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AKA You're a Winner! Recap

Kilgrave is playing poker and forces the opposing player, Harvey to put out his cigar. The dealer deals out cards, and Kilgrave goes all in. Harvey folds and Kilgrave tells him to go all in. After a moment, Harvey does so and Kilgrave tells everyone else to go all in. They all do so and Kilgrave then tells them to fold, collecting a million dollars. Kilgrave goes and Harvey tells him to sit down and give them a chance to win their money back. Unimpressed, Kilgrave tells him to put his head through a post and Harvey starts banging his head into it.

At Jessica’s apartment, Jessica has Malcolm go over everything he knows about Kilgrave so that she can catch him. Malcolm wants to pool information and profile Kilgrave, and Jessica advises him to go to the survivor’s group if he wants to talk. Luke arrives at the door and says that he wants to hire her, and Malcolm figures that Kilgrave sent him. Jessica opens the door anyway and sees that his clothes are cut up. She sends Malcolm home and Luke explains that he wants to hire her to find someone. Jessica offers to give him another investigator’s name, but Luke isn’t interested. He wants someone who can handle the matter discretely and can handle themselves if something gets rough.

Jessica reluctantly agrees and Luke explains that a boy, Antoine Grier, is in deep to a loan shark and disappeared. His sister Serena gave Antoine the money to pay off the shark, but Luke confirmed that Antoine never paid the man. Luke explains that he promised Serena and refuses to say if he’s involved with her. Jessica refuses to take Luke’s money and tells him to text him with any information. Luke wants her to check out Antoine’s place immediately, and Jessica says that she’ll do it in the morning and offers her hand. Luke shakes it and Jessica quickly pulls her hand free.

Once Luke leaves, Jeri calls and asks Jessica if she’s found anything on Wendy. Jessica admits that she hasn’t found any dirt on Jeri’s ex, and Jeri tells her to keep looking. However, she’s calling because Hope was attacked in the prison and is in the infirmary.

The next day, Jessica goes to the prison and meets with Jeri. Jeri is leaving and says that Hope won’t identify her attacker. She’s bribed a guard and confirmed that Sissy was responsible. There’s no indication that Kilgrave had contact with Sissy, but Jeri doesn’t see what she can do since Hope won’t ask for isolation.

Jessica goes to meet with Hope, and Sissy demands a bribe. Jessica pays her and then grabs her hand and threatens to rip her hand off if Sissy doesn’t leave Hope alone. Sissy explains that Hope paid her for the beat down , and Jessica meets with Hope in the infirmary. She wants to know what’s going on, and Hope explains that she was hoping that the beating would cause a miscarriage. Jessica warns that Sissy is as likely to kill her as induce a miscarriage, but Hope insists that she won’t have Kilgrave’s child. She refuses for Hope to let Jeri get an appointment with the prison doctor moved up, because every day is a reminder of what Kilgrave made her do.

Later, Jessica checks out Antoine’s apartment. Promptly at 10, Jessica sends a photo to Kilgrave per their deal. He’s in a bar and yells at everyone to be quiet. Once they shut up, he gets Jessica’s photo and looks through all of the photos that she’s sent him. He then goes back to looking at homes for sale.

A woman watches Jessica as she goes into the apartment building. Luke is there and Jessica says that she was dealing with a matter of life and death. He figures that she was bailing on him like she did before. Everything indicates that he packed and left on his own, and Jessica figures that Antoine is okay. She goes through the garbage and finds a contest entry form. She calls Antoine’s phone and leaves a message that he won Xbox One prize and has to call back in 24 hours.

Jessica and Luke leave and Jessica spot a man that’s been following her. She grabs him and demands to know if Kilgrave sent him, and Luke grabs another man. He realizes that they work for Len Sirkes, the loan shark. Sirkes comes over and says that he didn’t kidnap Antoine. Luke suggests that they work together, and Jessica objects. He reminds her that a brawl on the street will bring cops, and they don’t have time to go to jail. Once she agrees, Luke negotiates for Jessica to track Antoine down for 5% of what he owes. Sirkes agrees and leaves with his men, and Jessica tells Luke that she’ll text him if she finds anything. He offers her a ride, and Jessica reluctantly accepts.

Luke drops Jessica off at her office and she says she’ll call him when she knows something. Once she goes in, Malcolm comes in and asks if Kilgrave approached him. Luke says that it’s none of Malcolm’s business and advises him not to get attached to Jessica. As Malcolm turns to go, Luke asks about Kilgrave.

Jessica calls Jeri and confirms that she got Hope’s meds. The PI tells Jeri to meet her at the prison the next morning. Once Jessica hangs up, Jeri gives Pam an engagement ring. Pam wants to but explains that she won’t get married until Jeri gets the divorce.

In her office, Jessica is checking the Internet when Luke comes by. He says that he knows what Kilgrave did to her and Malcolm, and figures that’s why she broke it off. Jessica says that it isn’t but refuses to explain that he killed his wife. Luke wants to know so he can make it right, and Jessica opens the door and tells him that it’s her, not him. Luke assures her that it was Kilgrave, not her. After a moment, Jessica kisses him.

