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A.K.A Sorry Face Recap

The next day at the railyard, CSI techs go over the tanker car, removing the bagged body parts. Eddy questions Jessica and asks her what led her to the tanker car. Jessica says that it's privileged information, claiming that she's working a case. The detective points out that he'll need the information to present to a jury, and assures Jessica that he'll search Gregory's apartment. Jessica walks off and Trish is waiting for her in her car. She wants to get into Gregory's apartment before the cops and get a lead, but Jessica tells her to let the cops handle it. Jessica doesn't want to let Gregory get off on a technicality because then she'll have to do something she doesn't want to do. Dorothy calls to tell Trish her production meeting started twenty minutes ago, and responds that she got caught up in something. Jessica tells her to deal with her business matters, and Trish says that they have each other's back. The PI figures that Trish is having too much fun with it and has Trish take her home.

Erik wakes up gagged and tied, and he falls off his chair trying to get free. Gregory walks up, crouches down, and complains that Erik is spoiling his shot. He sets Erik back up and removes the gag, and doesn't care that Erik blackmailed him. Gregory talks about how Erik has teamed up with Jessica, who "cheats" because she has powers. He demands to know how Erik and Jessica found him.

Malcolm is at his apartment when Zaya calls and says that Jeri has declared an emergency meeting at the firm. He tells her that he can't make it and abruptly hangs up.

Jeri tells her staff that Peter was unstable and forced the blame onto her, and admits that the fallout will spill onto them. She asks them to trust her that it will not define them, and tells them to make sure no more clients leave. Afterward, Jeri sends Zaya to deal with Rand.

Jessica checks on Malcolm, who says that Gor sucker-punched him and left with Berry. The PI says that Berry can't be there alone because she saw evidence of Gregory's kills, and gives Malcolm the corner where Berry works. Malcolm goes to check, and Jessica enters Alias. Gregory calls her on Erik's phone and asks how she found him. Erik yells that he's in a commercial building, and Gregory cuts him off by holding a knife to his throat. Jessica threatens to come after him and Gregory invites her to try before hanging up. He then sets up his camera and tells Erik that it's time to capture some truth starting with Erik being honest about who he is.

When she arrives outside of Gregory's apartment building, Jessica sees that the cops are already there. She sneaks in via the back and starts to gup the fire escape, but Eddy is waiting for her. Eddy says that he told her they'd handle it, and Jessica asks what he has on Gregory. He admits that they don't have anything on Gregory and that the suspect cleaned out his hidden photos. Jessica notes that there were photos of eight victims, even though they only found seven in the tanker car, and offers Eddy the copies of the photos Trish made in return for the victim list. Eddy tells her to back off and goes to deal with the press. However, he drops the list of victims before he goes and Jessica picks it up. Trish joins Jessica and thanks her for calling her, and the two of them leave to find Erik based on what he said about being in a commercial building.

En route, Jessica texts Malcolm to ask if he has Berry. Malcolm is on Berry's street corner and walks over to Gor, and punches him. When Gor draws a knife, Malcolm disarms him and punches him repeatedly. Berry agrees to go with Malcolm, but he shoves her away and continues hitting Gor. He finally stops and tells Berry that a serial killer kidnapped Erik and she might be next, and then walks off.

Jeri waits in her car outside of Kith's apartment, and then goes up with bagels for Peter's wake. Laurent approaches her and tells her that she should go home because Kith doesn't want to see her. Jeri insists that she's not the person Peter made her out to be, and Laurent doesn't believe it. He knocks the bagels out of her hand and Jeri falls, and then apologizes. Jeri clutches her injured wrist and leaves. Laurent breaks into tears as he picks up the bagels, and Jeri hears him but keeps going.

As they go to Alias, Jessica tells Trish that she found the photo of the eighth victim. Trish says that they'll save her, and Jessica tells her that she has no cause to be optimistic. Dorothy is at the office door and realizes that Trish was with Jessica, and says that she wanted to know why she had to cover for her daughter. Jessica invites them in and tells Trish that she should Dorothy what she's been doing. When Trish doesn't, Jessica says that Trish has powers and describes how the experiment gave Trish powers. Dorothy doesn't believe Jessica, and Jessica throws Trish out the window. Dorothy runs over and sees that Trish landed on her feet unharmed, and Jessica leaves to give them a minute alone.

Jessica breaks into Malcolm's apartment and is surprised to see him there. He says that he found Berry and she's on her way if she chooses to. Jessica tells him that Erik's life is in danger and asks if Malcolm has facial recognition software. Malcolm agrees to run it and tells Jessica to wait.

Trish returns to Alias and tells Dorothy that she kept her mother in the dark to keep her safe. She insists that she lives, and Dorothy tells her that what she does is dangerous. Trish insists that she and Jessica will have each other's backs, and angrily tells her how Dorothy "pimped her out" when raising her. Dorothy cries, figuring that she had Trish back for a minute and she was happy, and now she's worried that she's done too much damage to Trish and walks out.

