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Death Moves Pretty Fast Recap

Harris Burrows goes back on the air in his booth, boasting that he's a pirate DJ. He invites a caller to his place to party and invites everyone, and says that it should be 80s themed like the others.

That night at the party, Harris tours the crowd and finds his girlfriend, Amy O'Neill, off-theme. They kiss as Amy's ex-boyfriend Jamie Ross looks on, and Harris sees him and comments on it.

Al interviews Blaine about his checked past and asks what the difference is between who he was and who he is. Blaine says that now he's needed and appreciated, and that never happened to the man he was before. Al asks if he's going to enter into politics, and says that Baracas was a frequent guest at the Scratching Post. Blaine says that Baracas owed him money and he doesn't want him dead, and flirts with Al. She says that she'll be done interviewing him after Thursday, and Blaine invites her to dinner. They hear Harris' party next door and Blaine goes over.

Harris' friend Hamm tells him that there's a pissed "old dude" at the door. When Harris answers the door, Blaine tells him to have the person who is blocking his driveway move his car. Harris mocks him off, and Blaine says that he enjoys killing people that piss him off. He has Harris nod if he understands, and Harris closes the door and goes back to partying. Blaine starts to rage out.

Dixie meets with her CHICS men, who have three brains. She tells them to put them directly into the tubes, and the leader assures her that he knows what he's doing.

Harris gets into his sauna and hears someone screwing the door shut with a power tool. The man then turns the heat up on the sauna and leaves.

Later, the police arrive and Ravi and Liv discuss Peyton going to DC to discuss the Pentagon not nuking Seattle. An officer tells them that Harris is his mother died and his dad lives outside the wall. Harris was independently wealthy and he owns the house. Liv and Ravi check out the corpse and confirmed that he died of severe hypothermia. Clive falls down the stairs and the EMTs take him away. Before he goes, he tells Liv and Ravi that money was probably the motive. A uni, Eileen, says that Amy found the body and claims that an "old guy" came by and threatened Harris over the party. Ravi tells Clive that they'll go while the EMTs take Clive to the hospital.

Liv and Ravi go to Blaine's place and ask him if he threatened Harris' life. Blaine admits that he does, and Ravi tells him that he's dead so Blaine is under arrest for murder. He invites them in and admits that he hated Harris but that doesn't mean he killed him. Liv reminds Blaine that she'll eat Harris' brain and find out that he's the killer. Al listens as Ravi says that Blaine is a teen murderer. Blaine boasts that he's untouchable, and Ravi promises that he will pay for it. Al comes out and Blaine introduces her to Ravi and Liv. He says that Al was there the entire night and she confirms that Blaine was with her.

At FG, Lambert tells Major that CHICS is planning a coordinated blockade of the brain dispensaries. He asks how they intend to respond, and Major jokingly suggests machetes and hand grenades. Major then tells Lambert that they'll have mobile tube deliveries. Lambert insists that an example must be made, but Major figures that they should avoid confrontation.

Liv eats Harris' brain and then checks on Ravi, who is reading an autopsy on Isobel. Isobel's mother says that Isobel's brain made a zombie human, and Ravi blames himself because he didn't warn the mother. Al comes in and sees the cooked brains, and sneaks a bite. She then tells Liv and Ravi that she only slept at Blaine's because her car was blocked in, and they slept in separate rooms. The reporter asks if Blaine has killed teens before, and Liv says that Blaine was a drug dealer and drugs kill teens. Al notes that Blaine is under investigation for Baracas' murder, and Liv says that Baracas went to the Scratching Post, linking Blaine, but nothing was ever proven.

Once Al leaves, Ravi figures that Blaine killed Baracas and Liv agrees, but says that they can't arrest Blaine unless they want to stop the brains coming into Seattle. Ravi blames himself for not being able to save kids, and Liv says that she's hatching a scheme to solve the case. Ravi doesn't want to play cop, but Liv says that he'll want in on it. With Clive in the hospital, they can harass Blaine, get a warrant to search Blaine's place, and interrogate him. Ravi agrees and Liv says that it will be fun.

Later, Liv and Ravi interview Hamm. Clive calls Liv talks to him privately. He's on pain meds, and he wants to be in on interviewing Hamm. Liv sets the phone on table and says that Clive will be joining them. Hamm has told Ravi that Harris got rich through Bitcoin when his econ teacher Mooney dared him to prove it wasn't a scam, and complains that things always worked out for Harris until he was murdered. He says that Blaine threatened to kill Harris but everyone else loved him except Amy's ex, Jamie. Harris stole her from Jamie and he didn't take it well. Hamm says that Amy and Jamie will be at Harris' vigil at the high school later.

Lambert discovers that they're missing more brain tubes than usual. He gets a field report from a FG soldier, Wells about odd zombie activity across the city: confusion, disorientation, and memory loss. Lambert confirms that it's connected to brain tubes, and the soldier asks if they're going to let CHICS get away with blockading their brain dispensaries.

Liv and Ravi go to the high school where Hamm gives a eulogy at the visitation. They spot the vice principal, Lee Mooney, and he explains that he used to be the econ teacher who challenged Harris, and has retired because Harris proved he was smarter. Mooney points out Jamie to them as he walks away, and Hamm calls on Mooney to confirm one of his stories about Harris. The other students laugh, and Amy goes after Jamie.

