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AKA Top Shelf Perverts Recap

Kilgrave breaks into Jessica’s office and searches through the desk. He goes to the bathroom and urinates, and then goes to the bedroom. There’s a knock at the door, and Kilgrave opens the door to find Ruben there with a plate of food. Kilgrave explains that he turned off the lights so that no one would know that he’s there, and commands Ruben to explain why he’s there. He admits that he loves Jessica.

A bartender tosses Jessica out into the garbage, and gives a homeless man a Blimpie’s punch card when he asks for money. She watches as Wendy leaves her apartment and follows her down the street into a subway station. As Wendy waits for a train, Jessica approaches her and tells her to sign the divorce papers. Wendy tells Jessica to have Jeri call her lawyer, and Jessica grabs her and backs her up to the rails. She describes the shame that she feels as the train approaches, and tells her to sign the papers. Her hand slips and Jessica drops down and tosses Wendy back onto the platform, and then leaps up just as the train goes by. She then walks off as Wendy stares after her.

The next morning, Malcolm comes back from running and finds Jessica in the elevator. He helps her to her office and Malcolm finds the banana bread on the kitchen counter. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to her room and finds Ruben dead on her bed, his throat cut and the knife in his hands. Malcolm comes in and Jessica figures that Kilgrave is responsible. She panics and says that she can’t fight Kilgrave, and Malcolm reminds her that she hasn’t killed anyone.

Jessica calms down and says that it’s going to stop, and he tries to call the police. She points out that it’s the third death she’s connected to, and tells Malcolm that she’s going to end it by going to jail. When they put her in the Supermax prison, they’ll be able to trap Kilgrave when he comes after her. Kilgrave will have to come for her in person, and the security cameras will capture him on video. She remembers Detective Clemons questioning her after the Shlottman murders, and confirms that he’ll be on duty that night at 8 p.m. Once she hangs up, Jessica figures she has until 8 to wrap up her loose ends. She goes to see Jeri and tells Malcolm that he has to disappear because she can’t protect him.

At Trish’s apartment, Will and Trish are having sex with Trish in control. Jessica calls but Trish ignores it, well aware of who is it. She tells Will that Jessica will blame her for losing Kilgrave, and says that she’s not going to call her until she has something to tell her. Will wonders what she means, but Trish ignores him and gets some food. She refuses to tell him what she’s up to, but finally admits that she might have a lead on Kilgrave. Will demands answers, and Trish shows him the photos of Kilgrave’s new bodyguards that he hired. She wants to follow them to Kilgrave, then call in Jessica and toss Kilgrave into the CDC containment cell. Will wants to kill him, but Trish wants justice for Jessica and Hope, and Kilgrave to live a long life in prison.

Jessica finds Jeri at the courthouse as she goes in with Pam, and says that she needs a lawyer. Jeri isn’t interested, and Jessica tells her that she served Wendy the divorce papers. She promises that Wendy will save, and says that she needs a lawyer. Jeri sends Pam inside and asks if Jessica did something, and Jessica admits that she scared her. She asks what it will take to get her locked up in Supermax, and Jeri says that it only houses top-shelf perverts, serial killers, and cannibals. She warns Jessica that it’s the last place that she wants to end up, and Jessica tells her to meet her at the precinct house at 8 that evening.

Malcolm checks on Ruben’s body, and then goes out to the hallway. Robyn sees him coming out and Malcolm claims that he was borrowing toothpaste. She doesn’t believe him and Malcolm says that he was looking for booze. Robyn smells his breath and confirms that he hasn’t been drinking, and figures that Jessica is hiding something about her brother Ruben. Malcolm tells her that Ruben and Jessica is involved, and Robyn thanks him for telling her the truth. As she goes, Malcolm tells her that Jessica isn’t a bad person. Robyn says that Malcolm is better than that and he has to stop doing what Jessica wants.

Jessica goes to Luke’s bar and finds Luke’s assistant Roy Healy there. He tells her that Luke took some time off, and advises her that Luke won’t miss her. Jessica tells Roy to tell Luke that the right people are going to pay for what’s happened, and she doesn’t expect Luke to forgive her. As she goes, Roy advises her to be careful burning her bridges.

Wendy comes to see Jeri in her office and gives her an envelope. As Pam comes in, Wendy tells her that she doesn’t deserve what’s happening. Jeri realizes that the envelope contains printouts of old emails, and one of them shows Jeri bribing a juror. Wendy says that she’s protecting herself, and if Jeri throws her out then she’ll call the bar association. She warns Pam that Jeri lies to her, and Pam says that Jeri told her about it when they first got together. Unimpressed, Wendy demands 75% of Jeri’s assets or she’ll lose them all. Once she goes, Pam warns her lover that it’s difficult to defend her when Wendy knows more of Jeri’s secrets then she does.

Jessica goes to the Stars & Tykes Talent Agency. Trish’s mother Dorothy comes in and finds Jessica waiting, and takes her into her office immediately. She wonders if Trish is on drugs again, and Jessica assures her that Trish has built a fortress for herself. Dorothy reminds Jessica that she took her in when she was orphaned, but Jessica figures that she only took her in to further the Patsy Walker brand. Jessica knows that Dorothy “accidentally” runs into Trisha and leaves drunken messages for her. She tells Dorothy that if the older woman tries anything, then she’ll come for her and it will hurt. Dorothy insists that she just had a problem and got help, and Jessica tells her that if she wants the royalty checks coming then she’ll respect Trish’s wishes. Angry, Dorothy says that taking Jessica in was the worst mistake of her life, and Jessica walks out.

