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AKA It's Called Whiskey Recap

Jessica slams Luke against the wall and rips off his shirt, and he tries to rip hers off. She catches his hands and manages to force them back, strength against strength. They have sex and afterward, Jessica realizes that Ruben is watching through the door. He says that his sister is complaining that they’re too loud, and Jessica slams the door in his face.

Later, Jessica and Luke go to a restaurant to eat. She points out that they had quite a workout and admits that she’s never had sex with anyone else with superpowers. They compare notes about their abilities and Luke wonders how many more like them are in the world, and Jessica hesitates. He asks if she knows someone else like them, and Jessica insists that he isn’t like them. She says that she had an accident and Luke confirms that he gained his invulnerability and strength through an experiment. They both a low profile, and Luke says that he protects himself and his. Jessica says that she was a superhero once but it didn’t work out, and she didn’t do nearly enough good to make out the back. Jessica ask if he wants more, and makes it clear she’s not talking about sex.

Back at Luke’s, Jessica and Luke have sex again and the bed breaks. Afterward, she goes into the bathroom to wash up. She checks Luke’s medicine cabinet again and the photo of his dead wife Reva is still inside. Jessica remembers her dying as Luke comes in. Luke explains that she died in a bus crash, and Jessica apologizes and then says that she has to go. She goes to a convenience store and buys some food and beer. The radio is playing a talk show with people discussing how Hope is claiming that a super-villain made her kill.

When Jessica gets to her office, she does research on the anesthesia that Kurata gave her, and prints out a list of hospitals in New York. Jessica then brings up a web page on Hope when she was a track star in Omaha. The next morning, she goes to Jeri’s office and complains that Hope is being crucified in the media. Jeri refuses to get involved in the public debate, and suggests that Jessica testify against Kilgrave. She figures that Jessica’s case will help her, but Jessica warns that her story will put her in the same position as Hope. Jeri tells her to bring in some of Kilgrave’s other victims and refuses to go public without some evidence. Angry, Jessica storms out and gets a text from Luke.

Later, Jessica meets with Trish and asks her to go on the radio to talk about Kilgrave. Trish points out that she needs evidence to back her claims, and wonders if Jessica is hiding from Kilgrave. Jessica figures that Kilgrave would already come after her if he wanted her dead, and explains about how surgical anesthesia knocks out Kilgrave’s power. Trish escorts her in and wonders how they get them, and Jessica warns that the anesthesia is only available in hospitals. Looking around, Jessica notices the bruises on Trish’s body and asks if her mother is back. There are surveillance cameras and a steel-reinforced door, and Jessica wonders what Trish is afraid of. She’s turned Jessica’s room into a gym and tosses her on the floor. Trish tells her that Jessica fight her battles for far too long, and now she knows Krav Maga fighting arts.

Jessica goes to a clinic and tells the doctor there, Wendy Hogarth, that she needs surgical anesthesia--Sufentanil--and will do anything to get it. Wendy tells her to get out, and Jessica says that she knows Jeri is divorcing her. She offers to help Wendy with the divorce, and Wendy insists that Jeri won’t throw away the life they’ve built together. Jessica says that she needs the Sufentanil to stop someone who is hurting a lot of people, and Wendy gives her a prescription to take an anti-psychotic, explaining that she doesn’t have access to Sufentanil.

That night, Jessica goes to a hospital and realizes that she can’t knock out the clerks with the security guard on duty. She walks back to her office and sees Malcolm stumbles in front of a bicyclist. When the man gives Malcolm a hard time, Jessica walks over and knocks him away, and Malcolm thanks her. She brushes off her thanks and goes up to sleep. A Portuguese father-and-son repair team knock at her door, waking her up, and explain that they came to give her an estimate on the door. They quote her a price and Jessica tells them to fix it. Trish calls and says that Jeri helped her set up a live remote with Hope from the prison. Jessica refuses to drag Hope out in public, and Trish warns that Kilgrave will be listening and thinking of her. Trish points out that Kilgrave is already thinking about Jessica, and insists on helping Hope fight back. Jessica remembers Reva and hangs up.

Jessica goes to the bar and apologizes to Luke for taking off the other night. She asks him if he knows any drug dealers that can her Sufentanil, and Luke admits that he can’t help her. He wonders if that’s really why Jessica came there, and they end up having sex in his apartment. Afterward, Luke tells Jessica to say what she hasn’t been saying. She suggests that there might be someone with mind control powers, and Luke connects it to the Shlottman shooting. He figures that Hope is crazy and wonders what Jessica is thinking, and she figures that he does as they kiss.

The next day, Trish interviews Hope over Jeri’s phone for her radio show. Hope explains how Kilgrave held her prisoner and made her call her parents so they wouldn’t suspect anything. Jessica is in the control room listening as Hope describes the last time she spoke to her mother Barbara before they came to find her. Crying, Hope insists that she tried to fight Kilgrave’s command to kill her parents but couldn’t.

