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Level Up Recap

Lia puts a watch on her steering wheel, turns on the stereo to a trumpet, and puts on a mask. When the timer reaches zero, Lia pulls down the mask and two female robbers kill the owner and run into the car. They discover that Lia is gone as the police arrives.

At the club, Lia removes her mask. A uni officer comes in behind her and sits down, and Lia goes to the stage where Andre is playing to his audience of mostly women.

Tyrone and Tandy look at Andre lying on the ground, and Tyrone assures Tandy that she didn't kill him when she threw her light dagger. They both hear Andre playing his trumpet, and Tandy remembers it from the motel. She figures that Miles played the trumpet to draw on the despair of the women he gathered, and now he plans to draw the whole world in so they need to find someone who can locate him.

Mina is surprised that Mayhem came to her, and runs a MRI test on her. Mayhem says that she doesn't know who she's supposed to be, and notes that Mina seems to know who she is. Mina explains that her life has been dedicated to harnessing the special energy, but then it blew up a year ago and split Brigid into two people. She says that she blames herself even if she knows better, and she's trying to understand it to control it. However, Mina figures that it's better to do something than nothing. She confirms that the rage is still in Mayhem's brain, but there is also empathy and compassion. Mayhem asks if there's love, and Mina admits that she hasn't learned to map it but she ca contain it. There's a crash, and Mina doesn't respond when Mayhem calls to her. She crawls out and sees a tray on the floor.

Tandy and Tyrone go to Evita, and Tyrone notes that she said that she didn't want to see him. Undeterred, Tandy figures that Evita meant romantically and that they need her help to find the missing people. Evita can hear them inform the next room and does a Tarot reading. She confirms that someone has been given the power but none of the responsibility, and he brings destruction to everyone. Evita says that Tandy and Tyrone need to go where most cannot.

The trio go to the church and Evita power-staples Tyrone's cloak to the floor to hold it in place. She tells him that he needs to go in without his cloak, and creates a portal. with a candle if The candle goes out before they return, they may be trapped in the dark realm forever. First Tandy and then Tyrone enter the portal.

Tandy lights up the darkness with one of her daggers, and Tyrone finds her. They find the Roxxon gas station and call for Legba, and find the place torn up and the viewfinder destroyed. There's no sign of the mall and Tandy is unable to fix the viewfinder. Tyrone insists that they can do it together, and Tandy worries that she's not strong enough to save the women. Her friend says that she sounds like him, and assures her that she's the strongest people he's ever met. Tandy figures that she'd be better off if she could teleport, and Tyrone figures that maybe she can. He has her draw out a veve showing where they should go, and the veve includes daggers. Tyrone says that hers are full of pure hope, the opposite of despair. He has Tandy think of where she needs to be, assuring her that he believes in her. The mall appears where the veve is pointing, They go to the doors and realize that something tried to get out.

Ion the church, Evita chants in French Creole, trying to keep the candle lit. A wing threatens to blow out the candle, and wings flap in the distance.

Tandy and Tyrone enter the mall, and Tandy figures that Andre is throwing off the supernatural order of things. They head for the record store past the camping store.

Evita continues chanting, and Mayhem knocks a shadow creature away as it advances on Evita from behind. The girl figures that the gods sent the creature to blow out the candle, and Mayhem says that she thinks she's there to protect the candle and more people are disappearing.

Tandy and Tyrone come to versions of themselves, and Tandy figures that they're possibilities of what they could be. The two teenagers continue on, and the cloak and ballerina costume appear on them. They descend down the escalator.

Mayhem fights off three more shadows creatures, protecting Evita and the candle. They regroup and advance on her.

Tyrone and Tandy reach the record store and discover that all of the records are gone. They hear music and Tandy leads Tyrone into the back. The club is there, and Tandy figures that Andre is collecting people rather than records. Melissa and the other women are in the audience. Andre spotlights the teenagers and welcomes them, and says that no one can just jam with him anymore. Tandy throws a dagger at Andre, but she and it disappear. Andre says that he sent him back to a conflict more suitable to her skills. Tyrone teleports onto the stage, and Andre plays his trumpet at him, making him disappear.

