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AKA 99 Friends Recap

Jessica goes to the locations of where the photos Kilgrave had of her were taken, and is relieved that Luke isn't in any of them. A reminder that she has an appointment comes up, and Jessica finds a woman--Audrey Eastman--waiting for her. Audrey says that her divorce lawyer at Jeri's firm recommended Jessica, and points out that Malcolm has been trying to get into his apartment for the last five minutes. Jessica helps her friend into his apartment and the meets with Audrey, who wants confirmation that her husband Carlo is having an affair. She wonders how long Jessica has been in business, explaining that she wants to know Jessica is reliable. Audrey then gives Jessica a time on Friday when Carlo claims that he's meeting a client, but his assistant knows nothing about it. Jessica warns that the kind of photos that Audrey wants are hard to forget, but Audrey insists that she wants Carlo to know that he's being photographed. The PI asks if a British man referred Audrey to her, and Audrey insists that it was her divorce lawyer. When she does, Jessica agrees to take the case.

As Audrey writes the check, Trish calls Jessica and says that Will is back with another cop. Jessica tells her friend to go to her safe room until she gets there. Will tries to break down the door and when he discovers that it's steel-reinforced, has the other officer, Cooper, get the ram.

A few minutes later, Jessica climbs into the apartment via the balcony and Trish comes out to greet her. The officers are breaking down the door, and Jessica looks at Will on the monitor. He tells Cooper that there's a body in the apartment, and Jessica figures that he thinks he killed Trish because she went through the same thing. She opens the door and Will recognizes Jessica from the supposed fall they took. Jessica claims that they had their headphones in and are making a party mix, and Trish steps out to confirm that she's alive. She tells Cooper that she wasn't attacked, and Will orders Jessica to tell him what's going on.

Jessica tells Cooper that Will can stay, and Trish removes her scarf to show Will's finger marks on her neck. Will says that he's a monster and walks away, and Jessica goes after him. Trish watches on the security cam as Jessica tells Will that Trish knows he wasn't in control and then takes him outside to get some air. She advises Will to stay away from Trish and explains that she injected Trish with Sufentanil to make her appear dead. Will insists that he never wanted to kill an innocent woman. Jessica tells him that Kilgrave made Will want to kill Trish, and he won't use Will again. Will wonders if Kilgrave is done with Trish, and Jessica tells him that she'll handle it. He wants to bring in the police, but Jessica warns that Will won't make Trish feel safe and tells him to go home because she knows a way to get Trish off of Kilgrave's hit list... but warns that it'll be painful.

Later, Trish goes on the air and apologizes for disrespecting Kilgrave in her last broadcast. She says that he's fascinating and powerful, and apologizes again. Afterward on the street, Jessica assures Trish that she's just acting, and spots someone taking photos. When Jessica goes over, she discovers that he's taking photos of his wife. She tells Trish that Kilgrave has been spending a mind-controlled spy to run surveillance on her, and warns that Kilgrave is always there... in her head.

Later at her apartment, Jessica starts deleting the photos she took of Luke and Gina.

The next day, Jessica storms into Jeri's office and asks if the firm's divorce lawyer is representing Audrey. Jeri confirms that he is and that he's handling her own divorce, and tells Jessica to pull herself together. Jessica then follows Audrey to the jewelry design shop she owns. Trish calls her and Jessica explains what she's doing. Kilgrave's powers only last for 10-12 hours without reinforcement, and Jessica figures that if he doesn't show up by then she'll know Audrey is clear. She then calls Will and asks if he wants to help catch Kilgrave. When he agrees, she texts him the locations that the photos were taken at, and has him pull up the CCTV footage to see who was following her.

On the street, Pam is with Jeri talking about a vacation spot they could go to. Jeri confirms that they're receiving more walk-ins from Trish's radio interview, just as they run into Wendy. She isn't thrilled to see that Jeri is bringing her to the restaurant they frequented, and points out that Jeri proposed to her there. Wendy insults Pam, saying that she's getting the leftover romance, and Jeri says that she won't crawl back to her if she breaks them up. After a moment, Wendy leaves and Jeri tells Pam that her ex won't get the restaurant. Pam says that she does and walks away.

Audrey goes into an abandoned bar, turns on the stereo she has set up, and practices shooting with a handgun. Jessica watches through the window, and then breaks the lock on the door and goes inside with the syringe of Sufentanil ready. However, she checks the time and figures that enough time has elapsed to prove Kilgrave isn't controlling Audrey.

