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Everyone Has a Cobblepot Recap

Bruce stands vigil at Alfred's bedside while Jim goes to get him some food. When Jim comes back, Alfred insists that he's doing better but claims that he didn't see who stabbed him. Bruce says the same and Jim gets a call from Essen summoning him back to the station. Once he leaves, Bruce wonders why Alfred didn't say that Reggie attacked him. The butler says that he plans to sort his friend out himself, and tries to get up. He staggers and Bruce first asks and then orders Alfred back to bed. After a moment, Alfred reluctantly gets back into his bed.

Fish wakes up and finds a doctor at her side. He introduces himself as Dr. Francis Dulmacher and examines her right eye. He explains that he's the founder of the hospital and that he's impressed with her efforts. Fish suggests that Dulmacher make her his right hand, noting that she managed to shut down his basement for a week. Dulmacher says that he'll consider it and tells her to eat. As he goes, he says that their stock of eyes is low and they couldn’t match her original eye color. Once he's gone, Fish checks herself in the mirror and discovers that they've given her a new, blue eye to replace the one that she cut out.

When Jim returns to the station, Essen and Dent tell him that Flass has been killed of the murder charge against him. The defense found a witness that cleared him, but the court has sealed the records and they have no idea who it is. Dent says that he's learned that Loeb provided the witness, and Essen warns that Loeb is supporting Flass as president of the policeman's union in the next election. Jim says that it won't stand, and storms out. Flass is in the bullpen and enjoys rubbing the fact that he's been freed in Jim's face.

Jim goes to Loeb's office and accuses the commissioner of perverting the system. He insists that there are no witnesses strong enough to trump the evidence that he gathered, and Loeb plays a video of the witness: Harvey. On the tape, Harvey says that he provided false information against Flass to get him convicted.

Back at the station, Jim demands to know why Harvey betrayed him. Harvey explains that the mob once forced him to kill a man and, unlike Jim, he couldn't get out of it. He tells Jim to arrest him, and warns his partner that Loeb has evidence on all of the cops in the station. Jim insists on putting an end to it, and refuses to listen to Harvey's warning that it's suicide to go up against Loeb.

Edward finds Kristen in his lab and strikes up a conversation about pheromones. He figures that Kristen and Flass were dating, and assumes that they only had a physical relationship. Kristen tells Edward that she has realized that there are better men in the world than Flass and thanks Edward for his concern.

Jim and Dent meet at a diner and Jim tells the DA what Harvey described. Dent assures Jim that Loeb has nothing on him, and Jim suggests that they find the cache of evidence that Loeb has on the cops. When Jim wonders if there's anyone that might have anything on Loeb, the DA confirms that Loeb's wife died twenty years ago in a home accident. He figures that things are rough between Jim and Harvey since they're partners, and then gets an idea. Back at the station, they bring in Charlie Griggs, Loeb's partner 20 years ago. They demand answers and promise to protect him, and Griggs tells them to visit Xi Lu, a Chinese bookkeeper that Loeb used to keep things safe 20 years ago. As Jim and Dent leave, Harvey secretly watches them go.

Dulmacher shows Fish around the hospital and explains that they provide their aging patients with replacement organs as well as new faces. Fish promises to supply Dulmacher with a steady stream of organs since the people in the basement trust her, and points out that if Dulmacher wanted her dead she'd already be dead. Dulmacher escorts her to his office and says that he'll send Fish to the basement. If she can send Schmidt back and reestablish the supply of "donors," then he'll consider her offer. However, Dulmacher warns Fish that people that fail him pay a steep price. He reveals an operating theater in the next room, and the Office Manager... who has had a woman's arm attached to his shoulder.

Selena visits Bruce at the hospital and asks if Alfred is okay. She hugs Bruce and tries to comfort him, and Bruce explains what happened. He's discovered that some of his files are missing and figures that Reggie took them and made it look like a general robbery. Bruce believes that Reggie is working for the Wayne Enterprises board and plans to go after them. Selena warns that Bruce isn't up to it and he says that she doesn't understand. Irritated, Selena says that he knows where to find her when he wants help.

Jim and Dent go to Xi's office in a Chinatown basement and finds the bookkeeper with his men, counting their cash. They threaten to arrest Li if he doesn't tell them what Loeb stored with him. As they talk, Xi receives a phone call and chuckles when he talks to the person at the other end. He then addresses Jim and Dent by name, and tells them to wait. As Xi walks out, he tells his men to dispose of the two intruders. The two men run outside but Xi's men cut them off... until Harvey smashes through the alleyway, picks them up, and drives away. He warns them that by the time they return with reinforcements, Xi will have cleaned the place out. Jim figures that Griggs set them up, and Harvey suggests that they intimidate Griggs into telling them what they want to know.