Tandy finds herself alone in a room. Nathan steps out of the shadows and offers to help.

Tyrone appears alone at home. He calls to Adina, and another Tyrone comes in the door and confronts Tyrone, saying that he's a joke.

Tandy wonders why Nathan is there, and Nathan asks what's wrong.

"Perfect Tyrone" says that Tyrone had everything going for him but he threw it all away.

Tandy tells Nathan that she knows what he did.

Perfect Tyrone says that Tyrone couldn't keep his head down or keep it in his pants, and points out that Billy is still dead.

Nathan tells Tandy that there are two sides to every story and she hasn't heard his explanation, and Tandy tells him to explain.

Perfect Tyrone says that Adina kept telling Tyrone not to pursue Billy's murderer but Tyrone didn't listen. Now Tyrone is a wanted man.

Tandy doesn't buy that none of it is Nathan's fault.

Tyrone shoves Perfect Tyrone back, and Perfect Tyrone shoves him back, saying he knew he was going to do it. He teleports away from Tyrone's blows and then punches him.

Nathan insists that it wasn't easy to raise a family.

Perfect Tyrone tells Tyrone that Tyrone's tiny rebellions broke their family.

Tandy points out that Nathan raised his hand to Melissa.

Perfect Tyrone says that Adina is a murderer now.

Tandy tells Nathan that she knows how a man is supposed to act, and is sad she didn't have a man for a father.

Tyrone knocks Perfect Tyrone down.

Nathan grabs Tandy by the arm, and she slashes him. he says that she can't hurt him because he's dead.

Tyrone punches his counterpart and wakes up in the club. Tandy is staring off into space, and calls to her. In her dreamscape, Tandy hears him. Nathan swings at her and misses, saying that her friends are gone, but she insists that Tyrone is still there and yells to him. She finds herself in a forest, and Nathan steps out and says that he's a part of her and she can't escape.

Tyrone and his counterpart fight. They appear in a police station, and Perfect Tyrone reveals that he's wearing a police uniform and attacks Tyrone. Tandy leaves Nathan and tells Tyrone to follow her voice. She goes through a door and finds herself in a motel room. Andre appears and tells her that it's easier not to fight.

More policemen attack Tyrone. He runs out through a door and meets Tandy as she leaves the motel. Andre appears and says that technically he's everywhere.

Mayhem fights the shadow creatures.

Andre says that Tandy and Tyrone should be in their own heads. Nathan and Perfect Tyrone emerge from their respective doors.

One of the creatures reveals that he's Fuchs, and he asks Emma if she's ever going to stop hurting her.

Tyrone suggests that they switch partners and Tandy agrees. She shoves Perfect Tyrone back through his door.

Fuchs asks Mayhem not to let her pain and anger eat her up. Mayhem says that she misses Fuchs and kisses him, and then says that she's sorry. Fuchs says that she all but killed him herself and can't escape her past, and Mayhem pulls a grenade on his belt, shoves him back, and watches it explode.

Nathan tells Tyrone that it's not his fight.

Perfect Tyrone avoids Tandy blows and says that it's silly. She says that all he is is a watered-down version of the real Tyrone.

Tyrone ducks into the shadows and says that he knows who Nathan really is.

Perfect Tyrone insists that he's the perfect version of Tyrone, and Tandy says that he's not half the man Tyrone is as she throws daggers at him and he teleports out of the way.

Tyrone tells Nathan that Tandy became a hero despite Nathan and he needs to hear it.

Tandy tells Perfect Tyrone that all he is is fear, and the policemen arrive and grab him.

Tyrone says that Nathan let down his family.

Tandy tells Perfect Tyrone that Tyrone held on against a world that was bent on knocking him down, and he got up again and again.

Tyrone says that Nathan just kept knocking his wife and daughter down because it was too inconvenient to build them up.

Tandy tells Tyrone that he's not aiming for some ideal because the line moves.

Tyrone shoves Nathan to the floor.

Perfect Tyrone teleports out of the policemen's grasp and runs out. Tandy follows him and finds herself in the house.

Tyrone says that Tandy became a fighter.

Perfect Tyrone comes at Tandy and she slashes him, saying that the real Tyrone wouldn't have come at her like that because he's too adaptable.

