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Back in Black Recap

A man paints a Challenger black.

Johnny wakes up, exercises.

Miguel exercises and eats breakfast.

Johnny drinks his breakfast. He then goes out, meets Miguel, and they drive off in Johnny's car. When two women pull up next to them at a stoplight, Johnny and Miguel play it cool and speed off.

Robby wakes up when a man, Rick, opens the front door and says that they don't have all day. When Robby gets up and kicks him, Shannon turns on the lights and asks if Rick if he's okay. She says that she came to grab a few things because Rick is flying her to Mexico. Rick says that he's paying the rent that month, and Shannon tells Robby that he has the place to himself and will call in a day. As they go, Robby tells Rick that if he hurts Shannon, he won't get up. Rick isn't impressed.

At Miyagi-do, Robby takes out his frustration on a punching bag. Inside, Daniel hangs up a photo if Miyagi and the teachers before him.

Sam arrives at Miyagi-do and Aisha calls him. It's Miguel, who says that Aisha doesn't know he's using her phone. He admits that he made a mistake and will do anything. Sam sees Robby and says that she can't talk right now, and to have Aisha call her back. Robby tells her that she can talk to whoever she wants, and Daniel leads them to the parking lot and pours out a circle of sand. He says that one of the cornerstones of Miyagi-do karate is that they always move in circles. Sam and Robby get into the circle and bow.

At Cobra Kai, Johnny is taking calls from people wanting to book classes. Hawk, Aisha, and Bert contemplate the new students Chris and Mitch, and are less than impressed. Miguel comes over and joins them, and Kreese enters the dojo. He looks at the students in disgust, and tells Miguel that maybe he can help him. Johnny comes out and complains that Kreese came in a day early.

Daniel tells Robby and Sam that they have to be in sync, and insists that it's more than a dance. He explains that they have to be in sync with each other, and Amanda texts Daniel to say that there's an emergency at work.

Johnny introduces Kreese to the class and says that he's just an observer. He has Miguel warm up the students, and Miguel and Hawk mess around. Johnny asks them what they're doing, and Hawk says that they know how to kick ass. Aisha chuckles, and Johnny has her explain that it's "snake do". He tells them to be at a street corner the next morning at 5 am and dismisses the class.

At the auto group, Amanda tells Daniel that the competition wiped out their sales staff by hiring them there. She says that they have to focus their attention on the business, and Daniel figures that they can sell the ten cars necessary in one day. The couple hit the lot and sell cars, and Amanda has Daniel take photos with customers doing karate. They sell the ten cars and afterward share champagne and kiss. Daniel wishes he could teach karate as well, and Amanda tells him not to be so hard on himself. She tells him to come up with his own tricks and be himself rather than Miyagi. After Amanda leaves, Daniel sees a mechanic drop a tire on the floor and gets an idea.

The next day, the Cobra Kai students work at a construction site while Johnny supervises. Kreese tells Johnny that he has to give them something to be afraid of, and Johnny says that they'll be afraid of cement. A cement mixer pulls up and the driver, Cutter, warns Johnny that if they get caught then Johnny will take the heat.

At the apartment, Robby discovers that the refrigerator is empty. The lights go off as the electrical company shuts off the power.

The next day at Miyagi-do, Robby complains that a dance won't save them in a fight. They find Daniel in the pond setting up the deck platform, and tells them to get on. They get onto each side of the platform and Daniel explains that they'll be able to sense each other. The two students sign up, keeping their balance at first but then falling into the pond. Daniel insists that it will go better.

Johnny tells his students that winning the championship doesn't mean anything. They have to keep moving forward, and tells them to get into the mixer drum and make it spin. Aisha and Hawk say that they've learned their lesson, and Miguel warns that it's dangerous. Kreese tells them to shut up, and says that they're questioning the man who led them to the mountaintop. He dismisses them as pussies, and says that Johnny is his student and the best one he ever had. Kreese tells them to listen to everything that Johnny says, and Miguel gets in first. Hawk and two others join him.

Robby and Sam get back up on the platform.

Johnny tells his students to move, and they start moving the drum from the inside.

Sam and Robby keep their balance and coordinate.

Kreese asks Johnny if he's ever done it before, and Johnny says that he's got it. The drum starts moving.

Daniel shouts encouragement to Robby and Sam, who slowly get the hang of working together.

The students cheer as Miguel and the others get the durum moving.

The two students bow to Daniel.

Johnny hoses off the four students and says that he's proud of them, and they have to keep moving forward.

In the studio, Sam tells Robby that what they did was awesome. He apologizes for earlier and explains that Shannon took off and missed some bills, and Robby will see Sam the next day. Sam agrees and he leaves.

Daniel goes to the photo of Miyagi and figures that he'll earn his way onto the wall. Sam comes in and asks her father what he knows about Robby's home life.

Robby is at home pouring himself cereal when there's a knock at the door. It's Daniel, and Robby lets him in. He confirms that Shannon isn't there, and says that it's all right. He takes Robby home and explains the situation to Amanda. Amanda says that even though they can't reach Shannon, Robby has a father.

At the dojo office, Kreese tells Johnny that someone could have died and it takes guts as a sensei to put the students through what happened. Johnny reluctantly thanks him for inspiring the students, and Kreese suggests that they get a drink and plan the next day's lesson.

Miguel goes into Johnny's apartment using the spare key with food Carmen sent for Johnny. He finds a photo of Robby on the refrigerator and realizes that Robby is Johnny's son.

As Johnny and Kreese leave the bodega, Nestor curses at them and they walk off. Daniel is waiting for Johnny and Kreese sarcastically offers his condolences for MIyagi's death. Daniel asks how his knuckles are doing, and Kreese says that Johnny is going to make Cobra Kai better than ever. Johnny wonders what Daniel is doing there, and Daniel says that he came to ask a question and got his answer, and they're both in for a rude awakening before driving off.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 28, 2019

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