The next day, Luke stares at Jessica in bed and then says that she doesn’t have to face Kilgrave alone. Jessica says that she does, and Luke starts to say something. Antoine calls Jessica’s number and she gets his address and says that he’ll have to be there to sign for it. Once she hangs up, Jessica tells Luke that the caller had a Puerto Rican accent, and Luke confirms that Antoine doesn’t have an accent. He then says that he doesn’t know Serena and never met Antoine, but Serena has proof that Reva’s death wasn’t an accident. Serena is an MTA administrator and knows Luke has super strength. Now she’s forcing him to help her in return for whatever proof she has. Reva left instructions for Luke saying that she buried something in the foundation when it was being poured, of the warehouse next to where she was killed. He dug but didn’t find anything.

Jessica remembers hacking into the foundation while Kilgrave and a mind-controlled Reva watched. Eventually, Jessica digs up a box and Kilgrave takes the flash drive inside. They go out and Kilgrave has Jessica kill Reva.

Luke explains that Serena will give him the proof about how Reva died in return for her brother. Jessica realizes that her alarm didn’t go off and it’s three minutes after 10. She goes into the bathroom and sends a photo of herself to Kilgrave. Luke calls thro ugh the door, saying that he’s going and she should text him the address. Once he leaves, Kilgrave sends a text telling Jessica not to be late again.

As Jessica leaves, Malcolm is waiting in the hall. He says that Luke seems like an okay guy and he went to the Kilgrave survivors group. Jessica refuses to talk about what she’s been through and leaves.

At the prison, Jessica gives Hope the med the miscarriage drug that Jeri got for her. She warns that it’s irreversible, and Hope takes the pill and begs for it to work fast. Jessica then asks Jeri to stay with Hope and promises to get Wendy to sign the divorce papers no matter what it takes. Jeri agrees and Jessica leaves.

Kilgrave goes to the house he’s chosen and tells the owner, Mr. Lin, that he wants to buy his home. He deliberately avoids using his power, and offers Lin twice the house’s value. Lin considers the offer, and Kilgrave assures him that it’s legal and he’s had an agreement drawn up. The only condition is that Lin has to be moved out by the next day.

Jessica goes to the address and finds Luke waiting for her. A man comes out of the address and Luke insists on trailing the man with Jessica. They take off on Luke’s motorcycle and follow the man to a warehouse. Jessica yanks the lock off the door and they go inside, and find a marijuana greenhouse. Two attack dogs charge them and Luke deals with them while Jessica finds the man who they followed. She threatens to shove him through a door if he doesn’t tell her where Antoine is.

The man takes Jessica to where Antoine is working. Jessica knocks the man out and drags Antoine to Luke. Antoine insists that he was going back to Serena once he had the crap on the street so he could pay off the money she gave him. Sirkes and his men come in and attack her, and Antoine hides. Luke arrives and tosses two of the men side, and he and Jessica fight back-to-back. Antoine makes a run for it and Sirkes grabs him. Luke grabs him and Jessica gets Antoine out while Sirkes and his remaining men grab Luke and beat him. Jessica hesitates to go, but finally leaves. Meanwhile, Luke takes down the loan shark and his men.

Jessica takes Antoine to Serena’s apartment. He insists that he had a plan and would have paid everyone off once he got done ripping off Sirkes. Jessica demands whatever Serena was going to give Luke, and she sends Antoine to his room. She reluctantly gets out a file, just as Luke comes in and complains that Jessica bailed on him again. Jessica reminds him that the first priority was getting Antoine home. She tells Luke that what’s in the file won’t make things better, and he wonders why she cares. Jessica says that she knows what it’s like to hold onto stuff, and it only hurts everyone. Luke looks through the file and then says that the bus driver, Charles Wallace, was drunk on the night of the supposed “accident.” Jessica tells him that it’s done and over with, but Luke turns and walks out without a word. Serena tells Jessica that the MTA covered it up because Wallace’s brother-in-law ran the claims division. Wallace is still driving the same route.

Later, Luke boards Wallace’s bus. When the bus reaches the end of the line, Luke confronts Wallace and explains that he’s Reva’s husband. Wallace swears that he’s been sober ever since the crash and has been trying to make things right, and Luke grabs him throws him through the windshield. Jessica runs up and tells Luke that she can’t kill him, and tries to hold him back. Luke shoves past her and Jessica yells that Wallace didn’t kill Reva: she did. She explains that she and Kilgrave took Reva to the warehouse and she had something Kilgrave wanted. Kilgrave made Reva tell him where it was and then forced Jessica to kill her. Furious, Luke slams her against the bus, and Jessica says that Reva was dead before the bus hit her. After a moment, Luke slams his fist into the bus and Jessica says that she didn’t plan to sleep with him. He wonders if Kilgrave forced her to sleep with him, and wonders if she would ever have told him the truth if he hadn’t seen the file. Jessica has nothing to say, and Luke says that he was wrong and Jessica is a piece of shit. With that, he walks away.

At the survivor’s group meeting, Malcolm talks about whether he was always an addict and a thief, and Kilgrave just brought t out. Or if it’s part of who he is.

Hope writhes in pain and Jeri tells the prison doctor to deliver the dead fetus to a lab.

Jessica sits in her office, drinking, and recites her mantra.

Kilgrave returns to the house and Lin hands over the keys. Lin owner assures him that he’s happy with the deal, and Kilgrave orders him to leave. He walks around the house, feeling the walls, and finds a post where the previous owner marked off the growing heights of their child. Underneath the wallpaper is the name of the child: Jessica.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2015

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