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Level Up

Andre forces Tyrone and Tandy to face their inner demons made flesh, while Mayhem protects Evita, who has opened a portal so that the heroes can take the fight to Andre.

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By Gadfly on May 31, 2019

Lia puts a watch on her steering wheel, turns on the stereo to a trumpet, and puts on a mask. When the timer reaches zero, Lia pulls down the mask and two female robbers kill the owner and run into the car. They discover that Lia is gone as the police arrives. At the club, Lia removes her mask. A uni officer comes in behind her and sits down, and Lia goes to the stage where Andre is playing to his audience of mostly women. Tyrone and Tandy look at Andre lying on the ground, and Tyrone assu…

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Episode Discussion

everdeen posted a year ago

What a snore fest Season 2 have been.

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