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Nip | Stuck Recap

At Donner Pass in the Ice Age, the possessed Ray shows Constantine around and says that he needs him to open up a doorway to Hell. He explains that the door is to bring Tabitha there from the other side, meaning she doesn't need a human vessel. Neron says that Gary is at the Time Bureau taking care of business.

At the Bureau, Nora registers as an agent. Ava and Mona are not impressed by her ID photo, and Ava gives Nora her start paperwork. She says that until they have a line on Ray there's nothing she can do, and she needs Nora to prove that she's a team player given her history. Ava finds Gary in her office in her chair, and he tells her to shut the door because they need to talk.

On Waverider, Sara figures that Neron needs Constantine for something so he spared him. Gideon is looking for Constantine and until she finds something, they have no choice but to wait. Nate goes to clear his head.

Ava tells the agents that they're conducting performance reviews and is having Gary assess them. Gary steps up and says that he'll be meeting with agents one-on-one. Afterward, Mona asks Ava if it's the best time for performance reviews and wonders if Gary is the best man to do them. A bedazzled Ava says that Gary is the best man they have.

Neron sharpens a knife and tells Constantine that it's for Ray. He offers to cut Ray's wrist, and says that Ray is gone and then starts to cut his throat. Constantine turns the knife into a seed pod, and Ray smiles and says that Constantine will soon see what he has in mind.

Zari finds Nate in the lab playing music for the dragon egg. He says that they have to everything possible to make nothing bad happens to the egg. Zari assures him that the egg will be okay, and Nate hopes Ray will get to see the dragon. Gideon gets a lock on Constantine's magic and the Legends head there. Neron sees Waverider arrive and tells Sara via the comms that Ray is gone. Constantine tells Sara to open fire and kill both of them. Sara opens Gideon to fire, but Nate says that if they kill Neron then they lose Ray. Sara hesitates and Mick tells Gideon to fire. Neron teleports himself and Constantine away using the time stone, and the snow comes down. Sara realizes that it's a trap and orders Waverider to retreat but they're buried.

Sara has Gideon hail the bureau, and Ava ignores the transmission. Gideon reports that the ice will thaw in a few thousand years and recommends disabling all but essential systems to maintain life support. Nate complains that Mick fired on Ray and got them buried, and Mick says that when a teammate goes dark they have to kill them.

Neron takes Constantine to a Celtic village in 55 BC, and Constantine says that his portals are one-way. The demon says that they're to teach Constantine newer magic, and Constantine's ancestor King Konstentyn arrives with his men. His men are carrying a magical creature in a cage.

Nora is working on the paperwork when Mona comes in. She tells Nora that Gary is doing the performance reviews and Ava shut her down, and says that they have to look into what's going on. Nora doesn't want to endanger her new position, just as Mona's friend MacNeil comes in and robotically says that Gary is all the man they need. Convinced, Nora agrees to look into it and find out where Waverider is.

Sara, Mick, and Charlie try to hack their way out, and Mick insists that he made the call Sara should have. The leader wonders where Mick was when Neron took Ray, and says that he and Charlie were scamming people at a convention. Mick snaps at her, saying that she's the only one who gets to have fun with her girlfriend and wasn't around, and Sara tells Mick to deal with their escape if he has all the answers.

That night at Stonehenge, Konstentyn tells his people that magical creatures threaten their way of life. Neron and Constantine are watching, and Neron says that he wants Constantine to learn that Konstentyn created the rift between magical creatures and humans. Constantine figures that the creature deserves to go to Hell, but Neron says that Konstentyn exploited the fear to bolster his magical power. Konstentyn reveals a Puca in the cage, and Konstentyn says that it doesn't look threatening but they have to draw it out. Constantine figures that Konstentyn is misinformed, and Neron suggests that he talk to his ancestor. Meanwhile, Konstentyn says that he will banish the Puca to Hell later that night.

At the Bureau, Gary calls Agent Powell to his office. Once Powell leaves, Mona hacks Powell's computer but to try and connect with Waverider but can't get through. MacNeil comes in and wonders why Mona is there, and MacNeil and two more agents ask if she's received her performance review. Mona acts entranced and leaves. Nora yanks her into an office and says that they need to talk.

Nate and Zari check on the dragon, and Nate calls it "Wickstable" after the dragon he drew as a child. Zari figures that the egg needs skin-to-skin contact and puts it under her coat, and Nate touches it and says that it's working. She wonders if they skipped the fun stuff and went right to a baby, and they start making out.

On the bridge, Sara tries to read the ship schematics and Gideon warns that they have 34 hours of power left. Mick comes in and apologizes, and then the real Mick comes in. The first "Mick" reveals that she's Charlie, and Charlie tells them that Ray would have a plan and be working to get them out. Mick admits that she's right, and as Sara and Mick go to check Ray's quarters, Sara thanks Charlie for her help.