As they watch the software search, Jessica figures that there's something wrong with Malcolm. Malcolm says that he grew up, just as they get a hit on chef Caspar Marx, who is still alive. As Jessica leaves to find Marx, Berry arrives and asks where Erik is. Jessica admits that they haven't found him yet, and promises that they're going to save him. Once Jessica leaves, Berry goes in.

Erik admits that he took advantage of people to the camera, and that he was selfish. Gregory doesn't believe him and cuts Erik on the chest with his knife. He mentions that he has a brother, and talks about Donny and how his father thought Donny was a genius. Gregory insists that he was an artist, but his father and brother dismissed it as a random choice. When Donny died, Gregory's father said that he wished it had been Gregory. Gregory says that Donny was given every opportunity, just like Erik was. When Erik gets a headache, Gregory realizes that he's "allergic" to him. As his eyes bleed, Erik says that Gregory is a black hole of evil and is barely human. Shocked, Gregory calls him a cheater.

As they drive, Jessica tells Trish that she'd hope Dorothy would talk her out of her new "career". Trish says that it was shitty but still chooses to be a superhero. They arrive at Marx's restaurant and Jessica has Trish wait outside because she's too high-profile. Marx is cooking and Jessica introduces herself and asks about Gregory, saying that he's a serial killer. The chef figures that it makes sense, and says that Gregory was a regular and offered to photograph Marx. Gregory tied him to a chair and said that Marx was a fraud. When Marx tried to kiss Gregory, he ran out and the sous chef untied Marx in the morning. It happened at Marx's old restaurant, a commercial location, and Jessica asks for the address.

Gregory asks if Erik reacts the way he did often. He insists that he's bringing fairness to an unfair world and he's just a man, and he evolved his "power" because it evolved through pain. Gregory tells Erik to say that it's real, and Erik breaks free and punches him. Erik tries to run but Gregory recovers and throws him to the floor and repeats his order, holding his knife to Erik's throat.

Jessica and Trish barge in and Jessica kicks Gregory away. While Jessica tends to Erik, Trish goes after Gregory and discovers that he's fled. He doubles back and comes after Jessica and Erik, and Erik senses him. Jessica shoves Gregory back and Trish arrives and disarms him before Jessica punches him unconscious. Erik refuses to go to the hospital, and Trish collects the photos Gregory took.

Later at the station, Eddy tells Jessica that the case won't stick. The bodies have no physical evidence and they're holding Gregory on trespassing. Gregory said that Jessica was harassing her, and asks what went down in the kitchen. Jessica insists that she did everything right, but Eddy warns her that Gregory's record is clean and Jessica isn't. The detective says that the DA has passed on the case, and unless Jessica has another witness then they're going to let Gregory go. Jessica confirms that Eddy can hold Gregory overnight and leaves.

At the office, Jeri and Zaya are on the phone to nervous clients. Jessica calls Jeri, and Benowitz arrives at the office. Jeri has Zaya tells Jessica to call back, and Benowitz presents her with client transfer pages for Rand. Benowitz advises Jeri to slow down and enjoy her life. Jeri insists that it's her life and he's not welcome in it.

Erik wakes up in Jessica' bed and Trish tells him that Jessica brought Gregory in. He recognizes her voice and thanks her for her help, and says that he'll keep her secret safe. Berry comes in, relieved, and says that he scared her. Trish goes to the door as Malcolm, arrives, and they watch the brother and sister. Malcolm hastily leaves.

In her office, Jeri is looking at the high school yearbook picture of Kith and Peter. Jessica barges in and asks if she could get immunity for a blackmailer to testify against a bigger crook. Jeri refuses to give her legal advice, and Jessica explains about Gregory. Jeri suggests that a decent lawyer could get the blackmailer a year's sentence, and Jessica leaves. When Char comes in, Jeri tells her to find everything about the railyard bodies.

Malcolm is in his apartment lifting weights when Berry comes in, and he says that he's done some things and it's not who he wants to be. Berry figures that he wants to be manly, and Malcolm says that beating a pimp isn't how he defines "manly". She starts to give him a handjob and says that he's more brutal than Gor. Zaya calls and Malcolm ignores it.

Jessica returns to her apartment and tells Erik that there's no hard evidence, and they can have Erik testify against him in return for a year's jail time. Erik refuses, saying he can't go to jail because it would kill him. Trish says that she would do it, and Jessica tells her that they chose it but Erik didn't. After a moment, Trish tells Jessica to never lecture her on not knowing what the stakes are, and confirms that the next day they'll start at the beginning with Gregory.

Once they're alone, Erik apologies and says that he understands that Jessica is a hero because that's who she is. He asks Jessica to move closer to him, claiming it soothes the headaches from his power. Jessica lies down next to him, and Erik warns that they might have unleashed Gregory and he's just getting started.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 3, 2019

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