Tyrone tells Nathan that Tandy is going to rise out of the ashes of Nathan's anger.

Tandy says that she was in trouble and Tyrone reached out and saved him, and he can't hold a candle to Tyrone. Andre grabs her arm and says that's enough, and she appears in the motel room.

Tyrone finds himself in a room full of hanging cloths. Andre steps out and says that there's no escaping himself.

Andre tells Tandy that it's time to turn back to her own fear.

Tyrone asks where Tandy is, and Andre tells him that he has bigger fish to fry.

Nathan enters the motel room.

Perfect Tyrone appears and says that it's time to finish what they started. Tyrone punches him and "Tyrone fights back.

Tandy tells Nathan to screw him off. Nathan says that she's too afraid to face him herself.

Perfect Tone says that it's just the two of them, and Tyrone couldn't save his brother or his family.

Tandy says that she can't hide anything in her past, including Nathan.

Tyrone says that he's been fighting the perfect version of himself his whole life.

Tandy manifests a light dagger, turns it into a sword, and holds it to Nathan's throat.

Tyrone wonders what he's been working to be perfect for.

Tandy says that all she can do is level up and be better than Nathan, and Andre, and the world.

Tyrone figures that he's not perfect and never can be, and it's okay to be angry at the world so long as he can see the things that make him angry and change them.

Nathan says that he will always be a part of Tandy, and she agrees. However, she'll decide how big a part.

Tyrone faces Perfect Tyrone and says that the expectations he's been trying to face up to aren't real... and neither is Perfect Tyrone.

Tandy tells Nathan that she knows where she'll find him and slashes his chest. He backs through the wall and disappears.

A whirlwind of cloaks surround Perfect Tyrone and he disappears.

Tyrone and Tandy wake up in the club. Andre chuckles and asks if they're ready for the main show. Tandy disarms Andre with a thrown light dagger, but Andre grabs Tyrone when he teleports onto the stage. Summoning a light ball, Tandy throws it at Andre to set off his migraines. She then throws daggers into the crowd, waking up the women. Tandy throws another light ball at Andre, and Tyrone grabs the trumpet.

Mayhem continues fighting the creatures while Evita shields the flickering candle. The creatures knock Mayhem down, but Evita takes them down from behind.

Tyrone tells Andre that he has one more trick. Tandy emerges from his darkness, driving her light sword into his chest. The women grab Andre, and Tyrone and Tandy touch Andre to see what despair he has. They see him in the record store, alone amidst records of his own life. They find the record representing all the pain he doesn't put on anyone else and play it, and Tandy tells Andre it's what it feels like. She scratches the record with a dagger and Andre winces in pain. The store shakes and Tyrone and Andre run.

The creatures disappear, and Tandy and Tyrone emerge through the portal. Tyrone goes to Evita, and Tandy says that she needs a favor from Mayhem. Evita picks up her things and blows out what's left of the candle, and leaves without a word to Tyrone.

Later, Adina and Otis watch a news report about Tyrone's name being cleared when Connors' uncle is indicted. Tyrone watches from the window.

Tandy and Melissa pack Tandy's things up together.

Lia is in prison and finds a flyer about one of the missing women.

Mina examines the rats that split apart.

Evita draws a veve on Chantelle's grave during the funeral. Tyrone watches her from a distance. When Evita looks his way, he teleports away before she can see him.

Delgado is packing his things and finds a record belonging to Andre about migraines.

Mayhem hangs up Connors body at the police firing range with the word "guilty" around his neck.

Tandy and Melissa hug and then Tandy leaves.

Soloman tells a drug dealer that he doesn't want his business. Tyrone watches and smiles.

Tandy takes a bus out of New Orleans. Tyrone arrives and sits down next to her, and notes that she has everything from Brigid. Tandy says that Brigid says that a bunch of girls were found on a beach outside of the city, and that some change would be good for her. Tyrone figures that it would be good for both of them, and Tandy wonders if they can be heroes in other places. He asks if she wants waffles or pancakes, and Tandy picks waffles. They hold each other's hands and the bus heads out of New Orleans.

Written by Gadfly on May 31, 2019

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