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Star City 2046 Recap

In the Star City of 2046, the team confronts Green Arrow, and Ray and Sara realize it's not the Green Arrow they knew. He fires an exploding arrow past them, and Heat Wave returns fire. Green Arrow swings down on a line and continues firing, and Rip and Captain Cold shoot back. Kendra insists it isn't the Green Arrow that she met, and Rip orders a retreat to Waverider.

Back at the ship, Rip explains that the time line is malleable. The future they're in is not set, and Rip says that the best thing for the mission is for them to head back to their own time and make sure none of what they've seen comes to pass.

Ray and Jax check on the ship's engine, and Rip is already working. Jax suggests that Kendra help him, and Rip agrees. He explains that he's busy with the Neuromorphic Interface, and Gideon can't function without it. Ray notes that Palmer Tech was working on a similar cortex and suggests that they get the prototype from Smoak Technologies. He offers to break in and get it, but Rip points out that he recruited two criminals He shows the interface to Len and Mick and they agree to get it. Sara insists on going with them, but Rip says that she can't. She says that he'll need her out there because she knows the city, and Rip gives in.

Ray and Kendra meet with Martin and Jax as they work on the computer. Jax asks Kendra to help, but Martin steps in and says that he'll help Jax while Ray works with Kendra.

White Canary leads Rip, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave to Laurel's apartment, and Len points out that Sara's father failed to protect the city.

Ray and Kendra work on the computer, and Kendra explains that she was a shipyard riveter in 1944. As they talk, Jax listens over the intercom as Kendra admits that she finds Ray's optimism charming. Martin is listening as well and finally tells Ray to act professionally, and then wonders why he's getting upset. He shuts down the intercom and says that Jax's irritation is bleeding through their link to him. Martin realizes that Jax likes Kendra, and Jax says that he doesn't stand a chance against Ray and Carter before him. The professor tells Jax to have some confidence and put himself out there.

As the field team heads for Palmer Tech, criminals on motorcycles drive by and attack. The team takes cover in an abandoned bus, and Green Arrow opens fire on the gang. One ganger manages to shoot him, and White Canary runs out to help him. Rip goes after her, and Captain Cold and Heat Wave ignore his orders and head for a nearby bank. The gangers surround them, and Len suggests that they teach them a lesson. The leader steps forward and punches Captain Cold, who shrugs off the blow. Heat Wave punches him, and when the leader shrugs it off, Heat Wave fires a blast of fire into his chest. He takes the leader's coat and Captain Cold says that it's time to leave. Heat Wave doesn't see the point and takes the leader's vehicle, and Captain Cold reluctantly mounts up.

White Canary finds Green Arrow, unharmed, and he explains that he's wearing high-density Kevlar. She says that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow, and the new Green Arrow says that Oliver died. No one knows how Oliver died, and he disappeared at the beginning of the Uprising 15 years ago. The leader of the Uprising steps out: Deathstroke. Before White Canary can attack, rip arrives and she asks Slade how he's still alive. Deathstroke chuckles and says that he hasn't heard that name in a long time, and removes his mask to reveal a different man. The man asks how White Canary knows his father, and realizes that she's related to the deceased Quentin. White Canary says that Slade was insane, and the new Deathstroke--Grant Wilson--calls his men forward. Green Arrow finds a line to the ceiling and they get up just in case.

Jax joins Kendra and helps her with the work. She admits that he's surprisingly good with advanced technology. Meanwhile, Martin approaches Ray and says that Kendra seems interested in Ray. Ray explains that he hadn't really considered Kendra romantically, and Martin warns that he should avoid personal attachments. Ray agrees and walks off.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold go to the gang's headquarters and Heat Wave parties with the gangers. Captain Cold talks to his friend privately and suggests that they should get back to the team. Heat Wave insists that it's exactly what he's always wanted, and isn't interested in stopping Vandal. He points out that they can live like heroes there and goes off with a girl.

Once they get clear, Green Arrow explains that Oliver tried to raise an army to stop Deathstroke. Most of the people didn't want to fight and evacuated. Rip tells Sara that Vandal's future is preventable but there's nothing she can do about the current timeline, and suggests that she focus on their mission. He then tells Green Arrow that they have to get to Palmer Technologies. The hero says that Felicity's projects were relocated and takes them to Oliver's old bunker. Green Arrow explains that the place was attacked after Deathstroke outed Oliver as Green Arrow. A man steps out of the shadows and orders them out... and they realize that it's a one-armed and bearded Oliver.

Oliver says that he's dead and calls Green Arrow "John," telling him to put the arrow down. He explains that Green Arrow is John Diggle Jr., and John says that he doesn't deserve his father's name because he failed to save him. He's using the name Connor Hawke instead, When Oliver points out that Connor is wearing his costume. Connor says that someone has to and he's been trying to hold the city together by himself. White Canary asks what happened to Oliver and the others, and he says that they're all gone. Ray and Sara disappeared 30 years ago and never came back, and if they had stayed then they might have made a difference.

When Oliver wonders why they're there, Rip explains that they're looking for the prototype. Olive says that everything her company was working on is at a warehouse. Rip starts to thank him, but Oliver tells them to get out and walks away.

Jax meets up with Martin and says that things went well between him and Kendra. Martin says that he confirmed that Ray has no romantic interest in Kendra. Jax goes back to check on Kendra, and Ray arrives to tell Martin that everything is ready. He then thanks Martin for suggesting that he get together with Kendra. Martin reminds him about the mission, but Ray figures that they're all adults.

