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A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By Recap

Dwayne Blaskowski is out grilling in his back yard, and Erik rises out of the pool after being weighted down while Dwayne's mother Sal times him. Sal throws a hot dog at Erik and complains that he didn't stay under as long as she bet Dwayne. She complains that he hasn't paid on time, comes over and grabs Erik by the hair, and says that he has one week to pay up. Sal's grandson Thomas comes over and tosses a weighted action figure into the pool, and Sal praises him.


Erik tells Jessica that he has twelve hours left before the week runs out and figures that Sal doesn't want him dead. Jessica asks who else wants him dead, and Erik admits that there are a couple of people that he blackmailed and figures that one of them is after him. She asks what he has on his victims, and Erik explains that he's super like Jessica. Erik explains that he can sense the darkness in people, including what they will do, and the closer they are the more he can see. Jessica believes him and asks what else he can do with his power, and Erik explains that his power gives him migraines that he relieves with gambling, bourbon, and sex.

Jessica has Erik confirm that he has three marks: people that he slipped anonymous notes saying he knows what they did and demanding money. The PI tells him to write down the drops so she can check them out and find out if the marks left the money. Jessica figures that someone figured Erik out and followed him there, and they'll visit that person. She doesn't care about the money.

Someone knocks at the door and Erik "scans" the person to confirm that they're safe. Jessica answers the door and finds Trish there. Trish tells Jessica that Andrew is in jail and whoever attacked the PI is still out there. Jessica says that she's still on it, and the attacker was after Erik. She admits that he has some special "skills" that she can use and they're handling it. Erik leaves and Jessica tells Trish to find her own bad guy because they're not teaming up because they don't need each other's help.

Trish walks out past Erik, who is making a call. She hears him say the name "Blaskowski", writes it down, and drives off.

Jessica checks out one of the money drops and finds the money there. She goes back to Erik and tells him that the mark, Todd White, is dirty. Jessica gives Erik the money and says that Todd is an accountant with no priors. They go to Todd's apartment and Jessica buzzes on his intercom, saying that she's a delivery person and the package requires a signature. Todd, wearing a neck brace, lets them in. He doesn't know who they are and Jessica figures Todd isn't the attacker. Jessica demands answers and Todd insists that he fell on a white grocery store floor. She yanks off the neck brace and Todd winces, and Jessica asks him why he paid the blackmail.

The PI barges in and finds a Barbie doll in the shower. She finds a camera studio made up as a girl's bedroom in the back and the illicit photos that Todd took. Jessica throws Todd into a closet, locks the door, and calls 911 to report that someone is locked in a closet.

Outside, Jessica tells Erik that calling the police on Todd is the most heroic thing she's done. She asks what Erik would have done if he'd been there without her, and Todd tells her that he would have asked for more money and then turned Todd in. Trish calls Jessica, and Jessica ignores the call. They head off to check the second mark, and Trish calls again. Jessica takes it and Trish says that Sal Blaskowski is a bookie who was arrested for assault six years ago but it didn't stick. Sal's people threatened Erik, and Trish figures she sent the attacker. Jessica tells Jessica that they're after the people responsible and she doesn't care about Sal, and tells Trish to drop it. Trish goes back to looking up information on Sal.

Jeri has a woman, Carly, come in to refurnish her apartment with handicap equipment to deal with Jeri's ALS. Carly tells Jeri that she's going to need someone eventually after she starts taking Radicava for the ALS, and warns that Jeri will need someone eventually.

In his office, Malcolm is going over the information on Peter when Zaya comes in and they kiss. He admits that he was there all night and says that he's following a lead for Jeri. Malcolm wonders if he's working for Jeri or the firm, and admits that he can't discuss it with Zaya. Zaya asks if it's going to be a problem for them that he can't talk, and they kiss again before Zaya leaves. Malcolm turns off his computer and leaves, and someone sneaks in through the window.

Jessica and Erik go to the second drop and confirm the mark left the money. They go to her office and confront her, and the woman--Reyna Princer--doesn't recognize them. Jessica confronts her about the blackmail, and Reyna closes the office door. The PI tells her to admit what she did, and Reyna realizes that she doesn't know. She says that she skimped from their petty cash for her mother's operation, and Jessica figures that it's worse than that. Jessica demands to know the full story, slams a crying Reyna against the wall, gets the full story, and then leaves as everyone in the office stares at her and Erik. The PI tells the office staff that Reyna embezzled millions from their pension accounts and suggests that they should do something about it, and leaves.

Malcolm returns to his office and sees the window open and the computer on showing Sal's data. Trish attacks Malcolm from behind, and easily disarms him when he stabs at her with a pair of scissors. She tells him to stop, removes her mask, and says that the surgery worked and she's a super. Trish insists that she's taking on the assholes that Jeri defends, and warns that Malcolm telling Jeri about her will do more damage than it's worth to both of them. She tells Malcolm that he's not on the side of right, and Malcolm orders her to get out. After a moment, Trish goes.

