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Leverage Recap

In Burbank, Gar participates in the filming of a Space Trek 3016 episode. After they film the scene, Gretchen whispers to director J. Anson Schwartz. Schwartz orders another shot, and Gar complains that it was a good take and the director knows it. When the director tells Gar to fix whatever he screwed up with Gretchen, Gar threatens to watch and Schwartz warns him that he'll be in trouble if he breaches his contract. They continue with the seventeenth take.

In Star City at the Harper house, Artemis is leaving for the day. William plays with Lian, and Artemis looks affectionately at them.

Beast Boy arrives at the Watchtower and joins the covert team. Tigress tells the team that Miss Martian is at the youth center so she'll be leading Gamma Squad on a recon-only mission. Aquaman tells them that the League isn't allowed in Russia without consent, and Tigress says that they will check up on reports of a meta-trafficking ring operating out of the country. Brion suspects that Russia is heavily involved in illegal operations, and Aquaman warns him not to prejudge.

At the STAR Youth Center in Taos, Eduardo Dorado Jr. tells a girl, Wendy, to stick around and see if they can help her. He then teleports to the podium where his father, Eduardo Senior, is calling the meeting to order. Wendy sits down and the two Eduardos introduce themselves, and Eduardo assures them that they can leave whenever they want. Ed assures them that he's been through it and he understands what they're going through. His father offers to provide them with inhibitor collars and says that the goal is to integrate them into society.

The covert team lands near Verhoyansk in a cloaked shuttle, and Geo-Force and Terra transport them via a tunnel they create while Beast Boy becomes a bird and flies into the compound. Geo-Force brings them up and Halo cloaks them from sight, and they see Lt. Olga Ilyich tells Dmitri Pushkin that soon he will be a member of the Rocket Reds once he is bonded to his armor.

Tigress says that their mission is complete because the program uses volunteers. Geo-Force objects, saying the government will use them as super-soldiers, but Tigress tells him that it's not their business.

Overhead, Beast Boy spots Captain Boomerang, Black Manta, and Monsieur Mallah outside the compound. He feeds the video to Tigress, who notes that they should all be imprisoned at Belle Reve. The three villains fire a bazooka at the compound, and Geo-Force blocks it. Gamma Team attacks the villains while Olga dons her Rocket Red #1 armor and flies out to investigate. Dmitri refuses to take the drugs to knock him unconscious for the process, telling the tech that he has to be battle-ready when the process is complete.

Beast Boy attacks Mallah and Tigress fires an exploding bolt at Manta. As he blasts her, Geo-Force and Terra attack Boomerang.

Dmitri screams in pain as the pod bonds the armor to his body.

Halo battles Boomerang but freezes up, and he throws a razorang into her chest. Geo-Force goes to her and she uses her violet aura to heal. Terra knocks Mallah away as he comes at her brother, and Manta has Boomerang provide cover for their retreat. The two Rocket Reds tell them to surrender, and Halo is too weak to cover them. Tigress tells them that they surrender. The villains watch from cover and identify Gar, Brion, and Artemis. Their superior is listening and intrigued that the Justice League has a covert team. She points out that the villains have failed to eliminate the Rocket Reds, and when Boomerang objects, their superior sends a sonic pulse through the implant in his brain. Manta wonders what to do if Gamma Squad get in their way, and the woman informs him that it isn't her concern.

At the youth center, Ed meets with four of the attendees, including Wendy and Livewire. He says that he has learned to accept his meta abilities and doesn't wear a collar. Wendy demonstrates her ability to generate winds and says that she would never wear a collar.

Tigress says that they prevented an attack, and the villains attack the Rocket Reds. Once they take them down, they move in and attack Gamma Squad, and the weakened Halo protects them with her red shield. Forager opens fire from the ship overhead, and Gamma attack the villains. Beast Boy takes out Boomerang, and Geo-Force melts Mallah's gun. Terra dumps Mallah in a pit and drops a boulder on top of it.

The two Rocket Reds recover and catch Manta between them, stunning him unconscious with electricity. Dmitri recognizes Beast Boy from Space Trek 3016, and Tigress asks them to let the squad take the villains back to Belle Reve. She says that they won't risk but if that happens, word will get out that two groups infiltrated their secret base. Olga tells them to go.

Eduardo instructs the four members in the use of their powers. Livewire and Mist insists that they already know how to use their powers, and Wendy says that they should call her Windfall. Her whirlwind sends Mist out of control, and Livewire blasts Windfall with electricity. Angry, Windfall slams Livewire against the wall and then sucks the air out of the room. Ed calls to her to stop, and Windfall realizes that she can't turn her power off. Asphyxiating, Ed manages to grab Windfall and teleport her outside. She breaks into tears and apologizes.

Aquaman takes the villains back to Belle Reve. Manta tells his son that seeing him in the original Aquaman's colors turns his stomach, and Aquaman says that Manta won't be able to see them from his prison cell. He then tells Artemis via radio that the warden had no idea the villains had escaped and was going to send someone above him to explain the situation. Artemis says that Violet was hurt but the rest did okay.

Amanda Waller approaches Aquaman and says she's there doing her job. She tells Aquaman that the villains were working for the U.S. government that she represents. Amanda says that her operatives know that they're expendable, and she's revealing it to Aquaman because if he exposes her "Suicide Squad" then she'll reveal the covert team to the world. Gar is monitoring the conversation and figures that Amanda is bluffing, but Aquaman and Artemis agree not to expose the Suicide Squad.

In Dakota City, Helga arrives at her lab.

Ed notices that Wendy is wearing an inhibitor collar.

Gar is at his apartment and sees that his rescue of Angel is getting more likes on Twitter.

Helga takes a strand of hair from a hairbrush.

Artemis is at home with Will and Lian.

Violet tells Brion that she's okay. Brion kisses her on the forehead and goes to help with the dishes, and Violet remembers Henchy talking to her like Boomerang did. Henchy paid her money to let Jaculi into the Markovian palace. She figures that Brion can never know that she helped the assassin who killed his parents.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 5, 2019

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