Once they drop Dent off, Jim drives the car down the street. Harvey holds Griggs' head toward the pavement, and Griggs quickly tells them that Falcone was holding Loeb's evidence. Once they let the crooked cop go, Jim says that they need to talk to someone close to Falcon. They go to the club and explain to Oswald what they want. Oswald wonders what's in it for him, and Jim says that he'll owe him one favor. Satisfied, Oswald says that he values information and negotiates with Jim for five minutes with Loeb's files. Jim has no choice but to agree.

In the basement of the hospital, Kelly tries to keep the prisoners from killing Schmidt. Fish arrives and tells them that she's releasing Schmidt as a sign of good faith. Once Dulmacher's guards take the man away, Fish has the remainder grab Kelly and a woman. She apologizes to Kelly but explains that he's next on the list. Once the guards drag the two new "donors" away, the other prisoners wonder if Fish has betrayed them. She reminds them that she said that some of them will die. However, she insists that she'll keep her promise to them.

Oswald leads Jim and Harvey to a remote farmhouse and explains that he heard Falcone mention it on the phone during a conversation with Loeb. He wants to stay in the car, but the detectives insist that Oswald accompany them. Before they can leave, the owner, Jude, comes up and asks if they're having car trouble. Oswald tells him that Loeb sent them, and Jude takes them inside to meet his wife, Marge. As Marge serves coffee and cake, Jude explains that he worked on the railroad and Marge was a nurse at Arkham. Jim claims that they're on Loeb's payroll and he sent them to check on security, and flash their badges. Marge is seemingly satisfied and Oswald says that he's an undercover officer.

Something thumps on the floor of the attic above them, and Jim says that they have to start the inspection. Marge grabs a shotgun and shoots at them, and Jude draws his gun and fires. Harvey shoots him in the shoulder and Marge goes after Oswald. When Jim orders her to surrender, she trips and hits her head on a table. Jim gives Oswald the shotgun and tells him to watch Margie. The detectives go up to the attic and find a woman dancing to an old record. She tells them that her name is Miriam Loeb and asks if her father sent them.

At the station, Edward goes to the bullpen with flowers. He finds Kristen talking to a patrol officer, Tom Dougherty, and she introduces him to Edward as his date. Tom gives Edward a riddle which he easily solves, and Edward irritably congratulates Tom. Once Kristen and Tom leave, Edward throws the flowers in the garbage.

Miriam tells the partners that her father visits once a week, and says that he doesn't keep any boxes or files there. Jim asks what happened to Miriam's mother, and she says that she wants to show them her new hobby. As she goes to get it, Jim tells Harvey that Miriam must have seen Loeb kill his wife 20 years ago. However, Miriam shows them the necklace that she made out of bird bones, and explains in great detail how she grabs them and crushes their skulls in. Realizing the truth, Jim repeats his question and Miriam explains that she used a candlestick on her mother when she wouldn't stop singing. There's a crash downstairs and when the partners go to investigate, Oswald tells them that the couple got the jump on him and drove off. As Miriam comes down, Oswald demands to see Loeb's files per their agreement.

The next day, Jim confronts Loeb with what he knows. Loeb insists that Miriam is sick and didn't know what she was doing, and dares Jim to expose him. Jim calls his bluff, pointing out that Miriam would go to Arkham if news of what happened became public. Loeb caves and agrees to resign, but Jim tells him that he wants him to stay on because otherwise Falcone would just replace him with another crooked commissioner. However, he does want Loeb to reopen the case against Flass, and send all of his evidence on the cops to Dent. Loeb points out that he's dead if he does that but agrees to give up Harvey's file. Jim accepts his offer and says that he has one more thing for Loeb to do.

Soon, Loeb is supporting Jim as the next president of the policeman's union. Afterward, Jim gives Harvey the file. Harvey says that he did one bad thing, hoping that all of the good things he could do because of it would balance the scales. They didn't. He warns Jim to be careful of what Oswald asks from him.

At the club, Oswald meets with Judge and Marge, who he told to come there. He tells them that he only acquired one train ticket and that he'll leave it up to them who goes. Margie attacks Jude and finally strangles him to death. Oswald pulls out the shotgun and admits that he needed Marge to kill Jude because he only has one shell left... and pulls the trigger.

Fish meets with Dulmacher, who welcomes her to upper management now that she's delivered on her promises. He tells her that there's no escape and shows her to a window... which reveals that the hospital is on an island in the harbor, several miles from land.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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