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AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Recap

18 Months Ago

Jessica is working in a cubicle at an office and bouncing a ball of rubber bands off of her monitor. Her manager over and complains about her attitude, and Jessica brings up a printout showing that he's been embezzling from the company. Jessica suggests that in return for her silence, he fire her and give her six months' severance pay and a recommendation. When he says that her parents must be proud, Jessica shoves over a row of file cabinets.

Later, Trish meets Jessica at a bar for drinks and complains that she's bored with regular work. A man comes over and hits on Trish, suggesting that they play the Love Tester game. Offended, Jessica challenges him to lay the Strength Tester. She'll have sex with him if he wins, and he'll get their tab and apologize if she wins. The man agrees and Jessica easily beats him, and the man reluctantly apologizes. Trish suggests that Jessica put her strength to use as a superhero, and says that she'd save the world if she could. Jessica says that she'll show her how to save the world and uses the money to buy drinks on the house for everyone.


Jessica shows Trish photos of Malcolm six months ago, before Kilgrave got hold of him. Malcolm was straight and clear-headed then, Jessica figures that Kilgrave turned Malcolm into a drug addict to provide him with a cover so he wouldn't be noticed. Malcolm then moved into the apartment building four months ago. Trish wants to pull Malcolm out before Kilgrave ODs him, but Jessica wants to use her friend to get Kilgrave first.

Later, Jessica follows Malcolm for his daily 10 am rendezvous with Kilgrave in Union Square. When she sees Kilgrave, Jessica turns away, muttering her mantra. Meanwhile, Kilgrave goes over the photos that Malcolm has taken of Jessica. He gives Malcolm an envelope and the addict quickly leaves.

The next day, Jessica follows Malcolm again. A woman comes over and talks briefly to Malcolm, who walks off. Jessica asks the woman what she said, and she says a British man told her to tell Malcolm to go to a kiosk off of Park. She walks off and Jessica follows Malcolm to the magazine kiosk. Kilgrave is waiting and when the vendor objects, tells him to throw his scalding coffee in his face and then walks off with Malcolm.

Back at her office, Jessica leaves a message for Trish to call her. Once she hangs up, there's a knock at the door. It's Ruben, who has come by to make sure that she's okay. He's brought banana bread and asks Jessica not to tell his sister Robyn. Jessica takes it and closes the door in Ruben's face,

Trish is at her apartment having sex when Jessica knocks on the door. She refuses to come back later and Trish finally opens the door. Jessica says that Kilgrave always compels someone to tell Malcolm where to meet him, making it difficult for Jessica to get close to him. Will comes out of the bedroom and suggests that Jessica use a sniper to eliminate Kilgrave. Jessica reminds him that they need Kilgrave alive to clear Hope, and points out that Will tries to kill Trish before he got together with her. She wants to Trish the car she'll use to take Kilgrave away once he's out, and Will offers to get someone. Trish says that the sex was fun but she doesn't want his opinion, and Will apologizes for being out of line. A call comes in and Trish says that she'll cancel, but Jessica warns that things have to look normal to Kilgrave. Will offers to help and Trish reluctantly admits that he could be useful. She leaves them to work out a plan, and Will goes to get pants

That night, Will and Jessica drive to the safehouse he has and she warns him that he'll have to get in close. He takes her up to the former CDC facility and shows Jessica the hermetically sealed room. Will says that he'll need at least another two days to rig a safeguard, and Jessica agrees to get Kilgrave then. He goes into the room to show Jessica how it's set up, and she seals the door behind him and walks back to the observation windows.

The Past

Jessica is out dressed as a hoagie, selling hoagies. When a little girl walks out into traffic in front of her, Jessica stops a taxi from hitting her. Her father comes over and the girl tells him that the sandwich saved her and then thanks Jessica.


Jessica returns to her office and finds Malcolm passed out in the elevator. Ruben comes out and says that they should take Malcolm to a hospital, and Jessica says that her friend is better off in his own bed. As they take the elevator up, Ruben invites Jessica to a movie.

Will shows Trish an unregistered van that he borrowed from a buddy. He admits that he looked her up on Wikipedia and knows what it says about her career as the highest-paid child star, and took Jessica in after her parents died in a car accident. Will wonders what Jessica can do, and Trish suggests that he ask Jessica. He figures that Jessica doesn't like him much, and Trish admits that Jessica is very protective. Will says that he needs to know who he's working with, and Trish tells him to trust her judgment of Jessica, just like she trusts her judgment of him. He agrees and they kiss.