At the gang HQ, Deathstroke and his men come in. He tells them to find Green arrow and kill them, and Heat Wave says that it's his gang now. Deathstroke warns him that it's his city and describes White Canary and Rip. Once he and his men leave, Captain Cold points out that the gang is going to kill their friends. He tells Heat Wave that it's time to go, and Heat Wave draws his gun. After a moment, Captain Cold suggests that they resolve their issues once they rescue White Canary and Rip.

Green Arrow accompanies White Canary and Rip to the warehouse. As they search, White Canary asks if Rip knew what would happen to Star City once she and Ray weren't there to help. Rip says that what has happened is a good thing, because it's only a potential timeline that doesn't have to happen. He insists that the timeline they're in isn't real, and they split up to search for the prototype.

White Canary finds a duffel case and opens it, and smiles at the contents.

Rip finds the prototype just as Deathstroke's men open fire. Green Arrow takes them on and White Canary and Rip join in. It soon becomes clear that they're outnumbered, and Captain Cold and Heat Wave arrive. Once most of the gangers go down, the team realizes that the others took Green Arrow with them. White Canary insists that they have to rescue Green Arrow, and Rip insists that once they return to 2016, the timeline disappear.

Heat Wave wonders why Captain Cold doesn't want to stay, and figures that they can take out anyone who gets in their way. When Heat Wave turns his back, Captain Cold knocks him out and tells the others that they had a difference of opinion. Rip says that they have to get the prototype back to Waverider and they take off.

Jax meets Martin and realizes through their psychic connection that he did something. Martin finally admits that he prompted Ray to think about Kendra romantically. Jax figures that nothing has changed and he should still have confidence in himself. The others come in and Martin realizes that there's something wrong. Sara explains that all of her friends and family are dead except for Oliver. She wonders what happens if they don't return to 2016, and Jax and Martin agree that they should help. Rip warns that they are meddling with the future, and Sara points out that Rip is using them to save his family. He tells them to go ahead and save Green Arrow, but he'll leave in one hour.

Len checks in on Mick, who is locked up in a prison cell. When Mick accuses him of lying to him, Len reminds him that he's the brain and Mick is the muscle. Mick figures that it's not about the score for Len anymore, and Len admits that he's become a team player to stop Vandal. He explains that once they take out Vandal, they'll have the biggest reputation of all time. Mick says that he doesn't want to be a hero: he just wants to see the world burn. If Len touches him again then he'll burn as well.

White Canary goes back to the bunker with the duffel and calls to Oliver. She tells him that Deathstroke has Connor, and Oliver says that he can't do anything to help him. Sara warns that Deathstroke has too many men and she's on her own... unless Oliver helps her. She gives Oliver his bow and says that Star City will always need a Green Arrow.

On Waverider, 90 minutes pass and Martin tells Rip that it doesn't matter that they're in a potential future. It's real to Sara, and Rip points out that he gave her an extra 30 minutes. Gideon reports that they're close to where the gangs are gathering to watch Green Arrow's execution. The longer they wait, the greater the risk that they'll be detected. Rip asks Martin if he wants to risk being marooned in the alternate timeline, and Martin insists that he won't abandon their friend and teammate.

Deathstroke has his men drag Connor to the execution block. He explains that he took Oliver's arm there, and prepares to cut off Connor's head. A guard brings White Canary up and says that they caught her sneaking in past the perimeter. Deathstroke wonders what she planned, and White Canary says that her job was to distract her. Oliver, wearing an artificial arm, steps out and fires an exploding arrow at Deathstroke. White Canary attacks the gangers while Connor fights Deathstroke. When Deathstroke takes Connor down, Oliver shoots him in the chest with an arrow and tells him to fight him.

Atom and Hawkgirl arrive and attack the gangers, and Atom says that rip sent them. The rest of the team arrive and look for Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver tosses his bow to Connor, and Connor shoots Deathstroke with a paralytic arrow. Oliver knocks him down, and the remaining gangers run off. He greets Atom and Hawkgirl, and tells Connor that it was good shooting. Connor gives him his bow back and Oliver tells him that no matter what he calls himself, he's Green Arrow.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells White Canary and Connor that they have a lot of work to do to defeat all the criminals who will try to take Deathstroke's place. White Canary wants to stay, but Oliver says that her mission matters and that he's not alone. Connor nods in agreement, and White Canary hugs her former lover. She tells Connor to watch Oliver's back and leaves, and Oliver says that it's time to get to work.

Jax finds Kendra and finds her talking with Ray. Ray invites Kendra to have a drink with him. Jax secretly listens as Kendra says that with everything that has happened, she isn't interested in exploring a romantic relationship. Ray accepts her announcement with good grace and goes to check on Martin. He finds Jax out in the hallway, pretending to work on the circuitry. Jax admits that he overheard them talking, and Ray says that he figured Jax had a thing for Kendra. He jokingly says that Kendra would have picked him and walks off.

Sara thanks Rip for sending the team to back her up, and Rip admits that she was right. He assures her that every future is worth fighting for, but asks if Sara is a member of the team. She says that she is and walks out. They go to the bridge and prepare for takeoff. Ray joins Mick at the viewing port, and Mick says that he's going to miss the place. When Ray says that they seem like Mick's kind of people, Mick admits that he doesn't know who his people are anymore.

Rip sets course for where Vandal will least expect them and they depart into the timestream.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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