and check back every two hours. As he prepares to go in, Audrey asks him to come back to her and Nathan promises that he will. He then steps into the thinny, heading for where the Barn imploded.

Nathan finds himself in the caverns beneath Haven and makes his way to the surface. He makes his way across the barren landscape.

Audrey goes inside and tells Duke that Hallie is resting. He warns that Hallie can't control her Trouble, and Audrey says that the girl told her that Duke tried to kill her. She wonders why Duke is getting angry, reminding him that he walked away when they need him. Duke says that they only want him when they need him, and now they have Hallie. He asks if using Audrey is the right thing, and he would never have come back if he knew they wanted to use Hallie. Audrey wonders why he did come back, and Duke admits that he can't escape Haven. She says that they're nothing alike because she cares about people and walks away.

Audrey walks out, and the woman, Lisa comes in. She blows up a rock with her touch and reminds Duke that he was the one who gave her the Trouble. Duke warns that she can't hurt him, and Lisa doesn't believe him and grabs him. He doesn't explode, and Duke grabs her and shoves her away. Lisa blows up a nearby clock and it explodes, knocking Duke back. She figures she can blow the whole house up and bypass Duke's immunity, and touches the floor.

Vince and Dwight discover that the two people who have Troubles that might have ended Croatoan's possession are both dead. Dwight finally says that he doesn't blame Dave for the deaths, and Vince says that he and Dave have been prepared to lay down their lives to protect Haven. He says that if he has to kill Dave to save the town then he'll do it, but insists that they're not there yet. They go back to the records and Vince finds Boyd Davis, a man with a reincarnation Trouble like the one Duke used when Audrey was trapped into Mara. It split Mara and Audrey, and Dwight warns that they don't have any idea what it will do to Croatoan. Vince figures that what emerges might not be able to survive, and once it's in the physical world they can kill it.

Nathan makes his way through the forest and hears something move. He draws his gun and looks around, but sees no one. Stepping back, Nathan falls into a pit and William steps out and looks down at him, amused. Nathan aims a gun at him and orders William to get him out. William says that machines and moving parts don't work, and invites Nathan to shoot. The gun doesn't work, and William asks how he got there. Nathan claims that Mara sent him to find William and they needed the controller. William wonders why Nathan is working with Mara, and Nathan says that Audrey is still in Mara and Mara's life is at risk along with everyone else's. When William wonders why he should help, Nathan says that he knows where the thinny is and offers the location in return for William's help. After a moment, William helps Nathan out.

Duke tells Lisa that she can live with her Troubles, and Lisa angrily explains that everyone is trapped and the Guards rations everything. She says that thousands of lives are ruined because of him, and Duke assures her that she's right to feel what she's thinking. Lisa tells him to listen so he can know what he's done before they both die.

Nathan and William head through the forest and Nathan says that Croatoan has taken control of someone. William figures that they're okay for now, and Croatoan will lay waste to the entire world, turning it into a Void. Nathan coughs and William says that humans don't do well. He suggests that Nathan tell him where the thinny is before he dies, but Nathan refuses.

The two men arrive at what's left of the Barn before it died. They start looking for the controller, figuring that it will stand out. Nathan spots a glowing crystal and starts to pick it up, and a white-haired woman in a white dress appears... and she looks just like Audrey. William wonders what's going on

Vince, Dave, and Dwight go to Boyd's house. Boyd comes in with a gun and Dwight explains who he is. He's nervous about using his Troubles to help someone, and as they ask what emotion activates his Troubles, Croatoan takes control of Dave. He breaks free of his bonds, shoves Vince and Dave away, and kills Boyd. Dave starts to reach for Vince's throat. And then Croatoan drops his control. Shocked, Dave asks what happened.

Lisa describes the darkness that swept through haven. Audrey listens from the next room as Duke says that he does care. He left because he thought he would make things worse. Lisa says that he'll never make anything worse again and prepares to blow up the house. Audrey comes in and tells Lisa that Duke didn't mean to hurt her and the others, and he came back to save them all. She offers to prove it and leads Lisa out of the room.

William figures that the woman is a template. The woman tells Nathan to stay back and asks what they want, and Nathan explains that they need the controller to defeat Croatoan. The template says that the controller can only be given to the right person or destroyed. It asks why the Barn was created, and William says that it built to punish Mara for creating the Troubles. The template says that the answer is incorrect and the controller must be destroyed. It begins a ten-second countdown, and Nathan says that the Barn was created to save Mara. The template asks for more details, and Nathan says that Mara needed to learn from her mistakes. He says that she could have been better, like Audrey, and the template concedes that Nathan is the write person. It disappears and Nathan gets the collector.

William realizes that Nathan talks about Mara in the past tense, and figures that he got Audrey back. He lunges at Nathan, who shoves him aside and runs for the thinny.

Audrey introduces Lisa to Hallie and says that Duke brought her to help Haven. Hallie opens the thinny and Audrey explains that once Nathan comes back, they will end the Troubles forever. The thinny flickers while Audrey tells Lisa that Duke chose to come back to save the town because he cares about all of them even if they forget it sometimes.

Nathan enters the cavern as it starts to collapse. He calls to Audrey just as William tackles Nathan. Nathan loses the controller and knocks William away. On the other side, Lisa apologizes to Duke, who says that things will be better for her. Audrey goes to Hallie and tells her to keep the thinny open, but she says that she doesn't. She doesn't want to lose her Trouble.

William and Nathan fight, and William chokes Nathan.

Audrey warns Hallie that what she has a Trouble, not a power. Hallie doesn't believe her, and says that she's nothing without her Trouble. Audrey says that she isn't nothing, and the Troubles have torn Haven apart.

Nathan manages to grab a rock and smashes it into William's head. Gasping, Nathan grabs the controller.

Hallie says that she's going to rob banks and retire to an island. She takes off the ring and phases through the nearby fence. The thinny closes without Hallie to support it. Nathan sees it close as the ceiling comes down.

After tying Dave up, Vince and Dwight figure that Croatoan knows everything that Dave knows. Dwight suggests that Dave confront Croatoan in his mind on an equal footing, Vince figures that they can hypnotize Dave to confront Croatoan and says that it's a job for the Iron Maiden.

When the debris settles, Nathan finds William pinned by a boulder. He asks if Nathan is going to kill him, and Nathan says that he's leaving William in the Void to die while he takes the controller back. The entrance is blocked by rubble, and William figures that they're both trapped.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2015

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