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AKA Crush Syndrome Recap

Jessica meets with Oscar Clemons, the detective in charge of the Shlottman shootings. She explains that the Shlottmans were referred to her and she tracked down Hope through credit card statements and interviews. He points out that Jessica had an overnight bag, and Jessica claims that she was going to Pennsylvania to check out antiques. Oscar asks if she knew Hope was going to shoot her parents, and Jessica insists that if she had, she would have stopped her. He wonders how Hope got hold of a gun, and shows her photos of Mike that he got from her office. Jessica insists that he got them without a warrant and assures Oscar that her paperwork is up to date. She tells him to let her go or charge him, and walks out.

Jessica goes back to her office and sees a police car parked in front of Luke’s bar. She looks in and sees two detectives questioning Luke. Once they leave, Jessica goes in and tells Luke that he had nothing to do with Hope. He wonders why she had photos of him, and Jessica explains that a client hired her to see if Luke was cheating on a client’s wife, Gina. She warns that Gina takes her ring off before she comes to see Luke, and admits that she shouldn’t have come in. Luke tells her to get out and stay out, and doesn’t want to hear Jessica’s explanation.

A4t her apartment, Jessica finishes her shower and figures that it’s better if she’s alone with Kilgrave after her. She sees a cockroach on the wall and flicks it into the sink, and figures that Kilgrave somehow cheated death. Jessica goes to prison and meets with Hope. The PI has her go over everything she went through with Kilgrave. Hope finally says that Kilgrave didn’t tell her anything, and had her jump for hours at a time. She worries that her brother is alone now that she’s in prison and her parents are dead, and tells Jessica that she should have made sure that Kilgrave was dead. Kilgrave is mad at Jessica and wants to make her suffer, and refuses to give Jessica any information on Kilgrave for fear that he’ll control her as well. Jessica insists that she won’t let him, and Hope tells her to kill herself. After a moment, the PI agrees but points out that she’s the only one that knows Hope is innocent.

Jessica meets with Jeri, who points out that everything shows that Hope is guilty. Her intern Pam comes in and says that Jeri’s wife is on line three, and warns that she’s yelling, Jessica slams the door in her face and insists that Jeri take Hope’s case. Jeri refuses, figuring the case is a loser, and warns Jessica that there’s nothing she can do. Jessica offers to prove that Kilgrave exists and can control minds, and agrees to owe Jeri a favor if she takes the case once she proves Kilgrave exists. Jeri agrees and Jessica walks out, and Pam tells Jeri to talk to her wife because she knows.

Trish is waiting for Jessica on the street and approaches her. She knows Jessica was heading out of town, and that Jessica was involved with the Shlottmans' shooting. Jessica tells Trish not to have feelings for her, but Trish refuses to let it drop and goes after her. They go into Jessica’s office and Jessica gives Trish the cash she owes her. Trish asks what she’s going to do about Kilgrave, and Jessica figures that he’s hurt after the accident and she has to find his weakness. She promises that she’ll die rather than let Kilgrave control her again, and Trish suggests that Jessica move in with her again. Jessica warns that she won’t be safe anywhere because Kilgrave could be controlling anyone, even Trish. She advises Trish to stay clear of her because she won’t risk her. Exasperated, Trish starts to leave and Jessica explains that the door had “Alias Investigations” made special or her. Trish says that she likes it and leaves.

Luke is working in the bar and Gina comes in. She suggests that they go upstairs and Luke says that he doesn’t talk to liars. He tells her to put her wedding ring back on, and says that she stays away from complications. Gina insists that her marriage is over and her husband Andre doesn’t care, and Luke tells her that Andre hired a PI to get photos. He tells Gina to go home and ask him, and she quickly leaves.

That night, Jessica gets out a file with clippings about a Hell’s Kitchen woman, Reva Connors, killed in a bus crash. Looking over the photos, Jessica finds one of Luke at Reva’s funeral. The neighbors continue fighting upstairs, and Jessica goes up to confront them. Malcolm is in the hall and Jessica walks past him, goes upstairs, and knocks on the door. She tells the couple to shut up, and when they argue Jessica slams the door open, slams the woman Robyn against the wall, and tells them to shut up before walking away

Back at her office, Jessica looks at the clippings and remembers walking away from Kilgrave on the street, and the bus hitting him. The next day, Jessica goes to the crash site and talks to a Polish mechanic at a nearby garage. She asks him where someone hit by a bus would get taken. He directs her to Metro General and when Jessica gets there, she slips into the staff locker room and starts going through lockers. Trish calls and Jessica ignores it. She steels a badge and a flowered blouse and uses the badge to access the computer systems for the time of the bus crash. Jessica cons a nurse into helping her bring up the records on the time of the crash. There’s no reference to a John Doe, but Reva is listed.

That night, Jessica goes back to her office with the medical file printout. She hears someone moving inside and catches the intruder. Jessica knocks him to the floor and demands to know who sent him. He says that Trish sent her to fix the door, and calls an ambulance. Jessica calls Trish and tells her not to call, visit, or send strange men to her office. She tells Trish to back off, saying she’s turning into her mother, and Trish is abruptly offended. The man from the apartment, Xxx, comes over, and thanks Jessica for calming Robyn down. As Jessica looks at the ambulance taking the repairman away, she gets an idea and gets the ambulance number from the hospital report.