Jeri comes on and says that Hope is delusional, and points out that telepathic mind control is unprecedented. She invites anybody to contact her office if Kilgrave has controlled them, but figures that Hope had a psychotic break. Trish points out that Hope has never had any mental problems, and admits that she believes Kilgrave is out there. She dismisses him as sick and impotent, and Jessica tells the engineer to cut Trish off. Jessica then goes in and yanks out the mike, and warns that Kilgrave doesn’t want the truth. Trish is happy that she’s pissing off Kilgrave, and Jessica tells her to wait until she neutralizes Kilgrave. Kilgrave calls in, and Jessica and Hope recognize his voice. He congratulates Trish on her bravery but points out that she’s incredibly stupid to insult such a man as she describes. Hope screams in frustration while Kilgrave asks Trish if she’s afraid the mind controller she’s insulting might kill her.

As Trish leaves, Jessica goes with her and explains that Jeri set Trish up to present the idea of mind control so she wouldn’t have to. She worries that Kilgrave will send someone to kill Trish as a man follows them. He walks up and grabs Trish’s arm, and Trish knocks him to the floor. The man asks for an autograph and Jessica tells Trish that he has to go. They go to Trish’s apartment and Jessica gives her an app so that she can track her. Jessica goes back to her office and tries to locate Kurata, and discovers that her door is repaired. Her key doesn’t work in the new lock, and there’s a note under the door from the repairman saying she can have the key when she pays.

Jessica forces the knob while the university confirms that Kurata quit and moved to India. Ruben helps a spaced-out Malcolm to his apartment, explaining that Malcolm came into their apartment by mistake. Jessica helps them get Malcolm home. Jessica gets an idea and takes Malcolm to the hospital. She uses him to get past the guards and then shoves him into a cart. When everyone runs over to help, Jessica slips away and steals the Sufentanil from the pharmacy. She walks out past Malcolm, who doesn’t seem aware of where he is or what happened.

A policeman, Will Simpson, arrives at Trish’s door and says that he’s investigating the alleged assault at the radio station. Trish checks his ID over the security cam and Will warns that if he has to come back with a search warrant then it’ll be all over the news. Trish finally opens the door and Will slams into it, knocking her down. She’s holding a baton and disarms him, and they struggle. Will finally slams her to the floor and chokes her, but Jessica comes in and throws him across the room. Will insists that he has to kill Trish and that Kilgrave is waiting for him, but refuses to tell Jessica where. She knocks him down and checks Trish, and yells that Will killed her. Satisfied, Will leaves and Jessica pockets the syringe she used to knock Trish out.

Jessica runs out and grabs Will, secretly placing her tracker phone in his pocket. Will draws his gun and tells her that Kilgrave said it wasn’t her time, he leaves and Jessica listens in on the phone as he calls dispatch to say that he’s finishing a call. She follows Will to a townhouse and runs up the stairs. Jessica listens as Will reports to Kilgrave that Trish is dead and Kilgrave saw it. She looks in through the skylight as Kilgrave tells Will to throw himself off the balcony. Jessica has no choice but to leap down and pull him back. She looks into the townhouse and sees Kilgrave

In the past, Kilgrave tells Jessica to kill Reva. Once she does, she ignores his command to come with him and goes over to check on Reva. She then walks away, and the bus hits Kilgrave as he tries to control her.

Will gets to his feet and tires to jump again, and Jessica knocks him out. By the time she looks back into the townhouse, Kilgrave has escaped. One owner tries to hit her with a baseball bat, insisting that she can’t follow Kilgrave. She fights him off as best she can without hurting him, and finally knocks him out with a sleeper hold. Jessica continues searching the place and the other man comes at her with a knife. She disarms him and the woman grabs her, and Jessica locks her in a room.

Taking out the syringe, Jessica continues her search for Kilgrave. She hears a printer running in the next room and goes in, and finds a shrine filled with photos of her. More are printing out on the printer, One of them has “See you later” written on it. Jessica then drags Will out and throws both of them into some garbage bags. When he wakes up, she says that he jumped off the roof and she caught him, and it’s over. Jessica glosses over how they survived and asks who took the photos, but Will doesn’t know. He demands answers, and vaguely remembers attacking Trish. Jessica tells him that no one died and he’s confused, and advises him to go home.

Jessica goes to Luke’s apartment over the bar she says that she can’t ever come in. She says that it isn’t right and she has unfinished business. Luke tells her to do what she has to do and goes back inside, and Jessica walks outside. She takes out the photo of her surveillance spot on the fire escape across from Luke’s place, and realizes that one of Kilgrave’s victims was there.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2015

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