Will follows the security detail to the suburbs and spots Kilgrave. He calls Trish and claims that he hasn’t seen Kilgrave. Trish then goes to Jessica’s office in response to Malcolm’s calls. He ushers her in and says that Jessica is in trouble, and explains that he’s not going to let Jessica make a huge mistake. Malcolm takes Jessica into the bedroom after warning her not to freak out, and shows her Ruben’s body. Trish screams and draws her gun on Malcolm, and he tells her that Kilgrave killed him and Jessica needs Trish’s help.

Just after 7, Jessica’s taxi gets caught in traffic and she tells the cabbie to pull over. She walks to the nearby bridge and climbs up to the top. Once there, Jessica braces herself to say a last goodbye to the city. She goes back to her office and finds Trish waiting. Trish admits that Malcolm let her in and says that he’s saving Jessica from herself. Jessica goes into the bedroom and realizes that Ruben’s corpse is gone, and Trish says that she’s not thinking clearly. When Jessica insists that she has a plan, Trish tells her that it’s a bad plan. Jessica admits that it’s a bad plan but it’s all that she’s got, and Trish says that she has a lead on Kilgrave. She refuses to call Will off, and Jessica warns that next time it could be Trish. Trish figures that Jessica is still punishing herself for Reva’s death, and Jessica explains that she has to pay to give the family and friends of all of the people Kilgrave has killed until he can pay. She then asks where Ruben is.

At the docks, Malcolm drags Ruben’s body to the river and tries it to two concrete blocks. He says a few words over the body and then tosses it into the water.

After making sure that the contractors have set up the house to his specifications, Kilgrave drives away with his bodyguards. Will, watching, gets a text from Trish asking where he is. The policeman ignores it.

Jessica finds Malcolm at the docks and asks where Ruben is. She realizes what happened, jumps in, and gets body. She then goes to see Clemons and dumps Ruben’s severed head on his desk. Clemons locks her up in the interrogation room, and Jeri finally comes in with Clemons. Jeri says that they’re pleading incompetence, and insists that she isn’t going to lose her cases. Jessica waives her right to counsel and insists that Jeri doesn’t represent her, and says that she will represent herself. Clemons tells Jeri to leave.

Disgusted, Jeri walks out and Jessica insists that he lock her up at Supermax. He figures something more is going on, but Jessica tells him to put her away and let it go. Clemons asks who else she’s killed, and Jessica says that she beat Reva to death a year ago. When Clemons wonders how she could be strong enough to rip off Ruben’s head, Jessica rips the handcuffs apart and starts folding up a chair with her bare hands. Sgt. Mahoney comes in and tells Jessica that the captain has ordered her released.

Jessica storms out, figuring that Jeri is responsible. All of the officers are standing in the squad room, holding guns to their heads or on each other. Clemons walks out and tells everyone to drop their weapons, and Mahoney puts a gun to his head. Kilgrave stands up and tells everyone to calm down. He admits that he’s had spies watching her, and she tells him to let the others go and control her. Kilgrave insists that he wants her to act of her own accord, and says that he doesn’t want to torture her because he loves her. Jessica points out that he’s been ruining her life, and Kilgrave points out that she doesn’t have a life. He’s been showing her what he sees, and he’s the only one who matches and challenges her. When she reminds him that he killed Ruben, Kilgrave figures that she wanted Ruben dead as much as he did. He says that he will prove to Jessica that he loves her. He tells her that he was leaving her a present and figures that she didn’t even find it.

A phone rings and Kilgrave removes it from Clemons’ pocket and smashes it. Jessica offers to go with him, but Kilgrave figures that it’s to protect the officers rather than choice. He admits that he got everything he wanted before he met her. When she walked away from him, he’s been yearning for her ever since and it’s the first time that he’s felt that way. Jessica says that he has her, but Kilgrave figures that he doesn’t. He wants her to choose him just as he’s chosen her, because they’re inevitable. A technician confirms that he’s erased all of the security footage, takes Ruben’s head, and tells everyone to think it was a joke and release Jessica. Before he goes, Kilgrave tells Jessica to look for his present and when she’s ready, he’ll see her at home. Once he leaves, everyone bursts out laughing and Jessica walks out.

Jessica runs home and searches her office. She finally spots the box that Kilgrave had her dig up, and opens it. Inside is Jessica’s childhood diary.

The next day, Jessica is packing when Roby meets her at the door and looks around for Ruben. She finds Ruben’s shoe on the floor and says that her brother is acting out against her. Robyn apologizes for not taking Ruben to the zoo and tells Jessica to take care of her brother. Jessica tells her that Ruben isn’t coming back, and Robyn warns that her brother can’t take care of himself. When Jessica tries to comfort her, Robyn insists that they were fine before Jessica came there. The Pi starts to leave and Robyn offers to pay her to find Ruben. Jessica ignores her and walks away.

Jessica takes a taxi to the house where she grew up and remembers the past.

In the past, Dorothy tells a young Jessica that it wasn’t very smart of her to lose her journal. She tells Jessica to mind her manners and insists on proper etiquette. They get in the car where Trish is waiting, and Trish complains when Jessica stares at her.

Kilgrave comes out of the house and waits. Jessica comes over and they go inside as Will watches from his car.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2015

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