Ravi and Liv find Amy talking to Jamie, and Jamie says that he doesn't remember Amy even though he was fine an hour ago. Liv introduces herself as a detective with the Seattle PD, and Ravi examines Jamie. He figures that they should get Jamie to a hospital, and Amy says that Jamie is a zombie and she used to be as well. Harris got her a black market cure, and that brought them together. Amy broke up with Jamie a couple of hours after he took the cure. Mooney drives off in a car with flames painted on it, and Ravi notices. Liv has a memory flash of Mooney yelling for Harris as Harris and Hamm watch from the bushes, and Liv tells Ravi that Harris pranked Mooney and the ex-teacher wasn't amused.

Lambert tells Major that they sent soldiers out, and Major is unable to work out the numbers. The inspector says that he's learned what he needed and leaves.

Back at the morgue, Liv and Ravi find Steve napping on a table. Harris' lawyer sends Liv Harris' video will, and Liv plays it rather than send it to Clive. In the video, Harris says that "he's back" and leaves his radio equipment to Hamm as long as he continues the show. Everything else he leaves to the charities that his father picks out. Ravi wonders if Hamm killed Harris to get the radio equipment, and Liv smiles and asks Steve if he can hack Harris' social media account.

That night, Ravi returns home and finds Major staring off into space. Major wonders where his shoulder pads. When Liv arrives, Ravi tells her that Major is on Alzheimer brains and serves him brains. They figure that the corpses who were stolen, and Ravi has confirmed they were all Alzheimer's patients. Ravi figures that Dead Enders are spiking the brain tubes.

The next day at the station, Ravi is talking to Peyton on the phone. He finds Liv and Steve leading the officers in a song for Eileen's birthday. Afterward, Steve tells Liv and Ravi Harris' password and Ravi realizes that Liv is going to access the account.

Wells tells Lambert that the humans are surrounding the brain dispensaries because they haven't realized FG is doing mobile brain dispensing. Once the soldier leaves, Lambert calls in a riot control team with a water cannon.

At home, Major recovers his mental acuity and leaves a message for Ravi. Major thanks him and Liv for looking after him, He watches the news and sees a report of the riot control team shooting the water cannon at the protestors.

At the high school, the students get a video and stare at it in shock. It's of Harris, saying that he's back. It's from his will, making it look like Harris is alive.

That night at Harris' pirate radio station, Amy calls and "Harris" says that he's alive. Ravi and Liv emerge from the closet, and Steve puts on a record. Liv assures him that they have the place secure and nobody can get past them. Ravi wonders if Blaine and his killers arrive, but Liv figures that it isn't Blaine. Clive calls and complains that Liv filed an overtime request for 12 officers. Liv admits that she did and they're trying to flush out Harris' killer. Someone shoots through the window and Steve hits the floor.

Later, Liv tells Steve that her plan could have gone better. Clive says that it couldn't have. Ravi tends to Steve's wound, and Eileen brings in the shooter: Hamm. Hamm realizes that Harris is really dead, and says that it was exhausting being Harris' sidekick. Harris' father laughed when they pranked him, but Hamm's parents took away his college tuition and Harris could have covered it but didn't. Clive watches and insists that it was a stupid plan, and Liv lets Eileen deal with arresting Hamm. As Liv leaves, she gets a memory flash of Harris buying the zombie cure from a disguised Don E.

A deliveryman brings flowers from Blaine to Al.

Liv tells Ravi what she saw.

At the Scratching Post, Al talks to Don E about how she ate some of Harris' brain and had a memory-vision of Don E giving him the zombie cure. She figures that since Blaine had the cure, and whoever had the cure killed Baracas. Don E assumes that Al is talking about Peyton and says that Blaine and Peyton used to be a thing, and Al asks for details.

Later, Al visits Peyton in her office and asks for her comment if the authorities knew about Blaine's checkered past before having him smuggle brains into Seattle. Peyton confirms Blaine's past, and Al asks her about Blaine murdering Baracas and the teenagers at Meat Cute. Peyton says that there was no proof, and twists nervously. Al says that she has enough, and Peyton tells her that ten thousand zombies rely on the brains Blaine smuggles into the business. The reporter asks if committed the murders to put Peyton in charge, and wonders how Peyton could have fallen for Blaine's "charms".

At home, Blaine leaves a message for Al asking if she meant to stand him up. He then calls a woman and tells her to bring a friend.

Major calls Lambert into his office while watching a news report about how the FG may be returning to the police state. The reporter interviews Dolly, who says that the humans will prevail. Major says that the attack on the humans doesn't sound like him, and points out that he got dosed with Alzheimer's brains. Lambert denies knowing anything about it, but Major knows that Wells briefed Lambert. He says that Lambert gave the Dead Ends what they wanted, and tells him that he's going to go away for a while. Two soldiers arrive to escort Lambert away, and Lambert insists that he did what he had to and Major's failure of leadership will end all of the zombies.

Peyton shows Liv Al's article about Blaine, saying that he's the devil in disguise. She figures that people will believe that she's either her accomplice or to blinded by their relationship to see the truth. Liv goes to Ravi and finds him upset. He tells Liv that the AP picked up the story about Isobel's illness and now everyone knows the kids with Freyrich have the cure.

Don E calls Blaine and tells him that Al's profile went online and he should just read it. He reports that no brains shipped because of the story, and Boss isn't picking up. Blaine is shocked to see the story about him, and someone shoots at his house, yells "Zombie murderer", and drives off. Furious, Blaine reads the story again. A story about Isobel comes up, and Blaine gets an idea.

Joyce tells Major that Lambert is in the box... and 17 prisoners are gone. Major wonders who unthawed their prisoners and why.

The semi-thawed zombies stagger around a cell.

Written by Gadfly on May 31, 2019

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