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Welcome Back, Jim Gordon Recap

Two of Falcone's people, Carl and Olga, take a bound and gagged Fish to a warehouse and chain her to a gurney. She assumes that they'll be the ones torturing her, but they say that Bob, one of their top guys, will do the honors. Bob comes in and greets Fish.

Jim is called to a homicide scene and meets Harvey, who knows that Jim and Leslie were seen in the station locker room. Jim insists that there's nothing between them and asks about Fish, and Harvey says that there's been no sign of her. However, he insists that there was nothing between them and he only looks after himself. The detectives go in and find the corpse of a dead drug dealer, Pinky Littlefield. Arnold Flass, a detective with Narco, is there and tells them that Littlefield worked for the Uptown Assassins. He figures that Littlefield was killed after a drug deal gone bad and leaves. As Harvey accompanies him out, Jim checks Littlefield's corpse and notices a hidden compartment in the dealer's shoe. Inside the compartment are several packets of drugs.

Harvey comes back with a witness: night janitor Leon Winkler. Leon agrees to come down to the station and describe who he saw to a sketch artist. They take him there and as he waits, Leon calls his wife Louise and explains where he is. A man comes in behind Leon and confirms that the janitor saw the killer, and then stabs the man in the back.

When Jim and the other officers discover that Leon is dead, Edward examines the body and reports that someone killed Leon using an ice pick with a unique hexagonal handle. The same weapon was used to kill Littlefield, and Jim realizes that the killer is a cop.

As Bob prepares to torture Fish, Fish asks if he has any family. The torturer proudly admits that he has two daughters, and Fish says that they must be ugly. Bob slaps her and Fish spits in his face, laughing.

Two of Falcone's men take Butch to a factory with an incinerator. However, Butch escapes, takes out one man, and grabs the other. He then demands to know where he can find Fish.

Jim and Harvey report to Essen, and Harvey warns Jim that they'll crucify him if he accuses a fellow cop. Essen agrees but Jim refuses to let go of it. He plans to check the log book, and Essen agrees but warns him to report to her before doing anything big.

Alfred and Bruce return from Switzerland and Bruce insists that his butler drive him around the area where Selina lives. Bruce points out that the killers who came to the manor were after Selina, not him, and he has nothing to worry about. The boy finally gets out to look for Selina, holding a package for her. Alfred reluctantly accompanies him and Ivy walks by. Bruce hails the girl and convinces her to give a message to Selina in return for $20. Ivy agrees and takes the money, while Alfred takes Bruce home.

Bob tries to asphyxiate Fish using a plastic bag, but she's unimpressed. He prepares to break her kneecap, but Butch arrives and beats him unconscious, and then frees Fish.

When he discovers that the log is missing a page, Jim questions the officers but they deny any involvement. Jim tells Harvey that the officers are protecting his own and asks him to give him some leverage. Thanks to Harvey's information, Jim questions one man, Grover, and says that Alvarez accused him of taking the page. Grover says that he cheated on Alvarez with the detective's wife and the man bears him a grudge. Jim doesn't care as long as they have someone to blame, and Grover finally says that Detective Derek Delaware took the page.

Jim finds Delaware in the basement garage and confronts him, and Delaware puts up a brief fight. Jim knocks him out and searches his car, and finds the same drugs in the trunk. He takes Delaware back to the station room and the officers stare at him in surprise. As Jim drags Delaware to the holding cell, Harvey tells his partner that he should have brought Delaware in quietly. He wonders if Jim is trying to make a statement, and Jim says that he damn well is.

Once she learns what happened, Essen calls the detectives in and they discover that Flass is there. He says that it's all part of an ongoing undercover investigation and Jim put men in danger. Essen tells them that she's turning Leon's case over to IA, and a smug Flass says that Jim is welcome to investigate Littlefield's death.

In the records room, Edward gives Kirsten a greeting card. She reluctantly takes it and leaves.

Fish wakes up in a cheap hotel room and finds Butch watching her. She thanks him for rescuing him, but tells her henchman that she isn't going to leave town until she gets revenge on Oswald for betraying her. Butch warns her that they're fugitives, but Fish insists on cutting Oswald's throat.

Oswald takes his mother to Fish's former club and finally admits that it will soon be his as soon as the ownership is revolved. His bodyguard Gabe opens a bottle of champagne and Gertrud tells Oswald that she's proud of him.

Harvey meets privately with Jim at a diner and explains that Flass and his people in Narcotics have taken over the drug trade from the dealers. The older detective advises Jim to drop it, figuring that Flass is protected by important men in City Hall. Jim begs Harvey to get him the location of one of the crooked cops' stash houses. Harvey, realizing that Jim isn't going to let it go, makes a call and soon the detectives are busting into a warehouse. They find Delaware and his men unloading drugs and a fight breaks out. However, Delaware tells everyone to relax because they have a warrant to search the place and take any drugs that they find.