Jeri calls Jessica to the law firm, and the PI finds dozens of people telling Pam that Kilgrave mind-controlled them. The senior lawyer insists that she doesn't have to deal with the influx of people using Kilgrave as an alibi, and wants Jessica to get dirty on Wendy for the divorce. When Jessica objects, Jeri reminds her that she owes her a favor. Jessica and Jeri then interview the arrivals. Most of them are eccentrics, but a few seem to have actually met Kilgrave. One man says that a man with a British accent ordered him to hand over his jacket, and Jessica figures that he's close enough to Kilgrave's build to have met the man. Afterward, Jessica advises the victims to stay in touch and form a support group. She admits to Jeri that she's using them and tells her people to find out everything they know about Kilgrave. Jeri says that Kilgrave is wasting his "gift," and Jessica reminds her that he uses people like animals and tosses them away.

As Jessica goes to her office, Will approaches her with a flash drive of the footage. He offers to help her and spots Malcolm staring at them, and grabs the man. Jessica tells Malcolm to sleep it off and tells Will to control himself. He apologizes and Jessica suggests that he join the support group. Will refuses and says that he has to go,

The next day, Jessica goes over the footage but doesn't spot the spy. She goes out to buy some booze and a young girl named Chanise approaches her, calling to Jessica by name. The girl says that Trish is safe for now, and says that Kilgrave liked Trish's apology. The girl says that she's 8, and Jessica apologies for Kilgrave controlling her. Chanise screams Kilgrave's anger that Jessica didn't save him, and then says that it's Friday and asks Jessica if she has a job to do. Jessica grabs her and asks if she's talking about Audrey, and Chanise screams. Her mother runs over tells Jessica to stay away from her.

Will visits Trish and says over the security cam that he wants to make things right. She says that she can't, and Will says that it's personal. Trish refuses to let him in and tells him to leave the package on the floor and go to the end of the hall. Will does so and Trish opens the door to get the package. It's a revolver, and Will tells Trish that he wanted her to feel safe. Trish aims the gun at him through the door.

That night, Jessica follows Carlo to an apartment building and sees the lights come on in a room. The PI leaps up to the balcony and goes in through the window, and sees Carlo on the bed having sex with a woman. After a moment, the woman gets up and Jessica realizes that it's Audrey. Audrey and Carlo are fully dressed, and Audrey calls to ask Jessica if she followed Carlo. The woman asks where Jessica is, and Jessica yanks open the door. Audrey draws her gun and tells Carlo to get Jessica on the plastic. When Jessica claims that she's bulletproof, Audrey shoots her in the shoulder.

Jessica realizes that they know she's superpowered from Spheeris' lawsuit, and figures that they have nothing to do with Kilgrave. Audrey says that Jessica and all the other gifted are freaks, and says that she saw her mother crushed to death under a building that the Avengers destroyed during the Chichari invasion. Jessica insists that she wasn't there, but Angela says that she's taking preventative measures before the next time.

The PI yanks out the plastic sheet they've put down, grabs the gun, and throws it through the wall. She smashes the furniture and tells them not to take their pain out on her, and says that she lost her parents in an accident. Jessica tells them that she has ninety-nine gifted friends and they'll all know what the Eastmans tried to do... and will come after them if they try again. She tells the couple to disappear if they want to save themselves, and walks out.

Back at her office, Jessica takes a shower and lets the blood from the bullet graze wash down the drain. She then goes over the files of the victims at the law firm, and one of them says that that Kilgrave wouldn't let her stop smiling.

Trish talks to will through the door, describing her weird fans when she had her own TV show. Will talks about how he always wanted to save people, and still blames himself for trying to kill Trish under Kilgrave's control. Trish finally opens the door and lets him in.

Jessica walks the streets, staring at everyone who passes her.

Trish gets Will coffee and talks about how strange he life has been.

As Jessica goes to the diner where Kilgrave's victims are meeting, Jeri calls Jessica and says that sent more potential survivors to the group. Jeri advises Jessica to participate and process her trauma, and Jessica goes inside. One man, Donald, is describing how Kilgrave forced him to abandon his baby on the road because he was crying too much. He disappeared for a week, and was charged with child abandonment and his wife divorced him. Jessica asks where Donald drove Kilgrave and if anyone delivered pictures to him. Donald remembered driving Kilgrave to meet the same guy at 10 am every day, and Donald remembers that the guy had a blue-and-white scarf.

Jessica goes back to her office and looks through the CCTV footage. She finally spots the man: Malcolm. She breaks into Malcom's apartment and finds a photo of herself.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2015

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