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Gunz 'N Boyz Recap

Just outside the Challenger Club, the Oliver Street gangers lead by Player G come by to try and convince a young boy, Bobby, to sell drugs for them inside the Club. When Bobby hesitates, Player G offers to give him a gun to defend himself. Inside the Club, Regina Jeffries is talking with her sons, Kelvin and Brian, when she spots Player G. She tells Brian not to get involved and sends MacGyver to check things out. Brian, a former member of a rival gang, follows him and Player G tries to provoke him by hitting on Regina. When the police pull up, the gangers take off and the officer in charge, Mullins, warns MacGyver that he doesn't know what he's getting into. The policeman warns that Brian used to be one of the Ice Boyz and that he'll be back with them eventually.

Regina invites MacGyver home for dinner. While they eat, Brian complains that Player G will keep on pushing into the Club's neighborhood and recruit Kelvin as a ganger. Regina, who lost her oldest son Eddie in a ganger shoot, warns Brian to stay away from the Oliver Street gangers. As MacGyver goes to the window, he notices Player G and his boys open fire from a passing car. MacGyver yells a warning but Regina takes a bullet in the shoulder before she can get done. Brian grabs a hidden gun and goes after them while Kelvin and MacGyver look after Regina. Once she's stabilized, Regina asks MacGyver to find Brian before it's too late for him.

Player G and the others are hanging out at Stumpy's Bar playing pool. Player G goes outside to meet with Minton, a gun dealer who ships his supplies in a liquor supply truck. Player G tries to argue the price down on the guns and threatens to shoot Minton if he doesn't cave. Minton agrees and takes Player G around to the back of the van to see the guns. When the ganger isn't looking, Minton shoots him in the back. Brian, who just arrived, sees the entire thing and Minton notices him. The gun dealer yells for help and tells the Oliver Street gangers that Brian shot their leader. He drives off and the police arrive to capture Brian just as MacGyver and Kelvin show up.

MacGyver and Kelvin go to see Brian. Brian finally admits that he didn't shoot Player G. However, he explains that it won't make any difference to the police now that they've got one ganger off the streets and another one dead. Brian doesn't recognize Minton and can't provide a name, and tells them not to bother.

MacGyver goes back to the bar and talks to the owner, noting that someone has left liquor crates covered in gun oil. Stumpy denies knowing anything about someone using his bar to sell guns and goes back inside. Going through the crates, MacGyver finds a label for Minton Liquor and goes to the shipping office. Searching the desk, he finds a combination of mercenary magazines and a black urban magazine. Minton arrives and knocks MacGyver, takes his knife, and locks him in a store room. Once he leaves, MacGyver wakes up and cuts loose a piece of heating duct pipe. He then places a beer keg inside it and heats the beer. When the pressure releases, it shoots the keg through the door.

Out of leads, MacGyver goes back to talk to Stumpy. He wonders if the owner wants blood on his hands and Stumpy admits that he has four grandchildren. He tells MacGyver that Minton is supplying guns to the gangers and gives him a contact number for Minton. MacGyver invites him to a meeting at the Challenger's Club where the neighborhood parents are going to discuss the gang problem but Stumpy refuses to attend.

At the Club, Regina admits that most of the parents aren't interested in participating. MacGyver has the Phoenix Foundation trace Minton's number and placed it in a predominantly white neighborhood. Regina contacts someone she knows at the black urban magazine to see who has a subscription in that area.

That night, Kelvin is playing basketball when an Ice Boyz ganger, Hard Rock, comes by to tell them that he works at a garage and Minton took his van there. While they were working on it, Minton let slip he was going to meet with the Oliver Street gangers the next day at an abandoned brewery. Kelvin wonders why Hard Rock didn't take Minton out for selling guns to their rivals, but the ganger explains that he figured they could get all of the Oliver Street gangers and Minton in one place and take them all out at the same time.

The next morning, MacGyver checks out the addresses from Regina's contact and finds Minton's van at one of them. Minton confronts him and explains that he used to be an inner city cop. He was injured in one shootout and lost his family and then his job. Now he plans to get some payback and figures that no one cares about the gangers anyway. MacGyver insists that people do care but Minton takes him prisoner and manacles him to the floor of the van. The gun dealer explains that he let it slip he was meeting with the Oliver Street gangers. When the Ice Boyz come after them, Minton plans to kill all of them, murder MacGyver, and leave him with the other corpses.

As Regina comes home, she sees Kelvin driving off with the Ice Boyz. She tries to stop him by blocking the car but they simply back up and go around. Regina goes to the neighborhood meeting and tries to rally the other parents to do something. She accuses them of ignoring all the problems and the parents angrily defend themselves. Stumpy arrives and the parents accuse him of selling booze to the gangs. Stumpy admits it's true but explains that he has grandchildren and he has a stake in the neighborhood problems, and now he wants to do something about it. He tells them where the two gangs are facing off and Regina insists that it's their responsibility to deal with the problem, not the police. She goes to the brewery and the parents eventually follow her.

Minton drives the van to the brewery and rigs explosives in the back. He arms the detonator on the front seat and goes to a nearby vantage point in the brewery. MacGyver grabs a bottle of champagne and uses the wire from the cork fastening to pick the lock on the manacles open.

As the two gangs arrive and start to square off, MacGyver discovers the front of the van is locked and he can't get at the detonator. He runs up the stairs and tackles Minton to stop him from triggering the explosives. They fight over the remote detonator and MacGyver finally shoves Minton out the window. As he tries to pull the gun dealer back up to safety, the two gangs look on in confusion. The parents arrive and tell them to put down their guns and give it up. MacGyver brings Minton down and explains that the entire thing was Minton's plan to take care of the gang problem for good. Stumpy berates both gangs, saying that enough is enough and it's time to give up the violence. One by one, the gangers drop their guns down. Only one is left, who puts his gun down but walks away.

Later, the Phoenix Foundation sponsors a Green the Scene project for the Club. Gangers, their parents, and the local police all participate. Brian has been cleared of the murder charge, and Regina tells MacGyver that now that the gangers have their parents as role models, there might be a chance.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2019

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