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Egg MacGuffin

Sara sends Nate and Zari on an "easy" mission to 1933 to recover a mysterious golden egg, while she and Ava have book club. Charlie and Mick go to Romanti-Con to make $20,000 off of Charlie pretending to be Mick's writer's psuedonym "Rebecca Silver", while Ray convinces an unlikely ally to help free him from Neron's grasp.

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By Gadfly on Apr 30, 2019

In the Arctic wastelands in 1933, Gordon Gilchrist is reading when his assistant Vincent comes in and says that they found something. It's an egg-shaped cold object Gordon says that it's his greatest discovery. Sara and Zari are bringing in a mummy fugitive and Ava greets them. As she reminds Sara about book club, Nate joins them and mocks the mummy. Zari banters with him and once they leave, Ava wonders what that was. Sara goes after Zari and asks why she and Nate are awkward. Zari wonders w…

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