Nora and Mona figure that Gary is doing something with the performance reviews, and Mona suggests that they lure Gary into the brig and trap him in a force field. Nora locks the brig door and says that Mona needs a timeout and "Gary Green is all the man they need".

A hooded Constantine approaches Konstentyn and tells it that the Puca doesn't deserve to go to Hell. He claims that he's Konstentyn's cousin and says that there is a demon in the village they can banish together. Konstentyn seemingly agrees, then knocks Constantine out, figures that he's a face shifter, and prepares to send him to Hell with the Puca.

Sara and Mick go through Ray's quarters and Sara talks about how they all met. Mick notes that they're the last of the original Legends, and Sara says that they were different back then. She tells Mick that she knows the book convention was important for him to go, and Mick says that he's glad she has Ava. He finds "Ray Palmer's Survival Guide", including what to do if they're caught in an avalanche. His final advice is to enjoy each other because they're all that they have.

Constantine wakes up tied up to a pillar next to the Puca. Neron shows up and wonders if Constantine has considered what it will be like in Hell. Constantine wonders who Tabitha is and why she's so important, and Neron hints that Constantine has sent her away before. He suggests that Constantine stabilize the portal to avoid going to Hell, but Constantine says that he always expected to go there. Neron asks about the Puca, and Constantine says that he's just a bastard.

Nate and Zari join the others, and Sara arrives and tells Gideon to turn on the heat and the fabricators. Mick agrees with her, and Sara says that Ray would have faith that they would escape so they're going to enjoy their time together.

Mona figures that she's going to die alone without books or laughter. Her hand transforms into the Kaupe's and says that Mona won't die alone.

Constantine tells the Puca that he's sorry she'll die with him. He admits that he's terrified that he'll have to watch Raymond and Astra and all of the others that he's failed be tortured along with him. The Puca growls at him and Constantine figures that it can sense the rottenness in him, but it cures his head wound with magic. The Celts arrive and tell them that it's time to see Konstentyn.

Konstentyn tells the villagers that the world is sometimes dangerous and monstrous, and declares Constantine and the Puca creatures of the dark. He asks his villagers what they would have him do with the creatures, and they all chant to send them to Hell. Their fear magically powers Konstentyn's sword.

The Bureau agents line up in the hallway, and Ava and Nora take Mona to Gary's office. Gary tells Mona to make herself comfortable, offers her a mint, takes one himself, and accuses her of being disloyal. Mona tries to hold her Kaupe self in control.

The Legends play Ray's card game, and Charlie points out that Nate and Zari are shagging. Sara figures they won't be so weird now, and reads a card from the game about a teammate turning on them. One player suggests that they work together as a family rather than a team, and Gideon says that the use of their energy has melted the ice. Sara orders the team to positions to free Waverider.

Konstentyn tells his people that he will send the creatures straight to Hell. The king opens a portal which starts to pull Constantine and the Puca in. Constantine finally casts a spell to stabilize the portal, and then tells the Puca to run. Once it leaves, Constantine tells Konstentyn that he's used his own magic against him, grabs a sword, and gets the drop on Konstentyn. He cuts off his hand with the sword, and Konstentyn insists that he will always protect his people. A villager leads Konstentyn off, and Constantine picks up the severed hand and stares at the portal.

Gary asks Mona what they will do about her disloyalty. He tells her to gaze into his nipple, which becomes a magical third eye. Mona yells for Wolfie and transforms.

Neron emerges applauding Constantine's efforts to make himself more powerful by using the villagers' fear. Constantine prepares to strike him down, and Neron summons a sword of his own.

Gideon warns that they're low on power and unlikely to push through. Sara ignores her and powers up Waverider, breaking free of the ice and flying into the sky. Gideon reports that all systems are on-line and they head for Constantine's location.

Gary tries to run out of the office but discovers that it's locked, and Wolfie comes after him. He yells for help, and Nora and Ava come in. They fight and Wolfie slams their heads together. The concussions break Gary's spell and they glare at him.

Constantine and Neron fight over the portal, and Constantine cats a magical blast to knock Neron back. As he prepares to kill him, Waverider arrives and Sara and Mick both tell Constantine not to give up on Ray. Constantine jumps into the portal, saying that he's going to save Ray. Neron casts a spell and tells Tabitha to show herself. Fairy Godmother appears and says that it's wonderful to be back, and she and Neron kiss. Neron teleports away with her.

Wolfie tells Ava and Nora that Gary has a hypnotic nipple, and Ava figures that the nipple made him evil. Wolfie grabs him and bites out Gary's nipple, and then throws him out into the hallway. Gary insists that it was his nipple, just as Neron and Tabitha appear. He asks them to save her, and Tabitha turns Wolfie back into Mona. As they leave with Mona, Nora tells Ava to warn the Legends while she helps Mona.

Ava arrives on Waverider and tells the Legends what happened. Ray says that they'll go to Hell and rescue Ray.

Constantine lands in Hell: an urban street. He gets out a cigarette and starts walking.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2019

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