Back at the station, Essen informs the detectives that IA has determined that Leon's death was a suicide. Jim sees Leon's widow come in, crying, and Essen warns Jim that the corruption goes all the way up to the commissioner's office. Jim is clearly not satisfied, and the captain says that she and others want to help him. However, they've learned that they'll need solid evidence against Flass. Once she leaves, Jim tells Harvey that he'll be back in an hour.

Edward goes back to the records room and finds Flass and several of his narcotics buddies reading the card that he gave to Kirsten. Kirsten looks embarrassed and Flass insults Edward until he leaves, humiliated.

At Fish's club, Gertrud shows Gabe how to dance while Oswald drinks more champagne. Jim comes in and Oswald introduces his mother to his friend. He then talks to Jim privately, and Jim asks for a favor. He wants whatever Oswald can get on Flass, and figures that Oswald has connections through Maroni. Oswald immediately agrees and promises that no one will be hurt, and assures Jim that the police officer doesn't owe him anything.

Zsasz and his henchwomen go to the warehouse and finds Fish gone and Bob beaten. When Bob demands to see Falcone, Zsasz shoots him dead.

Oswald sends everyone home, including his mother, and Gertrud hugs him and says that she'll be bank. Oswald then drinks and rubs his hands over the fixtures. He goes up on stage and makes a speech about the grand opening of his club... just as Fish and Butch come in. Fish is holding a baseball bat and says that he should put more enthusiasm into it.

At the manor, Selina breaks in and finds Bruce playing chess against himself. She got his message and wonders why he wants to see her, and Bruce gives her the present: a snow globe from Switzerland. Selina admires it and Bruce asks if she wants to stay there. She stares at him and wonders why, and Bruce figures that she can help him identify his parents' killer while he gives her a better place to stay. Selina tells him to chill and claims that she lied, and she didn't see the killer's face. She only lied so Jim wouldn't lock her up. As Bruce stares at her in shock, Selina leaves the way she came.

Gabe goes to Delaware's apartment and questions him. The crooked cop finally admits that Littlefield didn't pay off Narcotics, and Flass killed the dealer to send a message. Gabe is holding Delaware's wife underwater in the bathtub, and threatens to keep her there unless Delaware gives him proof.

Fish forces Oswald to kiss her feet, and he suggests that they ally and fool everyone. Disgusted, Fish says that she took a nothing like Oswald and made him something, and Oswald boasts that he worked for Falcone as a mole in Fish's organization and she never figured it out. Zsasz and his women come in, guns drawn, and Butch shoots back, killing one woman. Everyone ducks for cover and Butch gets Fish out through the basement. He helps her escape through a window, just as Zsasz arrives and shoots him in the leg. Butch refuses to tell him where Fish is, and Zsasz wonders if they should kill Butch or take him to play.

Kirsten comes to see Edward in his lab and apologizes. She explains that she didn't show Flass the card and he found it on his own, and admits that the card was thoughtful. Edward starts to ask her out, but Kirsten tells him not to say anything else and leaves. Touched, Edward figures that there's hope for him.

Gabe visits Jim at the station and gives him a bag with the ice pick and a tape of Delaware's confession about Flass. The bodyguard explains that Flass gave Delaware the ice pick and told him to dispose of it, but Delaware held onto it as insurance. A surprised Jim thanks Gabe and then looks around the squad room, considering his next move.

Alfred goes to the study and finds Bruce crying, the snow globe broken in front of the fireplace. Bruce tells Alfred that Selina was lying, and Alfred asks if Bruce wants to sweep up the glass or cry over his shattered ream. Bracing himself, Bruce tells Alfred to get him a broom, and then goes back to his board.

Jim finally decides and announces that he's arresting Flass. Flass says that he has nothing, but Jim shows him the ice pick and the confession tape. Unimpressed, the narcotics detective says that he's protected and his "friends" won't let Jim arrested him. Addressing the entire room, Jim says that Flass doesn't deserve his badge. He says that Leon trusted all of them to protect him, and they failed. Essen finally steps forward and puts Flass under arrest, and Alvarez helps her as Jim thanks them for their support. However, some of his fellow officers still glare at him.

That night, Harvey drives down to the docks and meets with Fish. He offers her his coat and tells her not to come back. Fish insists that she's going to come back when the time is right and kill Oswald, and she'll see Harvey again. Until then, she asks Harvey to find Butch and help him if he can. Harvey agrees and kisses her, and then leaves.

As Jim leaves for the night, Delaware approaches him and begs him on his knees to keep his family out of it.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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