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Leviathan Recap

Waverider arrives above London in 2146 and is caught in an aerial bombardment. Rip confirms that Vandal's forces are the ones opening fire, and repeats their mission to find Vandal where they know that they can find him. He confirms that Vandal will kill his wife and son in three days' time, but they will save them by stopping Vandal now.

Gideon slips Waverider beneath the artillery fire and Rip has the AI set them down near the encampment of the remaining resistance forces. He insists that they have to move out immediately because Vandal will be out in the open that night.

Later, Vandal is with a woman, Cassandra, giving a speech to his forces. Rip, Sara, Mick, and Len are disguised in uniform and watching from the crowd, and realize that they can't grab Vandal at that time. Once he leaves the stage, Kendra tells the field team that Jax is in the jumpship ready to extract them. Cassandra goes by and Len suspects that she noticed them. Rip isn't convinced, and the field team follows Cassandra and her soldiers.

Kendra has Gideon do a close scan of Cassandra and notices that she's wearing Kendra's bracelet from ancient Egypt.

Once Vandal, Cassandra, and their soldiers have moved off, Mick trips Rip. The soldiers turn and Sara and Rip attack the soldiers while Len and Mick go after Vandal. Sara and Cassandra fight, and Kendra tells Sara that she needs to take Cassandra's bracelet. More soldiers move in and Rip orders the team to fall back. As Jax moves in, Len contemplates shooting Cassandra and then leaves with the others.

Back on Waverider, Len explains that they staged the distraction. Kendra tells the team about the bracelet, and Sara wonders how they're going to kill Vandal with it. Rip figures that Len and Mick can steal it, just as Gideon detects resistance fighters approaching. Before Rip leaves to talk to them, he tells Sara to get Kendra ready to kill Vandal with the bracelet.

Ray, Martin, and Jax accompany Rip out, and the resistance fighters ambush them. Rip says that his wife and son live in Whitechapel, and warns that the same fate will befall them if they don’t accept the team's help. He points out that they'd be dead if they were with Rip, and the leader takes them to the encampment. She explains that Whitechapel fell eleven days ago, and Rip is sure his family isn't there. The leader leaves them to get acclimated, and Jax gives a child a candy bar. More children run up, and Martin tells Jax that they should return to the ship and get additional provisions.

Ray asks Rip about his family, and Rip says that he doesn't want to discuss it. When Ray points out that Rip isn't trying to get his family to safety, Rip explains that after trying to kill Vandal in Ancient Egypt, he traveled to 2146 and tried to save Miranda and Jonas, but they were cut down by Vandal's soldiers. He jumped back and tried to save them again and again, and each time his family died. Time wants his family to die and the timeline to remain unchanged.

The leader comes back and says that they have no record of Rip, and the others disappeared 150 years ago. Rip says that they have to get to Vandal as possible, and the leader says that someone tried to kill Vandal earlier and he's gone to ground in the citadel's bunker. Delta Camp calls in requesting help, and the leader takes a team there. By the time they get there, the rebels are dead. The leader explains that London is the last patch of free ground on Earth, and wonders what the team can do against soldiers with such power.

Back on Waverider, Ray suggests that he and Martin examine soil samples and wreckage from the camp to determine what kind of weaponry Vandal is using. On the bridge, Mick and Len say that they're working on a plan to get the bracelet. Rip explains about the weapon Vandal used to wipe out the camp, and Kendra agrees to go through Boardman's notebooks. In the cargo hold, she and Sara check the books again. Among the items there is Hawkman's mace, and Kendra says that she tries not to think about him because he's her pat and Ray is her future. As she touches the mace, she recalls a memory from the past.

In Iowa City in 1941, Carter is training with his mace when Kendra comes in, dressed up. She reminds him that he missed their anniversaries, and Carter gives her his mace as an anniversary gift. He says that it's time for her to learn how to use it, and wants to know that if he goes first then she can protect herself. Kendra says that she doesn't want to consider facing life without him, and Carter assures her that he'll always be near. She takes the mace and wonders if she'll be strong enough to kill Vandal, and Carter assure her that she has everything that she needs.

Kendra tells Sara that she knows what they can use to kill Savage.

In the bunker, Cassandra is sparring with her guards. She spares them and warns that the rebels won't show them any such mercy. Mick and Len come in, weapons drawn, and order her to hand over the bracelet. Alarms go off and Cassandra addresses Len by name, asking what he's going to do. Len and Mick take Cassandra to Waverider and lock her up, and she says that she knows who all of them are. She addresses Rip by his Egyptian name, and explains that she's Vandal's daughter.

In Rip's office, Rip tells the rest of the team what he's learned. Kendra says that she knows what to do with the bracelet, and will need Mick to burn something. Mick suggests that they send Vandal one of Cassandra's fingers, and keeps sending them until he offers his life. Sara suggests that Cassandra knows the details of Vandal's defenses, and Len says that he's on it.

In the brig, Len asks Cassandra how he's going to get the information he wants. She says that Vandal has prepared her for torture, and Len notes that her father sounds a lot like his. Cassandra explains that Per Degaton was a madman who unleashed the Armageddon Virus 14 years ago. Her mother was among the millions that died, and Vandal stood up to Degaton. Cassandra insists that Vandal is the only one capable of putting the world back together. She says that her suffering is a small price to pay, and Len points out that he said nothing about torture.

Mick melts down the bracelet and Kendra pours it over the mace head. He wonders if she can kill Vandal after thousands of years of never having done so. Kendra says that she's sure she can do it, and Mick says that if she isn't then she'll end up like Carter.

Ray and Martin discover that Vandal's weapon is some kind of giant, and the impact craters around the rebel camp are footprints. The ship shakes as something huge approaches it.

