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Point of Origin Recap

On a snowy suburban street, an ice cream truck drives by the Martin house. Eve shows two party planners around a house, explaining that she and her husband William are having a new parent dinner for third grade parents, and they want to make an impression. She calls the servant Anna to check on her twin daughters, and then to greet a deliveryman at the door.

Later, Eve looks out the window at the blue sky. Anna comes in and says that they want her grandson to go the local charter school but her daughter doesn't live in the district. She shows Eve a photo of her grandson and asks if they can use the Martins' address as his address since they live in the district. Eve agrees, insisting that Anna doesn't owe her everything. Anna thanks Eve and leaves, checking at the door as someone knocks. Eve realizes who it is and yells at Anna not to, but HIS agents come in and tells Anna that she has to come with them. The agents handcuff her and take her away.

Later at a tea party, Eve tells the other wives what happened. They offer their condolences but say that immigrants know the risk when they come there. The Martins don't know where the HIS took Anna, and neither does her family. The wives sympathize but say that immigrants don't' understand what it's like to be Americans.

That night, Eve sleeps in her bed and dreams of a barren wasteland.

The next day, Eve and William have breakfast with their twin daughters Isabelle and Jacqueline. They wonder when Anna will be back. William says that she went back to Guatemala, and Eve quickly changes the subject. Her husband assures her that they'll find Anna eventually.

Eve, Isabelle, and Jacqueline go into town to shop, and Eve parks her SUV over two parking spots. They pass a homeless man and Eve doesn't see a reason to give him a dollar. As they shop, the clerk asks Eve if she has a reward card and Eve doesn't know what a reward card is. Her credit card is declined as is her second one. Eve insists that there's something wrong with the machine, and as the other people in line get impatient Eve storms off to go to another store. They get to the SUV car and find a note on the door complaining that Eve took up two parking spots. As they get into the SUV, HIS agents pull up, confirm who Eve is, and tell her to come with them. An agent says that her children will be transported to the facility in a separate vehicle, and William is on his way. The man says that it's a matter of national security

At the HIS facility, Eve is left to wait until William arrives. He says that their daughters are in the juvenile detention facility, and has no idea what's going on. Eve explains that her credit cards were declined, and William figures that it's identity theft. His wife talks about how she let Anna use their address, but William figures that it's a misunderstanding and assures Eve that he's there for her.

The Martins are finally called into an office. Agent Allendale meets with them and refuses to answer Eve's question about where their daughter is. He reviews their history and Eve asks if has to do with the school. Eve admits that she let their housekeeper use their address, and offers a donation to the school. Allendale asks if she's offering a bribe, and then says that it has nothing to do with the school. As the children are brought in, Allendale says that it's better not to discuss why they're there in front of the girls. He then apologies for the government inefficiency, saying there was no reason to drag them all there. Allendale tells them that Eve will remain with them for further evaluation. William promises to get Eve a lawyer, and Allendale tells her that it's in her best interests not to resist.

Eve is processed and taken to a holding room past a janitor, Otto. She finds Anna, who is surprised to see her there. Eve apologizes, saying that she had no idea that she would take them there, and Anna says that she does know and they would deport her to Mexico. The woman explains that she is from Guatemala, not Mexico, and she took care of Eve's children. Anna asks what the name of her children are, and Eve doesn't know. Eve apologizes and Anna says that she has known for some time that they come from the same place. She agrees to help Eve since Eve helped her grandson, and leads her off.

They go to the communal restroom and once Anna confirms that they're alone, reveals a hidden door. She sends Eve down the passageway beyond, and Otto steps out and realizes that he's the homeless man she saw earlier in the parking garage. Otto leads her on, saying that they're the same, and Eve follows him. He takes her to a room where a woman is meeting with some other prisoners. Otto explains that the woman, Aidia, isn't speaking English even though Eve hears hear speaking English, and only people like them can understand. When Eve is done, she can't tell anyone that he was there.

Eve approaches Aidia, who says that it's good to see her again. She realizes that Eve doesn't remember who she is and says that many of them were left behind, afraid to see if a blue sky was possible instead of the grey skies. Otto tells Eve to listen, and Aidia says that they thought the young would never need to know where they came from. The natives hate that they're there and are rounding them up, and now Eve needs to remember who she is before they do so they can't unlock her memories. Eve remembers the barren landscape from her dreams, and Aidia tells her that they want to send them back but it's their home now and they love it.

His agents bust in and Otto hides. The agents capture Aidia and the others, and drag them away.

Later, Allendale has Eve taken to a lab and strapped to a table. He assures her that she's strapped in for her own safety, and they're "evaluating" her. He asks her about the infinite number of dimensional realities, and she says that has no idea. They put a mask on her and a technician activates the circuitry. Allendale says that their dimension was infiltrated five years ago by people from a neighboring dimension. Thirty years ago, a caravan from that dimension crossed over into theirs searching for a better future. They learned that the pilgrims were diluting the natural evolution of their lives, and the device Eve is in is a way to determine a suspected pilgrim's true point of origin. Allendale turns on the device and Eve screams in pain.

Eve wakes up in a hospital bed and the doctor tells her that she had a seizure and he wishes there was a safer way to gather the confirmations they need. He asks Eve to give William and the girls his apologies for any stress they might have caused them. The doctor says that her tests came back negative and William is filling out the discharge papers. Eve gets up and finds William waiting for her. He takes Eve home and their daughters greet them.

Later as the couple go to bed, Eve describes what happened to her and that all she could imagine was coming back home. William assures her that she's home, and Eve says that they showed her the other dimension and a girl that looked like her. She wonders how they showed her her nightmare, and says that sometimes when she looks at the sky she feels bad. Eve wonders if she's from another dimension.

Eve wakes up from her invoked images and Allendale tells her that her feeling gave her away. He says that they found another pilgrim.

Later, Eve is taken to her cell. The slot in the door opens and Otto calls in, saying that he can get her out if she pays. Eve says that William will pay him, and Otto finally agrees and tells her he'll get her out sometime that night. She says that she has to get Anna out as well, but Otto refuses and leaves.

That night, an orderly--Mosher--opens the cell door and tells Eve to get into a cart holding infected corpses. She reluctantly does so and when they come to a guard, tells her that he's transported infecting bodies. The orderly advises the guard to put on gloves if she's going to sort through the bodies, and the guards let him pass without searching the cart. Once they're clear, Mosher gives Eve directions on how to get out. Anna will join her and the two of them will escape. They'll get to the spot in the fence that Mosher cut and make their way to the main road.

Eve and Anna get out, following the plan. A driver in an ice cream truck arrives and picks them up. Anna refuses to get in, saying that she doesn't trust them. She says that they can't trust anyone and runs off.

The next day, the truck arrives at the Martins' home. Eve runs into the house and finds William and the twins staring at her. She says that they have to go, but Williams sends the girls upstairs and then asks why Eve came back there. Eve insists that they have to go, but he tells her that she should have run and she's not who she is. She insists that she's his wife, but William says that she never was. Allendale and his agents come in and tell her to leave his home, and they drag her away. William watches from the window and the neighbors watch as Eve is taken away.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2019

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