The next day, Jessica takes the train and looks around nervously. She hallucinates Kilgrave yelling at her to come back and lashes out, shattering the window. Everyone stares at her, and Jessica recites her mantra to try and control herself. She goes to the home of Jack Denton and tells a neighbor that she’s an investigator with City Transit, looking into a bus crash. The woman, Jack’s mother, says that she has nothing to say to them. Jessica says that Jack went AWOL after the accident and he wasn’t able to get workman’s comp, and suggests that she can pull some strings to get the comp for Jack.

Jack’s mother, Maureen, takes Jessica into her house. Jack is there in a wheelchair. Maureen explains that he had a stroke after he donated his kidneys . Jack disappeared for three weeks and then they found him in an alleyway in shock after his “sacrifice.” Maureen prayed for his return and then he came back to her. She asks Jessica to pray with them, and admits that an anonymous donor sent the dialysis machine. Jessica asks Maureen for a glass of water. When the woman goes to the kitchen, Jessica takes a photo of the registration number on the dialysis machine. Jack looks at her, and Jessica tells him that the Devil took his kidneys and she plans to find her. Jack writes down “Kill me” and looks at the machine. Jessica says that she can’t and walks out as Maureen comes back and assures Jack that God is with them.

As Jessica goes back to her apartment, makes a call to trace the dialysis machine. Robyn is coming out with Ruben and tells Jessica to stay away from her brother. When she enters her office, Gina arrives. She blames Jessica for ruining her investigation, and figures that Jessica was stalking Luke since she confirmed that Andre didn’t hire her. She suggests that Jessica is a stalker, and Andre knows now that she confronted him over what Luke said. Gina says that Andre and three of his rugby buddies are going to the bar to beat up Luke.

As Jessica takes a taxi the bar, the four men confront Luke. Luke easily knocks them aside, and Jessica comes in and throws another one across the bar. Andre breaks a bottle over Luke’s head, and he ignores it and knocks the man unconscious. He comes back and stabs a broken bottle into Luke’s neck, but it breaks off on Luke’s skin. Luke grabs him and tells him to go back home to his wife, and tells him to sleep it off. Andre and his friends leave. Once they’re alone, Luke tells Jessica to get out because she’s bad for business, and after a moment she leaves.

The next day, Jessica wakes up when her phone rings. It’s the people who leased the dialysis machine, returning her call. She asks who is paying for the machine, and gets the name of Dr. David Kurata. Jessica goes to the university where Kurata lectures and sits the back of the hall. Kurata notices her and stutters through the rest of his class, and then runs out the door. Jessica goes after him into the basement, and calls out that she’s not going to do anything to him. She knows he used to be the best transplant surgeon in the state, and figures that he’s hiding. Kurata calls from the shadows, asking if Kilgrave is there. Jessica points out that Kurata forged a death certificate saying that Kilgrave is dead, and Kurata warns her that Kilgrave was obsessed with her and had photos of Jessica. Jessica assu8res Kurata that Kilgrave isn’t there, and Kurata says that Kilgrave made him remove Jack’s kidneys. Kilgrave was suffering from Crush Syndrome and lost both of his kidneys. Kilgrave wanted to be whole and Jack was a match, and Kurata tells Jessica that Kilgrave will have to maim someone else in a few years. Kilgrave was awake during the ten hours of surgery, refusing to take anesthesia. Kurataexplains that anesthesia shuts down certain brain functions, and Jessica realizes that’s Kilgrave’s weakness.

Jessica calls Jeri, telling Kurata that he has nothing left to lose. Kurata insists that he can still lose his mind, but Jessica tells Kurata that he’s going to start helping people again and puts him on the line. Soon, Jeri meets with Hope and tells her that she’ll her new attorney and Jessica sent her. The lawyer admits that another victim can corroborate Hope’s claims, and tells Hope to walk her through what happened.

At her office, Jessica puts away her clippings on the bus crash and looks at the name of the anesthesia Kurata mentioned.She discovers that someone sent her a new window for her door, and calls Trish to thank her. Trish says that she doesn’t need her protection anymore and doesn’t want it. As they talk, Trish has a nosebleed. She says that they’ll grab lunch later, and insists that she’s nothing like her mother. Once she hangs up, Trish goes to her exercise room and tells him that they’re doing it again., He draws a gun on her and she disarms him, and they repeat it again and again.

Kilgrave goes to the apartment of a man. When he answers it, he tells the man to invite him in and the man immediately does so. The rest of the family wonder who Kilgrave is, and he mind-controls them into accepting him as their guest for as long as he wants. He steps on the boy’s toy, and tells the boy to get into a closet when he objects. The boy does so, and Kilgrave tells the boy’s sister to go as well. Kilgrave turns to the wife and tells her that her children will be fine, and sits down for dinner.

Jessica is brushing the teeth and watches the same cockroach from earlier climbing out of the drain. She crushes it, satisfied that she knows Kilgrave’s weakness. Luke is in her bedroom and points out that she threw a man across bar with one hand. He doesn’t believe her claim that it’s just adrenaline, and figures that she’s known for a while that he’s superhuman. Jessica insists that she just went there to fix things, and Luke picks up a power saw. He cuts into his side but the blade doesn’t cut his skin. Jessica touches the unblemished skin and says that she can’t fix him because he’s unbreakable.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2015

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