Jessica gets Malcolm into bed and leaves. Hope calls her collect from the prison and asks her to bring money. Jessica goes to the prison and Hope demands the cash, and another prisoner, Sissy, comes over and tells Hope to join her. Hope repeats her request and Jessica hands over the money. She says that she's close to clearing Hope's name, but Hope isn't impressed.

The Past

Trish shows Jessica several costumes that she's designed for her, but Jessica isn't enthused. She has Trish put on the mask and demonstrates how easily it can get twisted around. Jessica isn't happy with Trish's superhero alias of Jewel for her, either. As far as being a superhero, she says that they'll see.


Back in her office, Jessica waits for Malcolm to leave his apartment. Once she hears him come out, Jessica joins him in the elevator. She stares at him all the way down and as they go out on the street, Jessica tells him to take care. Jessica then joins Will and Trish in the van. Will and Jessica argue until it's time, and then move out to intercept Kilgrave. They set up in Union Square and Malcolm goes to his usual spot. A man gives Malcolm Kilgrave's location and Jessica follows him to an outdoor café, and Will and Trish move in separately.

A nearby balloon vendor breaks a balloon, and Jessica tells Will to retreat. He refuses even though Kilgrave is looking in his direction, and Jessica yells at Kilgrave to get his attention. Will shoots Kilgrave in the neck with the dart gun, and Kilgrave goes down. Malcolm apologizes to Jessica and runs off, and two men come out of the café and say that they've got it. Jessica shoves them down and tells the customers that they're attacking her brother, and says that she's taking Kilgrave to the hospital. She and Will get Kilgrave into the van and they drive off.

Once they're clear, Jessica looks down at Kilgrave, and Trish reminds her that they need him alive. She punches him once as they drive to the safehouse, and finds a tracker on him just they arrive. More men arrive and break in the van widow, hitting Trish with a cattle prod. The men overwhelm Jessica through numbers while two others grab Kilgrave and drive away with him. The others escape while Will takes out his man and checks on Trish. They question the man when he wakes up, and he finally says that he works for a bodyguard firm and Kilgrave paid them to watch over him. Jessica figures that Kilgrave paid for backup in case he lost his powers, and knew Jessica had the drugs from Malcolm. Will wants everything the man, Matt, knows and wants to go after Malcolm. Jessica takes Will to the side and says that she'll deal with Malcolm, and reminds Will that he's a policeman.

At the apartment building, Jessica arrives and hears Malcolm arguing with a pusher over how he's going to pay for drugs. She's a gun on him and Jessica disarms her. Jessica then shoves Malcolm down and he says that she can't save him again.

The Past

Jessica goes out on patrol and comes across two muggers beating Malcolm. She easily tosses them aside and goes to Malcolm, and Kilgrave and two women with him applaud her attack. Bored with the women, Kilgrave tells them to leave and calls Jessica over. He admires her concealed power--just like him--and makes her admit that she liked beating up the muggers because she helped someone. Jessica says that she doesn't have a superhero name, and Kilgrave makes her come with him for Szechuan. Behind them, Malcolm spits out blood.


Jessica handcuffs Malcolm up in her bathroom and he begs for her drugs. He insists that he's useless to her, and Jessica reminds him that he was going to be a social worker. Malcolm says that sometimes he took photos of her just for the drugs, and he chose to take drugs and meet with Kilgrave once a day after his control lapsed. After he throws up, Malcolm warns that Kilgrave will find and kill him, and begs Jessica to give him the drugs. Jessica gets him a blanket and a pillow, and says that the entire time Kilgrave controlled her, some part of her fought. She figures that if Malcolm gives up then she loses, and explains that Kilgrave controlled Malcolm to isolate her and make her feel like someone else. Jessica tells Malcolm to stop pitying himself and fight. She then tosses Malcolm a packet of drugs and tells him to choose, and then walks out. Malcolm dumps out the drugs and stares at them, crying.

Trish goes back to her apartment and loads the gun Will gave her.

Sissy beats Hope in her cell.

Kilgrave wakes up in his safehouse and takes out the loose tooth from when Jessica punched him. He then calls Jessica and admits that the lack of control was exhilarating. Kilgrave asks why he wants her alive when she could have killed him, and insists that Malcolm was an addict waiting to happen. He offers to release all control of Malcolm and let him do what he wants... if Jessica keeps sending Kilgrave the photos. Kilgrave asks if they have a deal and says that he wants to hear her voice, and Jessica hangs up. He sends her a text saying that he's waiting, and Jessica checks on Malcolm. Malcolm is laying on the bathroom floor, going through withdrawal, and Jessica sees the drugs in the toilet.

A few minutes later, Jessica sends Kilgrave a photo of herself.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2015

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