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The Blue Scorpion Recap

Professor Jeff Storck arrives at his father' home while talking to his wife on the phone about the possibility of divorce. He calls to his father but gets no answer, and discovers that he's shot himself dead. On the floor, a bullet has the father's name on it---Otis--and the name fades away from the bullet before Jeff can see it.

The police arrive in response to Jeff's call, and Lt. Bludworth tells Jeff that suicides are always investigated. He asks about the gun that Otis used, and Jeff sees a blue scorpion symbol on the handle. Jeff tells Bludworth that Otis hates guns and would rather talk to the police later. Bludworth shows Jeff a note that Otis wrote saying "I love him more than you",

After the police leave, Jeff looks through the house. Later, he gives the eulogy at Lake Cayuga that his father loved , as Otis' ashes are dumped into the water. Jeff wonders what happened to Otis that drove him to suicide.

As Jeff cleans out his father's home, he finds an old tied-dyed t-shirt and puts it on. He finds an unlocked wall safe in the closet that he never knew was there, and inside is a heart-shaped case. Inside it he finds a bullet with the name "Jeff" printed on it. Shocked, Jeff puts it in and closes the lid, and puts the case back in the safe.

Jeff goes to teach his class and hears dozens of people mentioning the name "Jeff".

That night, Jeff drives to his wife Anne's house to get his mail. Anne comes out holding a gun, mistaking Jeff for an intruder until he says why he's there. He wonders why she has a gun and takes it from her, and Anne explains that there were a couple of home invasions in the area recently. She gives Jeff a package that the police delivered earlier. He figures that it's Otis' gun, and she tells him that he'll need the money and she's gotten an attorney for the divorce. Jeff is surprised that she's getting a divorce instead of therapy, and Anne tells him that she's fallen in love with another man named Jeff.

Later at his home, Jeff opens the package and looks at the gun. He accidentally drops the clip on the floor, and then looks at Otis' note. The next day, Jeff calls a gun store and tries to sell the gun. The owner, Bob Jeff, explains that the gun is the legendary Blue Scorpion, that was made by Eulogio Cienfuegos. The legend is that the gun finds its owner rather than the other way around, and is worth up to $50,000. The Blue Scorpion fires by itself, and Bob tells him to send him a photo and if Jeff does send it, to punch a hole in the box because the legend is the Blue Scorpion is afraid of the dark. Jeff is shocked to realize the owner's last name is Jeff.

Jeff puts the gun and the case in the safe, making sure to turn the light on inside. He discovers that he can't close the safe door.

Later at his office, Jeff talks to a student, Grace Niu. As she talks about how her research project on animism is messing with her head, Bob Jeff calls. A man comes to the office door and Grace closes it, and then talks about how she thinks objects are her friends. Jeff says that it's anthromorphism. Bob Jeff calls again, and Jeff ignores it and listens to Grace talk about her issues. She wants to change her subject and Jeff finally agrees. The man at the door introduces himself as Anne's attorney, Jeff Dolin. Jeff tells Dolin to ease off, saying that it isn't a good time, and slams the door in Dolin's face. He has the bullet with him and looks at the name "Jeff" on it.

Bob Jeff calls again, and Jeff takes the call and tells him to stop calling. The owner says that he has people owning up to buy it and they can make $100,000 on it.

That night at home, a high Jeff plays Otis' guitar and then gets the gun out of the safe. He strokes it and checks the clip, then puts the Blue Scorpion back in the safe. As Jeff walks away, the light comes on in the bedroom. Jeff goes in and finds the Blue Scorpion on the bed, Eulogio is sitting next to it and introduces himself, and Jeff figures that he's hallucinating. The man says that the gun wants to help Jeff and only wants one thing in return: to be kept in the light. Eulogio disappears as if he never existed.

The next day, Jeff goes to a gun range and hesitantly approaches the manager. The manager checks the gun to see if it's suitable to fire on the range, and Jeff says that he only needs to shoot it once before he sells it. When the manager wonders why he needs to shoot it first, Jeff explains that the shooting will destroy the bullet and then he'll be better. He says that he keeps meeting people named Jeff since he got the gun, and the assistant Dana says that the manager's name is Jeff.

Jeff goes onto the range, loads normal bullets, and fires the Blue Scorpion. Jeff fires the gun, startling himself with the recoil, and then braces himself and fires again. He slowly gets into shooting the gun, slowly improving his aim. Jeff finally runs out of bullets, checks the bullets, and finds the Jeff bullet still in the clip.

Arriving at his office, Jeff carefully puts the gun in his desk drawer. He puts it on a silk cloth and places a flashlight next to it to make sure that it's lit.

Later, Jeff meets with Anne and Dolin, and sees Anne's new lover outside in the hall. He places a backpack with the Blue Scorpion on the table and fingers the Jeff bullet. As Anne sits down, Jeff chuckles and Dolin asks if Jeff wants to review the settlement terms without a lawyer. Jeff says that he has a friend who is going to make all of his troubles disappear, then takes a notebook out of his backpack. They start dividing the assets, and Jeff objects when Anne asks for his father's bass guitar. Jeff says that he loves Anne and wonders how she can take it from him. When Jeff starts cursing, Dolin calls for a security guard and Jeff shoves him away. He tells Anne that she can have everything except for the Blue Scorpion, and goes to the elevator. As he goes, he yells at Anne that he loves "him" more than he ever loved her.

Back at home, Jeff is lying on the couch. Bob Jeff calls and Jeff tells him that he's not going to sell the gun. He tosses the phone away and takes the gun from under his pillow. Jeff points it at the ceiling and pretends to shoot it around the room. He sees a neighbor taking out his garbage and aims the Blue Scorpion at him through the window. The neighbor goes inside, and Jeff aims the gun at his reflection in a mirror. He drives to Anne's house and stares at the other Jeff through her bedroom window, then takes the Blue Scorpion out and loads it with the Jeff bullet.

A robber breaks the car window and grabs Jeff. Jeff drops the gun and the robber yanks him out of the car, and the Blue Scorpion fires, hitting the robber. Jeff gets into his car and gets the gun, and as he gets out the police pull up. They order Jeff to drop the gun and get down, and Jeff does. The officers confirm that the robber matches the description of the man invading the homes in the area. Jeff figures that the robber's first name is Jeff, and the officers confirm from the robber's ID that he's right. One officer, Stewart, asks Jeff for his story.

In the days to come, the newspapers say that Jeff is a hero for capturing a serial burglar.

Jeff signs the settlement papers. Anne has made numerous concessions to show her gratitude for Jeff protecting her and the other Jeff. The couple hug as the other Jeff stands in the hallway, watching.

The regents offer Jeff the chair of the department of anthropology, and Jeff accepts.

A police officer visits Jeff and gives him a box with the Blue Scorpion. The next day, Jeff takes the gun to Lake Cayuga and throws it in the water.

Sometime later, two boys, Dylan and Kyle, walk along the shore and set up to fish. They find the Blue Scorpion washed up on shore and Dylan picks it up. Kyle finds a bullet nearby with his name on it, but Ryan doesn't see it. They put the bullet in the gun and start playing with it.

Written by Gadfly on May 25, 2019

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