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Point of Origin

The government takes away Eve, a suburban housewife, and claims that she harbors a dark secret but won't tell her what it is.

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By Gadfly on May 18, 2019

On a snowy suburban street, an ice cream truck drives by the Martin house. Eve shows two party planners around a house, explaining that she and her husband William are having a new parent dinner for third grade parents, and they want to make an impression. She calls the servant Anna to check on her twin daughters, and then to greet a deliveryman at the door. Later, Eve looks out the window at the blue sky. Anna comes in and says that they want her grandson to go the local charter school but h…

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Episode Discussion

Steve1264 posted 2 years ago

What the f**k was that all about ?  Looked promising to start off with but then became an incomprehensible mess.  Terrible. 

NickBenz posted 3 years ago

Agree with other poster, and would add that this series to total garbage, PC garbage that is so heavy handed as to be offensive to the viewer. Still giving it a chance to some reason, but got about 15 minutes into this one (after some ff) and had to turn it off.

quintas posted 3 years ago

I must say this series turned out to be a real flop. Very, very disappointed with the stories and their presentation.

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