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Egg MacGuffin Recap

In the Arctic wastelands in 1933, Gordon Gilchrist is reading when his assistant Vincent comes in and says that they found something. It's an egg-shaped cold object Gordon says that it's his greatest discovery.

Sara and Zari are bringing in a mummy fugitive and Ava greets them. As she reminds Sara about book club, Nate joins them and mocks the mummy. Zari banters with him and once they leave, Ava wonders what that was. Sara goes after Zari and asks why she and Nate are awkward. Zari wonders what the next step is, and Sara advises her to jump his bones and put herself out of her comfort zone. She figures that with Neron gone, it's time to get their personal lives in order and offers to help Zari despite Zari's objections.

In the Bureau brig, Mona reads to the comatose Nora. Ray comes in with flowers and says that he's been having weird dreams, and tells Mona that they've heard nothing from Constantine. Once Mona leaves, Ray talks to the unconscious Nora saying that her life is going to be beautiful when she wakes up. Ray's hands move on his own, trying to smother Nora. He manages to fight it off and realizes that black energy is flowing around his hands.

Ray goes to the restroom and wonders if he's missing it. Neron appears in the mirror wearing Ray's form, and demonstrates his powers by making things in the restroom move on their own. Gary comes in and sees the chaos, and Ray tells him to leave. Once Gary goes, Neron reappears and makes Ray an offer: Ray gives himself freely or make him kill someone he loves. He explains that if Ray does so when his soul will be his.

On Waverider, Mick is doing laundry. Ray bumps into him, going to the lab, and Charlie comes out and discovers that Mick has fan mail for Rebecca Silver. There's an invitation for "Rebecca" to come to Romanti-Con and reveal "her" identity as $20,000. Mick doesn't want to reveal himself as a romantic novelist, but Charlie says that she'll be Rebecca and they can get the money together.

As Sara reads the book for book club, a time alert goes off. She goes to the Bureau with Nate and Zari, and Ava explains that they have hit a hit from the Adventures' Club in 1933. Nate knows about the club, and Sara tells Zari and Nate to check it out. Ava secretly wonders what's going on, and Sara assures her that it's just a clean-up mission. As they leave, Sara and Ava bet on whether the couple hook up on the mission.

As Nate and Zari go to Waverider, they insist that the mission won't be weird. They go to rally the troops and Nate enters the lab, interrupting Ray. Ray says that he's working on something and his hand reaches for a syringe. Nate wants his wingman along, and Ray tries to say Neron's name. His friend figures that he's trying to say Nora and tries to give him a bro hug, and Neron forces Ray to reach for Nate's throat. Ray grabs his hand with his other hand and pulls away.

Charlie shows Mick her "Rebecca Silver" disguise, and Mick gives her a more suitable pair of glasses. Zari comes in and Charlie says that they'll take the jumpship and advises Zari to check her closet for the outfit Sara left her.

In1933, Nate and Zari arrive at the Club. Nate admires Zari's dress that Sara left her, and they realize that Sara set them up on a date. He says that they can see where the mission takes them.

Mick and Charlie arrive in Seattle 2019 and Charlie introduces herself as Rebecca Silver and claims that Mick is his bodyguard. The hostess, Tammy, assures Charlie that she'll get the $20,000 once she hosts a Q&A panel. Mick secretly tells Charlie that she's being rude and needs practice, and says that they'll be at the Q&A.

Sara goes to her apartment and tries to read the book for book club. She prefers audiobook, and listens to it on audiobook... at high speed.

Gordon reveals the artifact to the club members, while Vincent listens and rolls his eyes. The archaeologist has Vincent reveal the egg.

Ray injects himself with the anti-Neron vaccine, but it discovers that it doesn't work and the "infection" is spreading. Gideon says that Constantine is with Gary in 2019. Neron has Ray's hand disables Gideon's interface and tells Ray that it's just the two of them. Ray calls Gary and asks where Constantine is, and Gary comes himself and Ray's hand turns black.

After the presentation, Zari and Nate follow Gordon and are forced to duck into a closet when someone comes up. They share an awkward moment, and then Nate tries to talk his way past the guard at the door. Zari knocks him unconscious from behind and they go into the storage room, and Nate spots trick wires protecting the artifact. He has Zari hold his coat.

Charlie tries to rehearse her revelation, and Mick insists that she doesn't know Rebecca. She points out that Rebecca Silver is whoever they want her to be, and Mick points out that the fans read her letters. Charlie realizes that he reads their fan mail and thought it was a big laugh, and Mick insists that it's not.