An aide informs Vandal that they've located the rebels who abducted Cassandra and sent the Leviathan to confront them. Vandal tells his people to find Cassandra and kill her abductors.

Cassandra hears the footsteps and tells Len that Vandal is coming for her.

Martin and Ray go to the rebel camp and watch as they prepare to fight. They take the children to Waverider and Martin reminds Rip that he recruited them to save the world, including the refugees. Rip orders Gideon to take off as soon as the remaining refugees are onboard. On the bridge, Rip has everyone strap themselves in and turns on the floodlights. Facing them is a giant humanoid robot based on the tom suit, standing 200' tall. Waverider opens fire but the energy weapons have no effect. The Leviathan grabs Waverider and throws it over the hilltops.

After the timeship crashes, Leviathan determines that the occupants are still alive and moves in. Gideon warns that it will arrive within the hour, and that their engine is no longer functional. Rip wants to take the jumpship and tries to outrun it, and Martin points out that it won't carry the refugees. As they talk, Martin realizes that he's taken a piece of metal in the stomach. Rip takes Martin to the medbay, and Jax arrives. Martin tells Jax to take care of the refugees, and then passes out as Gideon administers a sedative.

Len returns to the brig and releases Cassandra, and explains that he's going to show her what Vandal is really like. He leads Cassandra to the hold and explains that most of the refugees are dead, and the survivors are all they could save. Cassandra insists that Vandal was trying to save her, and Len points out that the refugees are unarmed civilians. Vandal unleashes Leviathan on a bunch of tents. The criminal says that it took a long time to accept that his father was a monster, and figures that she's smarter. Cassandra is unimpressed, and Len tells her that Vandal was the one who unleashed the Armageddon Virus. She doesn't believe it, and Len has Gideon run the footage from 2147. Cassandra insists that it isn't true, but Len figures that deep down she knows it is.

Ray finds Rip, who warns that they can't repair the engines in thirty minutes. He insists that everyone onboard is as dead as his family, and Ray says that he believes in choices, not fate. He tells Rip that they can choose to fight, even if it's futile, but Rip points out that they have to kill Vandal and their chances are impossible. Kendra and Len arrive and Kendra says that she's found a way to kill Vandal. Len says that Cassandra can get them in, and Ray says that he can stop Leviathan. Rip says that he figures that it was fate that compelled him to bring the team together and change the future once and for all.

As Kendra prepares to go after Vandal, she meets with Ray. He assures her that she can do it, and refuses to let her say any goodbyes. They kiss and Leviathan's footsteps echo throughout the ship.

Outside, Jax wires up Ray's atom suit to Waverider's auxiliary time drive and reverse the polarity of the dwarf star matrix. Once Jax is done, he tells Ray that he's the real hero. Ray has him stand back and then activates the Atom suit. As Jax looks on, the Atom grows to giant and charges toward Leviathan. The two fight and Ray manages to topple the titanic robot.

Vandal's aide informs him that Leviathan is encountering resistance. Vandal realizes that it's the Atom, and another aide tells Vandal that Cassandra has returned. The immortal tyrant goes to greet his daughter and wonders how she escaped. He realizes that her bracelet is gone, and that Cassandra is lying when she claims she lost it in the escape. Cassandra tells Vandal to try and tell her that he wasn't responsible for the release of the Virus.

Leviathan and Atom continue fighting.

The team steps out of the shadows, guns aimed at Vandal. Cassandra tells her father that he's a monster, just as soldiers arrive.

Jax tells the Atom to open fire with his hard-light beams, and the hero opens fire.

Vandal realizes that Hawkgirl is there, just as she flies down and snatches him away. While her teammates take on Vandal's soldiers, Hawkgirl hits Vandal and he realizes that her mace can hurt him.

Atom slams an electrical tower into Leviathan and then hits it full-force with his blasters.

Hawkgirl smashes Vandal down and keeps beating him.

Cassandra saves Len, killing one of his attackers.

Leviathan flies up and fires a blast at Atom, knocking him down. Jay tells his friend to get up.

Hawkgirl prepares to strike the death blow, but a soldier arrives and opens fire on her. She prepares to kill him, knocking off his helmet, only to realize that it's Carter. As Kendra goes to him, Vandal explains that Carter reincarnated and doesn't remember who he is. When Vandal discovered Carter, he brainwashed him into forgetting his past lives. Kendra grabs Vandal, and he says that he's the only one who can unlock Carter's mind.

Jax reminds the stunned Atom of what he said about believing in choices. Atom recovers and punches the charging Leviathan, smashing its head off. The robot goes down and Atom shrinks back to normal

Rip arrives and tells Kendra to finish Vandal. She tells Rip that it's Carter.

Reinforcements arrive and Mick yells at Kendra to finish it. Rip points out that if Kendra doesn't kill Vandal then his wife and son will die. After a moment, Kendra releases Vandal and says that she can't do it. Rip says that they need to get Vandal and Carter back to Waverider and knocks Vandal unconscious.

The next morning, Len takes Cassandra to the rebel camp. When the leader wonders why she shouldn't kill Cassandra, Cassandra says that she knows the soldiers' tactics and weaknesses. She tells the leader to ask Len why she changed her mind.

On Waverider, Ray asks Kendra what happened. Kendra says that they need to talk.

Martin wakes up and Rip confirms that he's okay. He tells Martin what happened and confirms that the refugees are safe. Martin wonders if time will assert itself and cause them to die, and Rip says that for once, time is on their side. He then goes to see Vandal in the brig. Vandal points out that Rip has failed to kill himself, and notes that he has placed Kendra in an impossible position. She has to choose between her soulmate and Rip's. Rip says that there is no such thing as destiny, and Vandal warns that time will tell if there is still hope for Rip's family.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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