Jessica and Erik go to the last drop and discover that the mark didn't pay. Erik wants to pay Sal with the money he's recovered, and says that he's tried it Jessica's way and ended up making things worse. He figures that Jessica wants him to tell her who is good and bad, but insists that it won't make any difference because they couldn't make a dent. Jessica tells him not to get murdered and walks away.

Malcolm goes into Jeri's office and says that he found something on Peter. He asks if Jeri wants him to destroy Kith along with Peter, and Jeri tells him that it's none of his business. Jeri isn't impressed with Malcolm's protests, and Malcolm says that he found something that could destroy Peter's marriage and send him to jail. However, he wants more money. Jeri says that the firm can't afford it, and he refuses to tell her what she's paying for on her own. She agrees but says that it'd better be worth it. Malcolm tells her that Peter has been making withdraws from Zoey's scholarship and using the cash to buy gifts and rent for his girlfriends. Jeri confirms that the distribution of the information can't be traced back to them, and says that she's not going to do anything with it... at the moment.

Erik drives to Sal's home and gives her the money.

Jeri attends a De Bussey performance with Kith. Afterward, Jeri introduces Kith to Mathias Cole, the musical director for the Philharmonic and Jeri's client. She says that Kith is one of the best cellist in the city, and offers to let Mathias hear Kith play sometime. As they go into the performance hall, Jeri tells Kith that it was a potential big break and says that she's trying to make Kith happy. Kith tells her not to ruin the sex between them by making it into something more, and insists that her marriage with Peter is great. Jeri says that she deserves better than a university quartet. When Kith says that she's fine with that, Keri wonders and Kith tells her that she's not one of Jeri's chess pieces.

Sal has Dwayne and her men prepare to toss Erik in the pool because he was three hours late with the payment. They hold him down and tie the weights to his legs, then throw him into the pool. A masked Trish arrives and hits Dwayne with a shovel, then takes out the other two men. She throws one man in the pool, and Erik grabs his knife and cuts himself free. He swims to the side and watches Trish finish off the other man, and when she helps him out he punches Dwayne as he comes up behind her. Trish finishes Dwayne off and tells Erik to go.

Sal comes at Trish with a crowbar, and Trish easily knocks her down. The bookie falls on the crowbar, impaling herself, and Dwayne goes to his mother as Trish runs off.

Jeri and Kith watch the performance, and Kith slips her hand beneath Jeri's dress while the musicians play. Afterward, Jeri says that the experience was unforgettable and they kiss. Peter calls Kith and she tells him that she's on the way home. After she hangs up, she thanks Jeri and leaves.

That night, Jessica goes to the third mark's apartment and knocks on the door. There's no answer and she breaks in. There are mounted photos but no selfies, and Jessica finds a framed law, psychologist, chemist, and engineering degrees belonging to Gregory Sallinger, along with a case of wrestling trophies. There's a closet full of tools, and a missing kitchen knife that's part of a set like the knife that the attacker used on Jessica.

Gregory comes in and greets Jessica, and Jessica secretly records their conversation, grabs him, and shoves him against the wall. He claims that she's hurting him and then says that it makes for excellent visuals on his hidden surveillance cameras. Gregory tells Jessica that now he has proof that a super broke in and molested him, and asks what she's trying to achieve. Jessica tells him to ask her how she found out where he lives, and he says that she's doubling down on thinking she's a hero even though she knows she's a fraud. Gregory tells her that one day she'll meet her match and he's far beyond her. He puts the knife back in the rack and tells her to go home and take what he gave her before she finds out what he wants. Gregory tells her that he wants respect and that unlike her, he's earned it. He calls 911 and begs for them to send help because Jessica broke into his home and attacked him. Disgusted, Jessica leaves and Gregory calmly hangs up his phone.

Malcolm is in bed reading and gets a text from Jeri telling him to release the information on Peter. After hesitating, Malcolm does so.

At the TV studio, Trish calls the emergency room and asks about Sal. The operator confirms that Sal's condition has stabilized and Trish hangs up.

Jessica returns to Alias and finds Erik unconscious in front of the door. She runs over and he wakes up, and he explains that he came to check on her. Erik says that a masked woman rescued him and Jessica realizes who it was, and sees that someone picked the lock on her office door. They go in and find an open case on the desk. The money is inside, covered in blood, and the photo of Gregory on the board has a sign with the word "Hero" over the eyes. Jessica figures that Gregory thinks they have proof that he's a murderer, and tells Erik that he has to lay low for a while. She refuses to back down, and Erik apologizes for letting her do it on her own and leaves.

On her home-shopping show, Trish and Grace sell sweaters. Jessica calls in and says that she wants to "buy the sweater". Trish tells Grace that she has it and asks what Jessica is talking about, and Jessica says that it's the clingy smothering one that won't quit even when she asks it to. Jessica tells Trish that she needs her help, and Trish says that she's happy to and thanks Jessica for calling.

At home, Gregory cuts up an apple while wearing a protective suit, and Dwayne's body sits behind him, its throat cut.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 1, 2019

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