Nate slides past the wires and gets the artifact and tosses it to Zari. She realizes that it's paper mache and figures that Sara set up the entire thing. Two Nazis come in and demand to know where the real egg is, and Nate and Zari assumes that they're actors.

Sara joins Mona, Ava, and the comatose Nora for book club in the brig. Mona gets an announcement that Rebecca Silver is revealing her identity at Romanti-Con that night and leaves to be there. Once she leaves, Ava says that they can forget book club and finally admits that she didn't read the book. She typically usually uses book club to relax and drink while Mona talks. Sara liked the book, and Ava insists that they discuss it.

In the Waverider study, Gary goes through books and explains that he's interning in magic for Constantine. Ray explains what's happening to him and warns that it's bad, and Gary figures that he has indigestion inside of him. Neron forces Ray to pick up a knife and Ray tries to hold himself back. The demon forces Ray to stab himself, and Gary sees it, realizes what's going on, and says he can help.

The Nazis tie up Nate and Zari, and demand to know where the egg is. The two Legends still don't believe they're real and call Sara. They congratulate her on setting up the adventure, and Sara says that it's a real mission and Nazis are real. The second Nazi throws a knife at the two Legends, just missing. Zari uses her amulet to spin them around so that Nate can turn to steel and deflect the head Nazis bullets. They free themselves and knock out the Nazis, and start to kiss. Sara and Ava arrive and argue about who won their bet. They call Ray, who tells them not to come back to the ship as he threatens Gary with a burner. Zari tells Nate to check on Ray while they find the egg, and assures Nate that their date wasn't ruined. Once Nate leaves, Zari explains what happened and Sara figures that Vincent stole the egg because he didn't get any credit.

On Waverider, Gary locks himself in the brig and realizes that Ray doesn't love him so Ray can kill him without Neron taking over. Disappointed, Gary realizes that he isn't loved or respected by anyone. Neron appears on a monitor and tells Gary that no one appreciates him. The demon says that he sees Gary's potential, and promises Gary that he can make him whole again.

The Q&A starts and Mona slips into the audience. She recognizes Charlie and challenges her to answer a question that she doesn't know about the novels. She demands to see the real Rebecca and the audience joins in with her. Charlie calls the mouth-breathers, and Mick finally takes mike and answers Mona's question. He talks about how he pours his heart out and they're fans to make a connection. Mick admits that he is Rebecca Silver, and Mona agrees. Everyone applauds, much to Mick's surprise.

Constantine arrives at Nora's cell with the ingredients he needs to revive her. He casts the spell to summon her soul back and she wakes up.... and tells Constantine that Neron has Ray.

Nate arrives on Waverider, and looks for Ray. Ray arrives and tells him to leave, and Neron muzzles him and then attacks Nate.

Sara, Ava, and Zari confront the club members, and Vincent insists that he found it and should get the credit. Zari prepares to wipe everyone's memories, and the Nazis arrive.

Ray summons a knife to his hand but Nate figures that Ray is stronger than Neron. After dropping the knife, Ray punches Hank repeatedly, knocks him out, and grabs the knife. He agrees to give in to Neron as long as Neron promises that Nate won't be hurt. The demon agrees, taking over Ray's body, and agrees to keep his promise.

The Nazis grab the real egg after Vincent drops it and opens fire. Sara and Ava knocks the two Nazis out, and Zari manages to grab the egg before it hits the floor.

Ray/Neron tells Constantine that he's taken over Ray and easily avoids his fire balls. Constantine manages to immobilize Neron briefly, saying that he'll separate him from Ray. Gary comes out from the lab and hesitates to help Constantine. Neron says that Constantine demands a lot from Gary but has never given him anything, and summons a jar and tells Gary to open it. Constantine warns Gary not to do it, but Constantine opens the jar and finds his nipple inside. Neron reminds Gary that Constantine seduced him into being unicorn bait, and Gary picks up the piece of skin with the nipple and remembers all of the abuse the Legends have dumped on him. He says that he's tired of being a doormat and attaches the skin to his chest, and Ray/Neron breaks free and knocks Constantine unconscious. Ray/Neron takes Gary's hand, they both disappear.

Sara, Ava, and Zari arrive on the bridge as Gideon comes back on line. They ask where Ray is, and the AI says that Neron has him.

Later, Sara is pouring herself a drink when Charlie, Mick, and Mona arrive, and tells them that she has bad news.

At the Bureau, the doctors confirm that Nora is okay. Ava says that she needs Nora and her powers to find and defeat Neron. She offers Nora Time Bureau membership, and Nora accepts.

Zari finds Nate in medbay getting ready to find Ray. They end up kissing, and the egg on the table makes an odd noise. Gideon analyzes it and reports that it's a dragon egg.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 30, 2019

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